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i'm joe cipriano I'm a magician and illusionist a few years ago I got burned really really bad I nearly lost my hand magicians train our hands our entire lives to be able to do things that other people's hands can't do Chinese performance makes me nervous my hand is nowhere near what it used to be so the idea of messing up or dropping something it freaks me out if I pull this off I'm gonna feel ecstatic but the viewers at home I know me too magical and mysterious mind to yours please welcome joseph rael boy I can't inaudible Asif Oh Dean you'll never be a magician now listen close you have two hours to solve this mess here and if even one thing is in our place when you're done you're we better tell estate for the rest of your you're goobers to be cleaner than in my true thank you so much this is a such a beautiful story how long did it take you to sort of come up with this um I have been working on this for 14 years I retired it for about 10 years and then this brought life to it and I really want to thank the fullest team for opening this door for me to be able to bring it back to life and give me purpose to repaint it well is it like a personal story how did you come up with it some stuff was rough on our kids and I never liked being told no I never liked being told that you can't do something so some of the inspiration from is that you'll never be a magician it's like well let me show you what I can do and what would it mean for you to fool pen and tell well we've got encyclopedia of magic over here yeah the two of them um you know my main goal here is if I if I could fool them then that means that I definitely did not waste last 25 years of my life but if I could at least entertain them then as far as I'm concerned I won because you know to be able to entertain two of the world's biggest entertainers that that's what would mean a lot to me you absolutely entertained me shall we check in with the encyclopedias gentlemen oh my goodness what a great act oh thank you I really I really really liked it now you know what uh one of the things is that magicians you know are always wearing the the top hat and the tails and there's that cliche that comes from 19th century France and the reason that people still use that cliche even though no one dresses like that is because there's so much magic that was developed with that wardrobe and magicians have struggled to find a way to have their wardrobe be helpful and still look modern I bet you thought about that some yeah I mean I'd get really cold in here if I took my jacket off and also the music is great thank you so miss you know I'm uh I'm old enough that when I think about music I think about going back to a turntable which you could do amazing things with two turntables in a microphone right and the color changes are wonderful all the glass stuff you know I love maybe more than other people I love themed magic and I love the fact you do it all with the glasses and all with liquids and it's a lot of the billiard ball moves I think I can say this without getting you angry there's some wonderful flip stick stuff there and I will also think that the dub stuff and the billiard ball stuff being done with glasses just greatly and we are although I don't think you fooled us we remain your humble servants I mean servants I'm sorry so um she was saying a lot of things that that I certainly don't understand um do you maybe a no clue no just kidding I'm just kidding no you said it perfectly I appreciate you saying in a way that that we can definitely communicate yeah I did not flow okay okay thank you so much for being so entertaining
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Published: Wed Sep 14 2016
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