MASSIVE 190X Win on my First Attempt!! 🍀 BEGINNERS LUCK 🍀 Brian Christopher Slots at San Manuel

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I'm gone from Canandaigua New York and we are watching Brian crisper slots yes that's delicious that's delicious this is called spinach grand I don't think I've ever place on the floor get it all set up here for there we go it's exciting I don't really know what's happening this thing always moves so I got somebody gonna go if it'll stop and you can win something there we're looking for free games of symbols and we are doing a 10-cent denomination 50 credits is our spin I wish there was more volume though cuz some of the green rules no there's like no volume anywhere oh well [Music] $77 [Music] I need six of those spinner grands for that feature otherwise I believe we need three of the pregame yeah just three or more for the pregame we started a 500 5 we're out 463 right now [Music] really come on [Music] oh boy come on when he was six let's go baby there's too okay [Music] we're not hitting much right now trying to get it on us that's all I guess this line is I'm doing much for us at the moment [Music] come on Oh 100 bars increase Dennis went up over there I don't know why I guess we had 500 you just said four or five does something I guess four or five of them increases their award no this is awards bonus increase but it would only help me right now but of its enough doesn't help me now but it might help me out later [Music] come on baby [Music] just three we need sex one more three games we got three games all right good I'm getting this free spin but maybe we can get this been advertised grand bonus in it huh be nice press a star feature alright here we go [Music] come on awhile get in there [Music] we're at $20 fix my spin Oh sugar you got another 13 spins to go now we're at 40 bucks beautiful there's that spinning grin guys let's try and get the bonuses on us now come on [Music] three more oh my God look over is that darkness halfway through the bonus that will increase the bonus up there it went up like two dollars a day all righty are we gonna reach sugar fat - oh we gotta reach sugar but that's it we got 19 more games to go Wow [Music] I was I was looking up upstairs but I'm pretty sure that the two three games give me an extra spending as well I'm not 100% sure so I got to pay attention hopefully look at it again if we got 16 more spins to do that we're at 50 and 6 dance come on give me that spinners grand already okay we got two oh we got we got four oh my gosh we're up to 44 freaking we have 30 more free game holy geez Bret eighty one dollars now yeah it did retrigger there that gives you five spins Wow [Music] and we make our money back though that's a big question [Music] we're on our way but definitely on our way come on free games [Music] oh my goodness saw these beautiful symbols nothing lines up [Music] we are now halfway through our bonus come on yes we got it finally alright Donuts in the bonus David thing I love to do you gotta love that deliciousness so ten more dollar signs to win finna grand jackpot we got three more spins here it goes got one just one it resets back at three I am more dollar signs to win the jackpot every time you hit one it resets of three you guys you can do a lot better than that go on yes and yes oh my gosh oh there we go again we took the three every time the three keep going yeah three more and we win 7,500 come on left-fin got one three more spin two more Spain last man all right let's see you we're gonna win it just stop up there for something come on where's the big numbers River the big numbers there's a five okay they're not that big oh wait wait oh there they are there's the major there's the major and I forgot it's a 10-cent denomination that's a lot of majors that's a minor minor is a hundred bucks majors five hundred words they go come back I'll have to press the button guys okay let's present oh my gosh find that major come on miners good I'll take a minor I'll take a mine I'll take two - yeah got two miners nice $100 a piece beautiful it's adding it up for us now [Music] Wow $35 $135 $50 $25 in another 100 490 bonus and the bonus that's where it's at that I was gonna do the penny version at $5 but I remembered my own the rule they're gonna max bed and he could change the denomination I'm betting the same amount of would of the 10 cent denomination that minor would have been worth $10 on the penny version beautiful all right we're only halfway through the bonus right now we got 24 more spin 571 keep it going it's been a grand [Music] I like that I got a bonus a lot and I love that I forgot I was 10 cent denomination that was you Wow imagine can we get that spin grant again Navi insanity [Music] begone lady oh that's quite a while oh that's nice too bad for the spinet grande in the end their breath $700 keep going come on three spin of grands oh my gosh would I waste a while three more [Music] well it's my first time playing this game I got to tell you I like it [Music] three more three more oh my gosh just missed it gonna sip increase though we got ten more spins to go [Music] get I haven't had a rich burger in a while [Music] got it oh my gosh we got it again holy geez we got it again we're at 702 baby whoops can we do better than our last my last bonus I don't know I won't forget to press the button this time no guys no to funny Oh baby all right you guys ready for this one here we go you got three spins let's fill er up nice start yeah three on our first one [Music] come on baby fill it up fill it up fill it up good three sets of three again got it oh yeah come on three Marsten [Music] laughs pin hit one just hit one no all right I don't want see anything big land over here guys are you ready I'm gonna press the button three two one there goes then we hit that major Oh baby ten cents a nomination we lost the minor come on back you gotta find us progressives come on progressives okay not as good as last time but we have a couple big numbers in there that's had enough see we got $15 520 and another 580 dollar bonus in the bonus perhaps seven hundred and eighty-seven dollars but eight spins left to go plenty time to keep mega more come on forget five more spins to go [Music] well thank you love those well just passed $800 we got four more bins [Music] Oh yes three trigger ain't more Finn that gives a total of 10 more spins to go oh baby give me another spinner grant I love that mo [Music] come on spinach [Music] yes we trigger five more spins we got 12 more spins mountains total of 62 spins over all and now this machine has like ruined me for life because I'm gonna think I can win as much every time I sit down at it now [Music] ten more spins to go we got a little crowd behind us [Music] come on keep going 850 [Music] friggin a nice five more spins another to read trigger [Music] eleven more spin [Music] come on red sugars keep going don't you dare slow stop oh my gosh I want that spinning grant again Wow nice [Music] we are passing and a $900 now Wow 940 with seven spins to go Wow this now uh I was hoping to make my money back on this machine we put in a 500 on it I'd say we did that anymore come on three games ha ha ha don't play with me at 6 more spin [Music] for Marvin [Music] all right last spin [Music] three games Oh red 951 dollar bonus on a five dollar bag almost 200 times are bad beautiful we just turned a 500 dollar took in a thirteen hundred and twenty five dollars Wow the chanels ax I'll do a couple more I mean why not [Music] I'll stop at 1300 [Music] too bad we can hear all the sounds on it oh well here a little bit of the hint of it as a hint to Mars Ben [Music] and they're laughing [Music] guys wheels turned $500 in the 1300 of more than double that was spin a granddad Sandman [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]
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Published: Tue Jun 12 2018
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