Funniest Foster Brooks bit on Dean Martin Roast of Don Rickles

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our next speaker has never met Don Rickles well that's a lucky guy but he he asks especially if he could come here tonight just to pay tribute to him ladies and gentlemen would you please welcome mr. foster Brooks thank you thank you very much as the important Frederick and gentlemen just told you I have never met done with record in fact he's probably wondering what I'm doing here he has never even seen now even she hears never seen me before he's never heard heard of me and our paths have never gone wrong however mr. Rickles you and I do have an indirect early relationship you see I'm fooling around with your wife so you see we we do have something in common I hope you understand on that we've tried to keep this very very discreet so don't tell anybody with you my wife be furious if she found out that I really must compliment you on your spouse missives Moo's pickles I say that because she's a real dilly and I must also admit you have a very look over while we hold incidentally you're out of scotch if you dare you happen to think ever pick up some pretzels you know dine with your wife and I love to do more watching you while you're on tt are you aunty do when you're always just laugh and chuckle and giggle sometimes we even turn the sound off and we are always sad when you think finish your act that means you're on your way home and I better cheese it which reminds me you're out of Velveeta too please don't don't don't blame your lovely wife on for any of this I getting together was all all my doing so my fault I haven't be the one who answered her ad in Hollywood Free Press you know your wife Harriet thinks that thanks very very highly of you dawn she tells me you are one wonderful man and I know that you you must be to put up with all her snoring she tells me that since she's been mrs. Rick Rick Rick every very dearest thing thanks Gary bye Ellie that's what she gets for marrying the turkey you
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Published: Mon Nov 17 2014
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Brooks is a interesting character. While he did have a bout with alcoholism, he got out of the bottle way before cementing his drunk act. What was nuts was he was one of the best off the cuff humorists and was known by his fellow comedians for his razor sharp wit and comebacks. Deano loved the guy because he could literally set him up in anything and Brooks would kill it going in cold.

Johnny Carson gave him the rare privilege of an open door to the show and Foster developed an off shoot of the lovable lush as an NBC executive who would come on with some absolutely insane ideas to make more money for the show - dressing up the band like the Fruit of the Loom guys for additional ad revenue, investing heavily in Budweiser stock and bringing Ed a truckload of Bud to disminish the national supply over the Labor Day weekend, etc.

👍︎︎ 14 👤︎︎ u/typhoidtimmy 📅︎︎ Jun 24 2016 🗫︎ replies

Not to kill the mood or anything but I find it interesting that his most famous and well received characterizations were of drunks he played while sober at the same time he struggled with alcoholism during a time when drunken but charismatic folks were celebrated.

👍︎︎ 8 👤︎︎ u/turingheuristic 📅︎︎ Jun 24 2016 🗫︎ replies

The one with Sammy Davis Jr. is really funny too.

👍︎︎ 3 👤︎︎ u/SquidwardTentpoles 📅︎︎ Jun 25 2016 🗫︎ replies

Thanks for reminding me how much I love Foster Brooks' act. Nothing gets me like when he says "buh-buh-bahhhrtennerr."

That being said, I don't feel like this is "contagious laughter" as much as "this comedian fucking slays". Contagious laughter is when the sheer comedy of the laughter itself is contagious. The classic example is this guy whose laugh derails the comedian's entire act.

Sorry for picking nits here, and I really do appreciate being reminded of Foster Brooks!

👍︎︎ 9 👤︎︎ u/WTF_SilverChair 📅︎︎ Jun 24 2016 🗫︎ replies
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