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my name is Ben Seidman I do magic tricks and I live in Los Angeles I wanted to play in a band for years I loved playing music and I also loved acting I was in an actor growing up and so I decided eventually there are three things that I love I have to choose one passion so I chose magic and I really do love what I do the hardest part about it is the travel last year I did more than 200 shows so I was on the road about 95% of the year there was a week this month where I didn't sleep more than two hours a night it was just do a show got on a plane Drive do a show repeat everywhere I've gone in my life I've moved to get better at magic I've always been chasing this high and I went trade it for the world welcome thank you I feel the same way about you it's nice to be in Las Vegas filming a TV show proof that what happens in Vegas gets broadcast nationally apparently and I've got one playing card name a card pen anyone for arts okay what a fool dear but I moved on as plant I used to live here I lived in Vegas for like five years and this actually happened to me I was walking downtown and I see a guy he has a manila envelope and he's jingling it asking people for change and I walked by him I was just kind of in a hurry and he yelled at me he actually yelled it was like hey aren't you gonna give me any money what are you not a good Christian no I'm not I'm Jewish I'm not even good at that I mean I was raised Jewish but really practiced I'm Jewish I don't practice which means that my mom still nags me but when I pray that she'll stop nothing happens that was a thinking joke thanks for coming along with me but it's true Jews are the worst Christians except for one one became the best it's not me though that's that's Jesus I'm Ben side-bend different people all together maybe just maybe you're applauding because you think I am Jesus and maybe I am how would you know what if Jesus came back but no one believed him so he went on TV and tried to fool Penn and Teller but he wasn't successful it was like uh yeah that's food coloring in water not wine that would be disappointing for religious people and for atheists but for very different reasons anyway I see this guy he yells at me and I wanted to get mad but in that moment our eyes met and we had this like real like human moment and I just started to feel bad for him he was clearly a nice guy he was down on his luck and I reached in my pocket I took my wallet out I gave him the only bill that I had which was a hundred dollar bill because I felt bad for him and he hugged me he was so overjoyed I walked away I thought what a nice guy I completely misjudged him how long was I talking to him and I looked down at my watch and my watch was gone I don't know how this guy must have somehow managed to pull my watch off without me even feeling him do it so he took my watch not only not only did he take my watch I also distinctly remember putting my ring on that day when I looked down at my finger my ring was gone so I'm thinking he took my watch and he also somehow managed to take my ring and I reached my pocket grabbed my wallet remembered I'd given this guy the only bill that I had the hundred dollar bill piece I felt bad for him so I'm walking away I'm just trying to process the information I'm thinking did that really just happen he took everything from me took my ring took my watch he took all of my money sounds like I had a pretty terrible day right you learned a very valuable lesson that day he learned that you should never ever try to steal from a magician because when this guy got home he didn't have any of my my ring I still had my watch and I still had all of my money very funny and a great trick as well that was great Ben say something they know how this works the guys are gonna sit there and they're gonna deliberate then we'll have a little chat out here yeah uh but Jonathan I hope actually I hope you weren't mind with you sure selfie yeah nice one I've always wanted to take a picture of kind of tell her while my arm was around you okay Thanks we have this out hopefully my you oh you know what I they're really they're my heroes they're among some of my favourite magicians growing up so I don't know I respect them so much if they enjoyed what I do that's what means the most to me but one thing I noticed I'm sure even Austin is just how confident you seemed out here and I know that performing for these guys is nerve-racking for most people but you seem cool and calm as a cucumber oh I'm freaking out on the inside we disguising it very well let's find out how much they know genuinely right now fellas did you think you got it we see a lot of people who try to cobble something together and watching you do something that's just a polished finished routine is wonderful and you might notice when I say wonderful that I'm kind of underlining the Wonder part of the wonderful because we all know a wonderful magician named Tommy Wonder and the Tommy Wonder did a routine called the holdup I much prefer your version - Tommy wonders version because Tommy Wonder did not have the his style of comedy was not as close to my heart as yours is but I think that's a wonderful routine you're gonna want to do forever don't really want a woman tear it apart awesome well thank you so much guys can't just track you're not actually Jesus that way Wow ladies and gentlemen let's call him by his color line
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Published: Thu Aug 27 2015
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👍︎︎ 2 👤︎︎ u/120guy 📅︎︎ Jul 23 2016 🗫︎ replies

@4:28 he fumbles with his ring against his leg to get it back into position for his finger.

👍︎︎ 1 👤︎︎ u/TERPINGTON 📅︎︎ Jul 22 2016 🗫︎ replies
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