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hello good evening good evening to you what is your name my name is Paul xerton nice to meet you welcome to America's Got Talent Thank You Sven tested to be here and what is your act what is your talent I'm gonna do some ventriloquism whoo I love that word so hard to say but really quiz yeah you said it you have to say that - we can't say it's a rental ik ism we those perfect what ventriloquism ventriloquism Montilla quizzes I see your lips moving well you know that a ventriloquist won America's Got Talent I saw that Terry was Clarice Vader I think he makes like a hundred million a year basically I here in Las Vegas okay is that your dream yes what does you a dream is 100 million that is more than I own at the moment yes dark with one I'm winning this one okay we can't wait to see it thank you you know you can have fun being a ventriloquist right this is what I like to do to confuse the sound man in the soundcheck and make him think the microphone has gone out of sync hello hello hello hello hello it's not look there's your would you please welcome my friend Sam yeah so this is Sam said oh no not me then oh my word Sam here we are America's Got Talent America's Got Talent yep oh these people these are the judges the steering is rude wait wait wait wait whoa wait whoa wait whoa wait whoa wait they're all staring at you really looking at your mouth your mouth is moving really yes that you can tell that ready to sometimes his mouth doesn't move my mouth doesn't so um tonight tonight snapped it would you not talk and I'm talking don't worry you're not that good okay what ladies what now you ladies coming back to my suitcase you know once you've hot perfect you never go back I apologize timeout that was too much what no I'm gonna move on just ignore them just okay look look stop copying me look look seriously Sue's this stop it stop it stop it let's stop it you're pathetic yeah you're an idiot I can't do that no I'd like to post me out here I'm a grown man standing here on stage having a conversation with some luggage and you're going for it that's all for me you've been absolutely lovely thank you good evening how are you doing why not so now you being oh your bride odds bring you a brighter sorry I couldn't find a babysitter fantastic last time thank you very much bye always what was burnt now that what you've done sorry be right with you Oh what what is not working Mira that's not a mirror that's Howie no no so listen you go to sleep now next I watched ain't got time for the stories no no we haven't got something okay okay all right I'm really sorry if I tell you a quick story you promised me you go to sleep straightaway this is the story of Little Red Riding Hood have you heard yeah Shh she was walking through the woods on the way to her granny's house when all of a sudden out jumped a big bad wolf well yes a nasty one with bigger with it yeah I don't like it no but it's part of story don't like a dog oh but it has to be do I get okay change it all right okay I'll change it what what what you're me to change it to duck the thing is with the story it won't work as a story if it's a dungeon deck okay okay it wasn't a big bad wolf yeah it was a big bad um duck yellow duck Little Red Riding Hood was really frightened Oh haha well because she wouldn't be frightened of a fluffy yellow duck would she know hence you've done it again in my story doesn't work you keep doing this to my story you keep making me put ducks in them they don't work your stories when they were ducks in them what about yesterday's Goldilocks and the three ducks yeah slow right in the seven duck Jack why do you keep saying duck yeah it was wonderfully orchestrated that joke-telling was great he'd made a grown man feel like he was a kid and I just felt myself just laughing and I felt joy and I want that feeling and I want everybody to feel that feeling of joy so I love comedy and I love you so ladies and gentleman I can't tell you how exciting is to be here at live at Radio City unfortunately Sam and I've had a bit of an argument and he's not talking I'll come on Sam no this is embarrassing there's no point me being at being a ventriloquist if you're not going to talk are you started it no I didn't yes you did no I didn't dig didn't did that look if it wasn't for me you wouldn't talk to me you wouldn't eat listen any more from you and I have to get myself a new dummy Hallie you're wanted right I haven't got time for this you're going back in the bag I don't want you what I don't want you I don't care I don't want you get in the bag I don't want to I don't want to read your lips oh right too far no sorry that's just too far Sam I'm sorry you're always trying to make me look stupid yeah night you need help if you think you can do better on your own then you're very welcome I can oh really yes okay well this I have got to see all right here's your microphone there's the audience and there are the judges good luck and don't get buzzed has he gone look at this some homes free New York City look it's the judges the legend is mr. Howard Stern how are you Howard I'm good how are you I'm good Thank You Howard I'm gonna ask you a question have you been drinking tonight absolutely not there then why the hell are you talking to a puppet I don't know freak who's coming back see how far you got ladies and gentlemen please do not get caught up in the world of make-believe he is after all only a puppet that's all for me good night thank you very much need how many of you here tonight all ready to enter the land of make-believe looks like how he's already in the land of make-believe which makes you the perfect person to join me up here on stage would you mind let's hear it for Howie Mandel everyone yes thank you in your own time Howie I understand your logic the longer the longer you take the shorter my act I quite understand have a seat there Howie tonight live from Radio City you are going to become a human ventriloquist dummy okay now all you have to do all you have to do is keep looking out there all right let me do all the talking okay and I've got to say that's a pretty good fit by the way this is Charlie are you okay Charlie yes thank you first of all we got to find you a voice I mean it matches your physical appearance something butch something macho are you okay yes well it shocked me it shocked me I was only joking - I'm going to change the voice no no I like it okay I want to say hello to my fans you want to sell it to this look just turn to the people on the right give a big wave say hello hello nicely done now the people on the left say hi to them and now that people write up a talking my big sexy hello hello did you see them waving back yeah idiots now stop touching me what get away what stop touching me what do you mean I'm not touching get away okay all right all right is that far enough perfect hi how are you doing that I've got a little controller in my hand here oh wow that's amazing he's got a controller hidden control me yes that's right oh now we can have some fun I don't want to be a judge no I want to be an act you want to be an actress you go and judge me you want me to judge you yes go and sit in my seat I can't sit in your seat no no I insist well if you insist hello fellow judges it's great to be here okay so I can't believe I'm a judge on America's Got Talent so what's your name well my name is um my name and sorry I don't get nervous don't worry take your time my name is Harry hello good evening Howie and what are you gonna do for us tonight tonight I wanna do my dancing look you you don't have to know now I really want to okay so do you have some moves you like to show us oh yes let me stand up first of all here I go okay first of all I'd like to stretch I'm gonna do some stretching I'll just stretch my arms like this and my legs like news okay so now I took this this okay what are you gonna do I'm gonna show you my twerking so I turn around I turn around I put my hands on the seat and I wiggle like that um is that it uh yes hang on let me turn around again yes okay so that was fantastic don't make me laugh though I can't make you talk when I love so what are you gonna do for your performance this evening tonight I'm gonna do some Irish dancing really naked I I really don't think this is the show for that so well when you're ready the stage is yours cue the music thank you very much Lee great to be back here this is Sam's grandpa Albert Albert say hello Albert say hello sorry is very difficult you hearing a doll now but is your hearing aid switched on is your hearing aid on have you switched to hearing it on is your hearing aid on is your hearing aid switched on yes great what let me have a look what's the matter hang on what's this about what is that that was in your ear what is it now what is it looks to need to do a suppository a suppository oh now at least now I know where my hearing aids got till June I wondered why my thought was whistling earlier Albert what are you doing just turning it down stop it it feels good stop it where are we Sam Albert yes it's our that you idiot yes it's Albert we're Radio City Rudy really who are they they are the judges oh I like her who's that hello that's Heidi oh I like her Albert don't be ridiculous you're 85 years old hi yes that I can give her something you younger then can't and what's that a good night's sleep oh thank you so much I'm sorry hope he wasn't a nuisance thank you thank you very much oh by the way would you take Albert I think he needs his medication oh I like you ah excuse me are you all right singsong I haven't got time for a song okay all right all right if I sing you a quick lullaby you promise me you go to sleep yeah go to sleep my baby my baby my baby pathetic would you please ignore him and welcome back my friend and hopefully yours yes it's Sam whoo yeah what we're doing Sam I thought tonight be a lovely idea we did this little trick just watch me watch me okay tonight this is where the ventriloquist swaps voices with the puppet a very difficult dangerous trick for a ventriloquist to attend Voki VOAD challenging and generally pretty tricky you can really feel the tension okay for this to work you've got to do anything you could just got to keep talking you could do the ABC oh yes I could yes oh yes I could oh yes if this can Sesame Street you dummy you speak for yourself I wish I could just do it Oh DF g j k l m n o p q r s T V W X Y Z Wow it's weird yeah normally they applaud they're not tonight no obviously no there is chill now no no it's too late step it should I swap them back yes garden yes oh okay you got one two three four five six 49th good Shh I got it good now work oh hello hello Oh per whisper voice I didn't hurt wizard in there don't leave please somebody only on down here please somebody you don't need ladies only please you're Chokin are you ah zierden Shannon yeah you are is that it is that all I get 30 seconds in your little puppet show Shh you'll wake the baby I don't care none of what you're done you Sisson me no he's sitting the baby I'm not the baby I'm shushing you don't you Cicely I will shush you No yes shush if at all of you what are you just sure come on why don't you sure yes why don't you shush hang on a minute why should i Sh because you're the one doing all our voices yeah yeah yeah yeah well in which case good night thank you very much indeed so Sam we are finally here in his results now a lot of good-looking people here's not Anson ugly Hey oh yeah what look what you were you uh you were your nasty looking don't tell me I'm ugly why didn't you know I think you should say you're sorry say you're sorry let's say you're sorry I'm sorry you're ugly now hi well I'm not this place enormous hello echo echo echo okay okay okay oi you're making me look stupid yeah alright you need help Joe ruin our chances of winning this Yeah right like a dummy could ever win this show funny you should mention that would you please work a winner of season two yes ladies and gentlemen it's Terry Fator oh I gotta tell you I am a huge fan Paul and fan oh this is a Elvis impersonator made her top guys Paul Ince and I gotta say Lee art did fancier oh we are huge fans you are of a master so how is your ventriloquist Maynard well he's a think liturgist I just thought he was a really bad proctologist how do you think little just lurking out for you families are Kara suffers a sir killed because it does at least wear a glove so what may not you uh you gonna do a smell this well he's in an Elvis impersonator I do you know any Elvis songs no I don't wait Sam Sam do you know any other songs see wait I got an idea hello mr. link will attest yeah do you think you could sing like Elvis without moving your lips yes then do it wait you know that's gonna look weird no it won't look weird at all because while you're doing that I'll do this I'll go like this I'll do so you're gonna lip-sync yep I'm gonna be just like Britney Spears okay wait that's hi um wait a minute so I sing you move your lips you think that'll work oh yeah Terry I've been watching the judges they won't know the difference okay Love Me Tender love me sweet never let me go kichaka you sound it again you have made my life complete and I love you so Love Me Tender love me true all my dreams fulfilled sayin you gotta try this really son oh my darling I love you and I always will wow you know what Terry you might have a career ahead of you I think you might have the career to salmon Paul good night everybody thank you very much America has voted the winner of the $1,000,000 and the star of the headlights show in Las Vegas is Paul's darning they're good body for you how do you feel boy I am totally speechless thank you so much thank you so much I it's surreal and I'm bowled over
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