Gatis Kandis Comedian Semi final [HD] Britains got talent 2012

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government gathers canvas hello people are there any single girls in the audience good I don't have to pretend I heard yes I'm single too are you feeling fantastic feelings rushing through you right now do you like animals I'm an animal hello and I am looking for a feminine girl like somebody who can milk a cow are you not gonna boo me for that Thanks right the cow would say Moo a bad clever joke let me move on unisex toilets are my favorite because girls there are much more friendly than they are in the ladies toilets if the ladies toilets they are always very angry they always in a very big hurry to get out of there and I wonder why do they go there at all I love your lat Amanda I'm just gonna finish on a quick joke when it's hot I am a fan of a fan whoa I finished on a less funny joke on purpose because I don't want you to think that I'm a complete genius thank you and have some fantastic dreams tonight Davis jacket I know you've been riding ant and DEC's material for a long time and it's great to see you on stage yourself I mean for me you're the funniest Latvian comedian if you're gay you're different as the British comedian for me sorry oh that's very kind of you know it was it was it was funny and that's what's important yeah funny peculiar David you some day off the last and you are the funniest unfunny person how did you say yes whoever said it you aren't you're hysterical my favorite one is dead are you well No thank you I am he she is it I know I remember when I first started this job and I said to Simon what do I do if I can't think of anything to say and he said just say you can't think of anything to say I can't think of anything to say except it was funny in a really odd bizarre way and he was in pleats of laughter so you were wetting yourself Johnny yeah because it's just so lightly damp on the floor down there over here darling um it's so terrible it's fantastic any way I can describe it you know I don't I don't normally like comedians very much but your jokes are like something you get out of a latvian cracker or something and they actually I mean that does the Moo joke I mean I don't know what it is about you and actually I like you as well now I like it too bad SCOTUS and some some great comments they know they all found you funny I mean a man who is a bit confused I did what but they all found you funny where do you get your inspiration for your material from just you know I just walk down the street or right I sit on tube and there's a girl sitting opposite me and I just start thinking stuff that guy if you think
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Published: Wed May 09 2012
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