Jordan Peterson Calmly EDUCATES Baiting Host On Her Own Show

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big name in the news and the weekly insider and this week it's Jordan Peterson the Canadian psychology professor is somebody people love or love to hate Peterson gained national notoriety in the fall of 2016 when he spoke out about a federal bill on gender expression and a U of T policy to call students by their gender pronoun of choice Peterson says there shouldn't be laws forcing people to use specific language I can envision a student or a colleague insisting that I call them using gender-neutral pronouns G or juror I think it is I'm not doing that I'm not doing that Peterson called it freedom of speech critics called it transphobia and protests ensued but then on YouTube he's a star his lecture topics range from personality to advice for young men and the videos have scored more than 36 million views he's huge on Twitter with three hundred and sixty five thousand followers and on the crowdfunding site patreon he hauls in sixty five thousand dollars a month could be as much as three quarters of a million dollars annually joining me is U of T professor Jordan Peterson he's got a new book out called twelve rules for life an antidote to chaos so professor Peterson you must be exhausted you've been giving all these speeches and sold-out performances and it's quite something are you it's crazy how do you explain what's going on you're now called Canada's most powerful intellectual yeah what's behind this what are the forces that have made you so popular I tell archetypal stories I think that's it I mean I the sorts of things that I've been talking to people about our old things and the things that people always need to know it just really seemed seemingly resonated with young men why is that well because young men have been fed a diet of on the one hand let's say rights and impulsive freedom for 50 years but rights aren't as useful with regards to establishing what's meaningful in your life as a responsibility and so because most of the things that people find deeply meaningful in their lives have do with responsibility you know your responsibilities of your career your responsibilities of your education responsibilities that you take on for your family and for your broader community the world is so polarized now you've got Donald Trump and social media and people screaming at each other on all kinds of different political issues are you part of that polarization it's good question I don't think so the reason I don't think so is because I've had hundreds of letters from people now maybe even thousands of letters from people who told me that they had become increasingly attracted for example by the blandishments of the radical right but because they've been listening to what I was saying online they decided that that was a very bad idea and I don't like right-wing identitarian I think they play the same game as the radical leftists which is identity politics they just play a different version of it but I'm no fan of the radical right I've been lecturing about the dangers of Nazi totalitarianism for example for almost three decades it's been a major part of my life's work to inoculate people against that's the attraction of that sort of thing after you're speaking out against the the federal bill c16 of gender pronouns and so on the federal government cut your funding for research rebel media came in and did a crowdfunding project for you raised about $200,000 after charlottesville and the riots of protests there many people cut ties with rebel media including the conservative leader Andrew Shearer saying that it could be seen as giving hate groups a platform you still go on there so I'm wondering why do you go on rebel media after after Charlotte's I mean you don't think we should talk to people on the right so that's why I talk people who want to talk to me generally speaking you know I'm try to be careful about it but I don't see any reason not to talk to people who are on the right I talk to people who are on the left when they want to talk which is very very rarely I've read a lot of what you've posted in the last year so in fact you're very careful about saying please so then there's a real question there is given that you've that you've you know you've encountered the material I have why do you think that all this all these accusations have been leveled at me well I don't know that's that's what I find so curious because I convenient because I also found this picture of you with behind the pet that is that you I mean so this is the this is the Pepe flag which I'm sure you know is seen by the left as a hate symbol and then yeah we see the lever sees all sorts of things as hates but it's used by the extreme right as a way of spreading messages it's been it's seen as an alt right symbol just this is an all right hand symbol here you are it's mostly used by young men who are poking and causing trouble on social media that's mostly what it's used for you're supposed to be anti chaos an anti provocation I'm just wondering why you would choose to be in this photo well I've probably had my photo taken with five or six thousand people and thought no but this is what the Pepe flag I understand you know that this is now seen as as a symbol for the OL I did a video online called the metaphysics of Pepe with Jonathan pazzo who's an Orthodox Carver of icons and if you if people are interested in my views on what's happening with this particular symbol and why it's occurring then there's a two-hour discussion about that Richard Spencer wears a Peppa he's a white supremacist he wears the pepe symbol it's become adopted I'm sure you know this by by the far-right and here you are holding up a flag like it's it's a joke so I just wonder if if it could be misinterpreted by people that you're trying to send a message that that basically has Google I think it has been misinterpreted I didn't know when it was happening I mean it's hard I don't know what you mean exactly there were a lot of people lined up they were doing a lot of things this was one of the things it took about 30 seconds I would also say it's the one thing well it's the one thing that that that has been photographed that the left in particular has been used to using against me for the last year but it was just happenstance more than anything else you know most people who are using this sort of symbol are using it in a deeply satirical way now the fact that the far-right has decided that it's it's it's a what a radical indicator of the validity of their particular view doesn't mean that that's what it is so it's something that we haven't seen before there's a lot of game playing going on there's a lot of sort of codes and whistles there is on all sides being sent here's another one this is uh this is a tweet that you said Oh cack boys which is kind of like another Pepe it's something that's been adopted by the extreme right code Pepe so you are you're using this to reach these people yeah well I can't tell you about that yeah well cuz you want this this is your course right so you won't have some program I will take your course I want them to plan their futures as responsible individuals what does it say tech boys trapped in chaos seek your fortune right don't stay in the underworld that's why I'm talking to them I'm trying to call them forth as individuals out of the chaos that they're ensconced in so you're helping network but they're helping you to you raise a lot of money well what do you think what do you think should happen in this polarized world if you're dealing with people that you think are being attracted by a pathological ideology what do you think you should do with them what I do is talk to them and say look money make yourself into an individual and get the hell away from the ideology and so a lot of these kids are lost in the underworld let's say in nihilism and they turn to these ideological solutions because they don't know what else to do and they're angry it's like I have something better for them to do grow the hell up and sort yourself out as an individual and so that's and that's exactly why I made this particular tweet and so and I've get letters from people all the time who say look you know I was moving towards the fringes and I'm not doing that anymore I see why it's wrong so you're you become this huge sensation what's next for you like I'm trying to figure your figure out are you are you the next Marshall McLuhan are you the next Billy Graham like are you a pro for you Billy McLuhan I don't know what's next really so you're a prof profit well well you know we're in a we're in a new world in many ways because of the reach of social media and so I have this immense multimedia platform and I don't know exactly what to do with it I mean what I'm doing right now with it is making videos that I think are useful to people interviewing people that I think are interesting to talk to but I'm sort of shaping this as it's developing because there's no way of predicting it and the overwhelming likelihood as far as I'm concerned and it's been this way ever since September of 2016 is that this will go terribly wrong that's the most likely outcome I've known that ever since I made those how would it go wrong oh well things go wrong all the time you know what are you afraid of saying something inappropriate well you've said lots of things that have made people angry that's not the same thing so what why would you say something inappropriate because people make mistakes and so like I've been in this situation I would say for 15 months really where I'm speaking publicly and and I've been in front of the news media a lot and people are waiting well they're waiting with things like this just say look well you made a mistake here it's like yeah well I've done like ten thousand things in the last year and maybe I made a mistake did you hard to say I mean I don't think the I don't think that I the discussion I had about pepie I don't regret that at all when I put up on YouTube that's the serious discussion I think I understand what's going on with the kept boys and with Pepe a hell of a lot better than the people do who are you know casual observers of it because I've actually studied it and so no I don't think I made a mistake I think it's uh no I don't think I made a mistake no so and I think that that's the case mostly as I said because of all the feedback I'm getting from people who say look uh straighten out my life and so that's good enough and I'm hoping that will continue I think it's unlikely that it will continue in a positive direction but you never know it's too much Hey that's the thing it's been too much for a long time but so far so good and I'll write it out it as well as I can but I'm surfing a hundred foot wave and generally what happens if you do that is that you drown that's interesting it's been great to talk to you thank you so much thanks nice to talk to you as well
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