Watch Johnny Carson get humiliated by a "talking" parakeet on The Tonight Show!

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[Music] okay focus as I explained earlier in the monologue we have not had the greatest good fortune with talking birds on this show over the years they get nervous the lights or something but people always promise that the and the string of bad luck really big and this lady was booked before with with her pet parakeet and I came down with bronchitis and she had to go home with a bird but nevertheless despite this seemingly endless series of problems I'd like you to welcome from Kimberley British Columbia Norma butanol and her talking quote talking parakeet pluming would you welcome miss beautiful [Applause] [Music] okay Norma how are you dear well it's nice to see you and this is this is pluming right did i did i pronounce it a butan ik booting from button hall 2 butanol let you do that's french derivation mutiny on Luton Yahoo Jenga well welcome thank you glad to be here okay well we're gonna find out if we are I'm sorry that it was a month ago you were booked here right and I'm sorry we didn't get to meet then yeah everybody said you're just chicken you just chickened out you didn't wanna know no afraid it's a tad bird no no that's a very lovely how old is a blooming is after right now yes it means feathers yeah downy feathers now did you happen to see the show the night we had booked a young man and unfortunately I hate to make light of it but the parrot bought the farm the night before the show I saw him that night yes and I just told swimming that if he doesn't behave himself he's gonna end up [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the show is going so well the bird want to watch it from the audience [Applause] [Music] the Santa does that happen does that happen occasionally he's just so used to flying all the way down here that he doesn't know when to quit okay all right now what would eat it will he stay there night I think you will now yes okay you want me to move this cage over here would that be better okay that'll be fine all righty I think he's had his little fly for the day I think you set it up right if you don't settle down your friends Willie and Larry in Vancouver aren't gonna like you very much no who's Willie and Larry oh they're just some yes Jay and Mark both they're - okey-dokey yeah so you better be good or I'm gonna pull your tail feathers now is it unusual for a parakeet to talk or is it just difficult to train as well he's a very exceptional one yes I think we've had about five parakeets and you all talked about 20 words but this one has 150 words vocabulary I have a sheet here and the bird just does any part of this is gonna be a sensation now what do you do you just repeat the words until yeah just actually talk to him just like you talk to anybody else and come up with a new word every once in a while good well now we've seen his flying abilities now that's it let's get down to the real bottom line here I understand that the bird says here is Johnny yes we get your program three times a day we're happy 9:00 9:30 anymore in three times a day eight times in the evening yeah 9:30 10:30 okay right a different hour that's in kimberlyn what a paradise okay let's get cracking here Norma let's let's hear the bird open which here's Johnny and then we'll work our way up to the you're gonna say something usually when you ignore him that's when he talks if you talk to him that's when you quit but he loves to talk when when we're talking and so let's have him do he likes you sound of water yes when I'm washing the dishes that's when he talks that's a very very good personable water [Music] it's gonna happen again I know so we should just just ignore him just ignore yeah and uh right now he's just just chirping so Dean you better say something come on you better down your old all the way down here for nothing come on tell tell tell me something here's here's Johnny show plays our three times a day at your favorite dish is spaghetti snap you love spaghetti don't you well if you don't see huge on you I'm not going to give it no neither are you [Applause] maybe it's just a little bit nervous possibly Qaddafi yes okay what we'll do why don't we go to a commercial and the bird probably while we're gone will do the Declaration of Independence but we will be right back and this bird is gonna talk [Applause] [Music] those of you just tuning this is Norma butanol from Kimberly British Columbia and her parakeet what's the name again mm-hmm you just told me something unusual about the parakeet during the break yes he's also bilingual which means he doesn't speak in two languages what is this what is the second language and what was the second language is Italian okay now I have a whole list here of words no no he hasn't really done you have to admit a great deal yet that you said he was talking in the airport to this more night he had quite an audience at the airport was you're talking later not e-excuse me what are some of the words you might have said well busy bus bite boys beer buddy bread yes sir what beer yes you want some beer George says here our record is alive and well a moment I thought we were gonna have a breakthrough here and the bird would actually do something something in Italian well how did the bird learn Italian my mother had him before I did and she talked with me Italian quite a bit and he young I'll tell you one thing he's not constipated at all and he doesn't ask pretty people so therefore he makes nice which are dropping so that they're called speaks in Italian as so lots of times I can do that I'll settle for that right now dr. Barrick you take a dump who cares [Applause] excuse me that was rather prude we just tried all right what are you gonna try Johnny okay now just to prove that the bird did talk I guess we should go and show the the tape that you sent in yes of the birds Oh a Bobby Bobby that's our director who is a direct descendant of the parakeet can you hear me Bob thank you Bob can we show that tape now sure okay that's rolling talk you'll you'll love this could you be doing that I'm a we just saw the bird did we did did that was actually the bird yes yeah well that's fascinating no it's not that I don't believe you I have if you say the bird is talking I I believe maybe maybe he needs a better influence maybe my husband could you know maybe he's got a more commanding voice and he might be able to do something maybe we should just call it quits here cuz I you know but it's certainly pretty bird and maybe maybe delicious anyone know I'm you did your best yeah and I'm sure the bird did his best and that's that's show business the bad side of your business but never lie thank you for being here I hope you enjoyed your trip to be here okay we'll be right back after this with Georgia you [Music]
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