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welcome back to Penn & Teller foolĂ­s where we have collected the best magicians from around the world remember we buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you let's meet our next performer hi my name is Mark Calabrese from Palisades Park New Jersey I've been doing magic since I was about seven or eight years old when I was younger magic actually helped me make a lot of friends and break the ice I like to call myself a magic lifer I didn't really choose magic magic chose me I also got into wrestling and mixed martial art and I've competed and grappled in tournaments about two years ago I almost quit magic felt like a ballerina on a stripper pole I felt like I was just trying to make ends meet and I wasn't enjoying it my all have changed when I realized that I'm not curing cancer or doing brain surgery and I just looked at it as if I could make someone happy and forget their day for just one moment I've done my job pulling Penn & Teller will change everything for me I'm looking to use my fighter mentality to beat Penn & Teller I respect Penn & Teller with everything they do but I'm most looking to take them down our next performer will be jumping off the top rope of magic and dropping an atomic elbow in your imagination will you please welcome mark Calabrese Thank You Jonathan Thank You Penn and Teller as a closer magician I've always been envious of the big-time stage performer because of you know the beautiful stage the lights the the pretty girls you don't get that as a close-up guy and I figure since I'm in Vegas I want to do a card trick Vegas style so Jonathan if you don't help me out Jonathan we have here is a deck of cards please verify that's brand-new I haven't opened it or anything looks new to me Yeah right on my end see take that out and just get rid of the advertisement cards as well as the Joker's on the bottom perfect okay now if Jonathan chose the card I found his car that's a 1 and 52 chance it's impressive but I'm a magician I'm expected to do these kind of things so I'm gonna do you one better Vegas style I'm gonna not just do a 1 in 52 chance I'm gonna duel one and 2704 chance Wow but first we need a good shuffle okay perfect yeah and what I'm doing here mark is learning on the job it's for real loves getting paid right okay let's see Jonathan take one card out anyone anyone you like I like that one there perfect okay and with this marker if you don't mind sign the face of the card show to the show to the audience so independent tell of course and do not show me I'll look away place it back whenever you're ready well set okay please give the deck a nice thorough mix up as well and then when you're done we'll place that back into the box monitor professional there you go yeah hold it all right so and then we'll get back to that deck in a second now I told you a 1 in 2704 chance and the way we're going to do that is what you guessed it 51 Wow other decks of cards and these are all identical to the deck that's on the table I'm gonna have you do is hold on to those cards okay I'm gonna take your deck of cards and toss it into the bunch okay now I want you to give them good thorough mix up making sure not to drop anything now Vegas what better way to do a Vegas card trick with something from Vegas itself and what we have over here is a Penn and Teller wood chipper dad dad dad dad by the way I'm also gonna do one other thing and that's going to be put a blindfold myself okay now is that wise near a wood chipper base it's gonna dump the decks onto the table okay all right and I'm gonna commit my decisions what's gonna happen is I'm gonna pick up the decks and if I don't think your car is in that deck goes right to the wood chipper okay so you don't do this now don't put this making sure that does it not let it drop to the floor okay beautiful perfect all right so now we have some ear protection this thing is loud so if you guys are have sensitive ears please put your fingers in your ears can you also verify that this blindfold is exactly I didn't hate you I had these own could you please verify this blindfold is exactly what it says to be can't see through it don't say anything all right all set I'll turn it on now cover your ears now good try and talk as loud as possible hopefully this is loud enough but nah you ready Johnson yeah Dexter whack oh I don't know what a few because you're heavy fine to the table that's it anymore anymore wanted my left is the deck traced out of my hand it is face down okay I know it's been a long time Jonathan but do you remember your card not really okay but here's a that's okay because that's why I just sign it when I signed it that's a good thing you remember your signature right yes okay good that is my signature that was my Penn & Teller gonna talk to each other they're gonna discuss what they've just seen and whether they know how it was done let me ask you a bit about yourself so you your Westerby you're kind of a wheel Wester this isn't the kind of entertainment West the way it's all fixed like laughs yeah I mean mixed martial arts jujitsu and basically beating people up is yeah my thing I don't I don't have met any other magicians who do that as well you must be in the minority yeah I mean I'm still nerdy but I like you know I like to if you don't like might if you like my car tricks I just punch in the face in the head yeah I'm gonna like your kick some people there uh you do me a favor cuz I love your accent would you say are you looking at me are you looking at me because there's no one else here uh really yeah you look at me are you looking at me I don't see anybody else here you looking at me wow that's pretty good I'm here I got no idea how you did it but it goes I'm not a professional gonna tell art the very top of the game so let's ask pain what the doula thought well if we were doing this trick we would have done it with uh cards that were marked but you could have brought out at the beginning okay and then it's very very easy to do a blindfold peek down your nose and tell her and I love love love blindfold peeks and we love love love marked cards we don't think you did it that way okay we don't think you did it with a blindfold peek we think you actually did it tact tooling we think you're actually feeling around okay I'm even though we're you were feeling around would still give you a blindfold peek well we don't think it in we don't think the cards were gimmicked when you brought them out okay we think that happened lately and I think the one thing I can say is I like this trick quite a bit but a Fred Flintstone we're watching this trick if Fred Flintstone had seen this trick and if Fred Flintstone knew an awful lot about magic and if Fred Flintstone was taking a guess I think Fred Flintstone by the said yabba-dabba-doo good friend foots don't have said yabba-dabba-doo for a second I thought you just like the Flintstones but he would say yabba-dabba-doo it's the rest of us feel like we're just at a meeting of overly keen finished up fans but presumably there's a code in that that you got there talking code so we don't get the tricks too easily but yeah you're fairly happy that they buy the bull pen teller but I'm happy to be here and it happened before a great job nice to meet you sir more fool-ass from las vegas when we return including some spectacular magic from Penn & Teller themselves you do not want to miss it
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