WE MATCHED A NUMBER... WHAT'S THE PRIZE? Wacky Wednesdays! $1MILL Top Prize

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[Music] it's time for a new series on this ticket time channel it's time for Wacky Wednesday Oh times that's pretty why did you know the hell we always did horrible on duncanemma when we switched it up so hopefully this will start to change our look around what's gonna happen is we still have our hard on budget that we would normally have for wild times but we each get to pick 33 dollars worth of tickets of our two's Lackey tickets Lackey tickets so this is what I came up with I came up with three one dollar money match tickets of the new $5 $5,000 triple play tickets and two of the $10 big spin tickets mister D on the other hand if you time Ken how did you catch the knock ticket and that's super Travis oh no yeah a $5 for karat gold and a $5 many times the cash in three dollar cash word that's forever he went for two two dollar money match tickets a $10 ticket and the new $20 cash word millions to me so hopefully we'll get more than what we normally get on wild times comment down below you guys like the new wacky Wednesday's idea we're probably go broke but we'll have fun we will have fun oh we will oh I like that wacky wacky wacky that's pretty fun okay I'll whack you stinky stink it's where are you wacky wacky alright so you gonna look for money wrong and you got your number summary numbers 30 and 15 okay comes back here we had the pentose it is it is that illusion except for that ticket all right this is a quick ten now for ten okay eighteen and a three this is it though right here eighteen three I'm matching a three well this is gonna be a big one yeah we the dice there excuse me add I add iodine added I said I don't know why it says dice dices plural 99 okay I'm the window allows a great choosing on my part well maybe you do too $5.00 $500 per play now these are very similar to all their like their cousins so what you do you match the numbers or wing numbers if you find a stack of cashed 50 bucks instantly and if you don't like to any numbers don't worry don't need to peer because there's prize amounts that could save you you look for three like prize amounts and you'll win whatever that amount is this is already plus five twenty twenty seven to thirty eight here we go okay 33 a 35 a 32 15 12 we're just done got this from yesterday anyone wow that's pretty good that's pretty good man all the ways I get from a 38 we got a man oh nice heck yes 17 18 28 okay 13 be very careful - honey - all round the prize amounts and thousand oh my well this is getting insane 200 skip it skip it okay fifteen ten thirty under the 3035 come on come on come on mm okay okay I don't see three of anything mm no right here what if they're gonna be man I see a small zero and it's for $5.00 okay but you had fun at high before $5.00 okay another one you were yeah I did okay I guess you get your money's worth out of it okay 3121 716 36 it's a really good point 26:29 okay 17 18 and a 20 in there okay five and an 8 10 and a 27 a to my teeth for 230 2438 and 13 okay the prize more than 15 20 200 no one more 500 one more 500 would be a miracle well I thought that was it 50:35 one more five right here I got five bucks so far okay I have one and zero one is your bin ones are a big big one okay come on only numbers beside cash for an instant win and let's find out what we can do me it doesn't feel like there should be more game I know there should be it should be like the wheel for a window yeah that'd be awful if they had that yeah nine seventeen eight fifteen and twenty-four twenty-six okay 22 and 24 okay seventeen got a match something nice nice you know I'm not gonna jinx it but normally there's more on this digit 30 okay sixteen lovely nineteen 2801 okay these numbers weird 7y aren't they it's in weird spots 27 2010 fun it's we have fun three there's one more row though Levin okay 513 okay the 12 okay can you 13 this could be 1 million dollar edge it actually caught in teen girl big zeros man show me the money 0 for 20 okay box sorry oh you got your money back for both of those alright 25 this up at all okay man we got one more ticket 0 you never know it could happen back-to-back winners happen sometimes it does alright we gotta look for 28 8 11 10 6 I'm gonna go we're gonna get a second casual calling it yep it's daddy 9 a320 come on it's a banana for fifteen nineteen twenty seven twenty five and a13 a21 good 30 okay at 26 come on here babies 24 then to feel like we're coming in on t1 right here our second cash never know 17:23 and a 12 I didn't do that bad but I got 225 25 out of your 33 that's good take a swig good cash work first how about that jacket real your county a colander Spears like you don't need water here okay that's good I got a good one no oh my god - me - you Z so we're looking for both I'll be real mad ones where there was gonna scan it just are okay he sounds like planting just a need to match you know no it was good a few own tastes good too and okay higher now listen not tonight we're gonna we're looking okay that's a tie okay okay do you have refuel you don't have an L you have all the waters except now alrighty we're gonna check this is pop stand it's gonna be 20 bucks not a waiter okay it's fun though okay but you have these two more yeah I'm seeing weeks two points of time exactly oh you're the big day okay three times okay fifty times four five our buckets no wings forever you get this man okay come on 50x come on I would freak and I would that be like 10 grand or something come on come on show up show me the money show me the money baby 3:30 1714 four-and-twenty okay was kind of interesting okay but you have a point I have a different ticket though my times okay it's cash five dollar ticket man all right get a 20x fine yes you are you doing nine and twenty six point two yeah sixteen jumping all around all my numbers around one of those four have to get down yeah well it was one of those jumping around him dang it damn it well here we go boom is 25 by this one 14 1912 2568 all right 29 28 1979 g418 15 no amber you're gonna match good doing that of the feet that's 30 it's gonna be a coin yes come on come on come on Ricky war sure okay you just gotta look for sevens that's it okay I hope so one seven shops no no seven seven zero up seven okay come on sevens come on - go - would be the three would be even better right here come on it's gonna happen Navin show up man well what the heck's going on here well that's pretty pretty good pretty good it's in hell it's in hell you have the two $2 ticket to the you $10 that's any of between there's still potential right here there's still potential okay I think I agree I think we're gonna win you're gonna win bad you're gonna win big yeah I'm just gonna scare em all no my luck ran out last week yeah we did win a lot though that money match it's gonna happen makes up for itself 20 right here thirteen twelve and thirty thirteen twelve thirty come on which in 12:30 give no no 2.1 though had a lot of fun okay Polly balls here I'm calling it 3027 25 30/30 good it's 20 bucks calling it board off okay we'll take it those we'll take it we'll take it yeah 29 now are 29 very good honestly you'll probably have been the same thing as well time probably and more fun though yeah what is our bad luck yeah maybe that maybe this will make up for it right here 2013 come on show me a treasured chart safe for a singing winner off that would be friggin good 5 & 7 well the good news is you have the new $20 cash this is gonna pay off man but good for you outside the ticket time it is going to pay off yeah outside of ticket time okay okay your honest words are splint spread carny and resort splint spread carny and resort okay I'm gonna do it over here I'm gonna do this side first splint blood Connie and Rhys winch party resort to spread interest okay see you'll see okay yep get C's moving eh all right do you not see any so carnies out of business okay are well not so not yet because you saw the other callers yeah oh it's only Persaud oh it is yeah are you there's Annie no there isn't yeah there is re okay well okay you're looking for spreading splints spread and splint well he had a good time that's a Ness and there's no Isis well the good news is that you couldn't scan it we could have matched that in words it could have had seven words for a million dollars oh it's a good thing yeah there you go it's 40 bucks I can't see it there it is not a winner I think they should just go home okay we had a good time though okay we had a lot we switched it up and honestly it would have been the same result as wild thyme we looked in the same result wild thyme Wednesday's our outdoor hello - wacky Wednesday's 29 back not the greatest but we gotta keep our head up high and keep on scratching we're ticking time and we'll see you guys next time took its time this is take your time time to get excited you know we did it routed to get money and it ain't no problem for my reel scratches got no lovers and fake multipliers if I get a winning ticket swear that I won't tell nobody here love the scratching I can't deny they dream about what I buy new house a new car to drive maybe I just might be yeah but until then I'll keep on trying imma stay on my grind into in the ticket time let's go steal it
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