Fake IRS Scam Caller Accidentally Calls A Talk Show Host

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- just to make you aware about the situation that were in so so that is in a some outstanding taxability spending under your names so let me introduce myself i'm the senior investigation officer and my name is Matthew Benjamin my batch ID number is AR one zero one zero nine fun so could you help me out the first name and last name so that I can pull up your orders for my system yes absolutely that's John J on Benjamin yeah Benjamin yep okay could you help me out shipping address the shipping address yeah okay Billy got it yeah it's P o box 1 0 0 for Bo walk the old walk P o box 1 0 0 4 and that's in one little little fool yes inkay go ahead Hudson New York in hot pan New York yes 1 2 5 3 4 that's the that's the address I file for my taxes just hold on hello that's holding my projects okay I'll repeat your billing address p.o box 100 for in Hodson after that what is it could you please repeat for me once again it is in Hudson New York and the zip code is on what you said lip good zip code is one two five three four one two five three four correct okay thank you for your patience mr. John Benjamin and the reason which I've called you that that isn't some outstanding tax pending under your name so which you are being listed as Alabama Mary suspect so I'm talking about your federal taxes John so which you pay every year either incorrect or orders who have made some mistakes while filling the Texas so please grab a pen and paper handy with you so that I can see the case ID number brief information about your keeps fine okay your case ID number is Seattle Charlie we have a libido I'm c99 I'm sorry CP CP yeah like oh 900 3 2 8 3 2 of course ok ok ok second on Bobby's I also have the legal a freedom against you with you can I just say part of the problem is yeah ok so I as you probably know I am the voice on some major cartoons and I recently switched my accountant and of course i I I'm quite convinced this guy did willing we probably didn't ok is doing just hold out I will transfer my call to my senior investigation officer even elder before yes thank you for holding the light your call has been transferred to one of the senior supervisor you are speaking with officer William Howe with a Bosch number 1 7 1 0 6 3 I believe I'm talking to you mr. John Benjamin place yes you are yeah mr. Benjamin yes my junior officer must have explained to you about the pavement what you owe the IRS no not you ok I'm sorry he didn't say a number let me just say in my own defense this was clearly a function of a new accountant that I have and I'm going to fire him immediately uh-huh I understand see mr. Benjamin this sort of time I believe he had explained you about your case the lawsuit which has been filed against you and about your arrest warrant among correct oh no he did not I had no idea there was an arrest warrant I obviously look I'm a voice on some major cartoons I can't possibly be arrested what can I do to get out of this see mr. Benjamin exactly the reason why we are getting arrested while you're getting arrested it's because the reason why you are getting arrested is because when I arrest always file the lawsuit against US citizens they even apply they even apply for CP 5:03 notice that CP 5:03 notice is an investigation arrest warrant understand first of all I have to tell you that I I philosophically believe that income taxes are theft so I I don't even subscribe to the notion that you have right to tax me but I understand if I mean I I understand I have to comport to your laws right so the total amount what you owe to the IRS it's five thousand seven hundred it may be six dollars well that's for me is it's virtually nothing I mean I am extremely so all right yeah I understand mr. Benjamin right see today itself if I always give you a chance to resolve this case would be able to come up with the student about today till today do you need it today Yeah right well of course of its cash would cash be okay if you have a cash we have no problem but you have to make like two years how would I get you the money mr. Benjamin you aren't gonna send it this money to me you're gonna pay this amount to the IRS at least IRS official official website okay alright what's amazing about the payment post let me explain about the pavement procedure that you have to follow let me just be clear darling let me just be clear this will get the charges dropped if I pay the money exactly okay what's the payment will be getting accepted by the IRS hmm that part of time what the four charges has been pressed against to you and that charges will be dropped down immediately okay do you know what a PD PDF files are a PDF copy a PDF file is just something I committed PDF files which you can download as a soft copy from the Internet oh I see okay yes what do you have it want you make this payment to the IRS mmm there will be three this one the cancellation mistakes what do you have done under your text paper mmm well it will be that of couple mmm second will be like station arrest warrant so it will be the received of course yeah yes I understand now the specific charges this does not involve anything that happened with the the vehicle that I had borrowed from my uncle that is nothing to do with that no I just wanted to clarify that because he was claiming that he was gonna press charges but he would not have done that with the IRS yes okay now mr. Benjamin yes it all will get this case resolved there are certain condition and there are certain protocol that you need to follow the reason because I always never accept payment over the phone call right of course what do you have to do what you have to do this you have to physically do this payment on your own as you have no idea what this payment can be done and how this payment can be done right I will explain you how you can do this pavement okay but while you're doing the procedure I need to record everything whatever is going on between you and the IRS I see so we can have an idea this recording will be played inside a courthouse that we can show them we told you about the payment procedure and you had fun hold on you're going to be recording me this lines I've been getting recorded come shopping with me on a federally monitored and recorded phone I just have to say right now I am I'm an acclaimed voice artist I don't know if you're familiar with some of my work have you ever seen Archer what it did well it's on FX it's a very popular show Archer so ordered it it's a cartoon okay and Bob's Burgers that's on Fox all right now of course the man who plays Hugo is more or less the lead of the show but I support him in many ways getting it's getting you're talking about something that it is out of this case all right oh no I'm simply saying I'm a voice artist if you're recording it as long as it's not used for publication because I am a member of a union and I have contracts and I don't want to violate those contracts now yes sir mr. Benjamin I'm gonna transfer the phone call to the extension of my senior authority and he was been talking to you he will guide you what the Father payment procedure will be and he will even tell you what the certain protocol and procedure that you need to follow all right yes all right and who I'm sorry who my will will you be hello hello who will you be transferring hello all right you there sir yes I am all right Oh sir my name is Officer Eric Anderson I'm the senior the investigation officer working down on your case file Alex with the Attorney General in order to stop your arrest warrant and resolve your case all right so these Attorney General's involved in this yes sir okay so this college Patrol II monitored and recorded by the ILS local police authorities those office as well as the federal courthouse okay yes sir do you know what do you know what is the outstanding actor Meyer you owe to the Irish somewhere in the thousands of dollars I believe the outstanding tax amount that you owe to the IRS which is five thousand seven hundred and eighty six dollars so if I give you a chance in order to stop your arrest warrant and resolve your case would you be able to come up with the outstanding tax amount that you owe to the IRS today itself you have this much money with you or near of course of course I do III spoke to earlier to the the gentleman I just spoke to my issue is listen I am a fairly prominent I mean some would say extremely prominent voice actor and so III just I'm concerned about the recording of my voice well this whole recording and this whole conversation is the only evidence you have as a proof of your settlement okay all right well then which is gonna be going in your favor now okay well if it works in my favor what do I need to do this is the only evidence you have as a proof of your settlement this whole recording and this whole conversation is the only evidence you have as a proof of your settlement should I be getting a lawyer how long in prison I'm gonna be guiding you sir I'm gonna be guiding I'm gonna be telling you how we're gonna be working out things nowhere interviewer sorry you have to work or you're richer how you are at your home excuse me where exactly you are you are at your work or you are at your home oh well I'm at work of course I mean I I am I'm in my office all right so you leave you need to leave from your office what I want you to do is I want you to grab a pen and paper with you your driver's license your debit card or credit card which we're going to be using of course and I want you to leave from your office and I want you to get in your car now once you get in your car all right I'm gonna be I'm gonna be forwarding this recording to the attorney general's office so they can work on your case file all right in order to stop your arrest warrant I'm gonna be guiding you the further instructions the protocols and the conditions which you're gonna be fine which you're going to be following in order to stop your arrest warrant okay wait wait wait I don't have a car am i oh what if I can get a bike no problem sir that will do okay so I don't have to go far no you need to leave from your office first okay now I want you to go near to your bike I will tell you what you that I'll be doing wait a second how will you be able to talk to me if I'm not in my office I believe I'm speaking to you on your cell phone no no you're not I called my office phone because I got the phone call from the Attorney General on my mobile phone and I I get very poor reception here I'm very concerned what is your mobile number Oh God it is nine one seven five five five five five five five that's your mobile number what's that oh no no no my mobile number oh I'm sorry it's 911 555 four thousand are you sure this is your cell phone number let me just double-check this is you can understand why I'm very disoriented right now [Music] is there any way that I could I could I could just do this online I did to leave the work right now would be a problem for me I have things to do very shortly all right no you tell me sir widget are you gonna be using either it's gonna be your debit card or credit card well I can use either which is better you can use any of the cars sir could you please help me with your card information of course of course do you need my social security number for for to make sure that I'm credited on my account no it is not necessary sir because this call is federally monitored and recorded of course could you please help there with your number yes would you take American Express Platinum yes sir okay do you want the number now yes okay three seven three six four four one [Music] three eight one one nine five zero three [Music] hello that's all that's you wanted the credit card number correct yes okay would you read it back to me please read it back to me sir could you would you read it back to me now you don't make a note so if can you please read me the numbers one more time wait you did it did you get the numbers no I did not okay do you want to read that back to me I want you to read it back here because I don't have the numbers you don't you didn't get the numbers so no hello no I did not sir okay do you want to read that back to me yeah I want you to read it back yeah okay would you read that back to me I don't have the number so I want you to read that back to me hello did you get the numbers no okay would you read that back to me please I did not get the number hello okay did you get Mike do you is that credit card okay I want you to read me the card numbers one more time yes I just did would you read them back to me I want you to read it back one more time okay do you want a different credit card yeah Oh a different okay I will get you a different card is that that card doesn't care because I've had problems with that card alright okay would you accept mastercard yes sir okay this is not there's no color associated with it okay the number before one five one one nine nine four five one three four five five five six do you want to read that back to me [Music] just given one did you get it sir are you trying to fool around no sir Carly's not Valley what are you talking about that card is valid I have it right here in my hand will you read back the number I don't think you're taking the number right hello hello hello hello can I go back to the other person hello hello Oh rude man well this is part of the problem with the American government I mean clearly the enforcement actions of the IRS are not very good Alex Anderson
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If you like this, there's a good Reply All with the same premise but they end up actually travelling to India: https://www.gimletmedia.com/reply-all/long-distance

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Slightly disappointing because the scammer picked up on the joke and just hung up.

👍︎︎ 1 👤︎︎ u/Dr_Insano_MD 📅︎︎ Mar 08 2019 🗫︎ replies
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