Jackie Fabulous: HILARIOUS Comedian Proves Her Mom Wrong! | America's Got Talent 2019

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[Applause] Hey I missed you guys we missed you more did you bring anyone here with you tonight you know what my mommy is here she's in the audience she she has never been to a show seen you perform ever so this is ever this is it this is it does she know you're a comedian I might I'm unemployed she has no clue no pressure without further ado good luck all right thanks so much I'm really happy to be here I'm happy to be anywhere where I could avoid my Jamaican moms useless crime updates I mean she's in New York I'm in LA she calls me daily with news that never applies to me she's like a jack Willie there's a burglar in the Fresno be careful I said mom you live in LA five hours away he can't get to this car on come on get you I said mommy is these cute and single wants to drive that far you're gonna break in out let him in I'm a New Yorker not really used to how nice you Californians are you're really nice at the cashier at every store every cash here they ask the same question did you find or you wanted okay ma'am I'm like obviously I'm at the cashier and I wasn't gonna be in the back look at the moisturizers why are you crying and you can't have a bag understanding market in cash here do you want a bag I'm gonna give you a Costco size box of tampons for a bottle of wine and candy of course I want a damn bag I wanna pack a lot of my business I tried to lose weight the LA way by doing the clan of the Jews who's not that he was playing the Zanjeer clans it works right I bought a juicer on a weight loss website my first juice ever I juice kale and cucumber with spinach and celery and I would rather have diabetes it's the nastiest thing making love in LA the minute la they want to talk about their feelings a lot during you know what and that's the wrong time you know I'm saying stop asking questions during say let's have a good time we'll talk tomorrow okay here's the here's the lesson guys if you're a good man and you make good money and you have a good job and take care of your kids and you take care of your mom and you love the Lord and your expect women to guess what you're not the best lover she's ever had we understand you're confused I'll help you out most babies will agree and when I say most I mean all every race every age a female agree the best level we ever had don't have a driver's license or a credit card debit card or a bank account or a car or a full-time job or a full-size mattress for furniture or cool in the fridge you want a man with a college degree you are so cute he is finished high school forget school he's unmarriable but he's always available he is what ladies the best level we've all ever had you know is true can I get amen [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] once again once again from the door you had us laughing Howie let's start with you oh wow what are your mom's here seeing you for the first time how proud are you what a waste of six years at college no more she's a comic okay I don't think that law degrees wasted at all you made eye contact with the jury no no it's true all good comedy is economy of words get to the point as quickly as you can and that law degree was not wasted because you you did a good job you did a good job [Applause] I gotta be honest with you I found it hilarious because I'm now listening to your act as your mum for the first time well one day of an invited attorney shows you're hilarious and you're very noisy Jackie Barry we've got six spots to fill and a lot of talented people Congrats you made it really tough that's a tough decision there's so the couple I don't agree with you with we're gonna fight oh we're gonna have such a punch are we really
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Published: Tue Aug 06 2019
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