Nina Conti and her Grandmother

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Nina Ponte [Music] [Applause] I've done I'd like to introduce you all to my granny granny yes give the cake come on out we're on oh you're right oh that's lovely oh yeah yeah you're good yes get me out yeah we'll get ya there's your arm oh look at that one arm as I got another yes here it is oh yeah all the elbow bends the other way dear I've got a finger that points you have legs - yeah we got legs one how do you here is that the left I don't know thank you - you're spoiling me Oh we'll get rid of the right oh this is lovely okay well who's we got here then I don't know 4,000 people I like hidden who that one dear what's your name sure use the finger Nina okay that one quite chucked no hair older than me is not wash an Indian his name's John John you are no idea as param can you join me on this beach please a render the clothes for Jordan [Applause] [Music] look he's so confused as quite a long way gran I knew I might not live as long as it takes for him to get his audience participation John you tonight Nathan elite husband yes he always looked as terrified as you do now I'd like to channel Lily husband through years okay so how you gonna channel him I'll just summon him his name's Frank Frank Frank I'd like you to enter this gentleman here on the count of three one two three shoes you think he's there I think he's here I'm just gonna ask you a question to verify what is that what's my middle name maiden name Tilden Dunedin teens right has he to know the first thing that comes into his head Smith [Applause] the bank and I had a lovely communion I'd like to dig and stick that can you get that Lane sold what you're gonna do some telepathy who are you I'm Lena she follows me is really it look line fold I have to bend down carry on dear thank you little it cooled my head trinket ish so what we gonna do you have to explain I'm going to get this blindfold on and you're going to hold up some fingers between one and ten and I'll tell you how many [Applause] at the diagnose line okay hold up your fingers dear and I'll tell you is he doing it not yet he's doing it now do you know how many it's coming to you [Applause] no my bike if I do it go on yet how do you and I talking about if I do it I'll help Indian you won't be any good I will don't don't mean Nina okay but I can't see now so hold up this thing gosh again is he doing it I think sure hanukkah's cranky 10 no.3 [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I don't want to give garden until year you're not a burden to me there's always your thunk of the doctor Nitschke okay let's get you in what's the matter I'm worried that my nose is going to catch on does it can you fold your nose uh-huh [Applause]
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Published: Sun Jun 17 2012
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