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I'm here at cosmopolitan with a group of eight people we all put in $500 each that's for K going into two machines that's right two thousand dollars in each one the first one is going to be crazy money 2 lakhs say hello to our little group here we go okay Brian it's got to find the right lighting for this oh but sign over there [Music] hello they're rude so rude we're playing craziest money at deluxe VIP we're doing a two dollar denomination to dough denomination and 60 dollars of spin you ready to go ready she's counting your spins for you go for the rooster hit that 60 to start us off and now you can hit six note has been at 30 credits times two dollars so we're good come on looking for three SkyWheel [Music] I know a nice nice diagonal be nice right now [Music] oh that's been for you [Music] alright that's alright alright alright next person come on out this is exciting alright you ready to go okay girl let's do it line it up we're looking for that bonus come on diagonal $24 get it Oh muttering twenty two hundred thirty two dollars [Music] thirty-six bucks Oh that's best for you there you go lying sick well there's all that come on down how many we're doing eight distressing hates Benzies alrighty you got this fine that's why we basil painful pain [Music] baby come on [Music] [Applause] we're up above they are dollar signs they're not credit dollar sign we can win up to $150,000 if we get the friend whenever you're ready fin come on baby ran major or minor we'll get the end baby right now [Music] we drove a second chance to multiply that second [Music] [Applause] nicely done [Music] that's idea I've never never not once in the last I've ever hit the five I always get to is really go back for one [Music] so get a backpack now you go ladder up oh look at that 500 yum-yum-yum yep [Music] [Applause] hey we're back where we started to you Oh God all right Gregory's up from the rear knees let's go Greg come on line up those diagonals that's where the money tied a I got two of them [Music] come on what the heck of that Oh Mike you're shootin blanks man you got to do better than laughs well let's do it but we're looking we are looking hey come on baby we're looking for the minor the major or the grand [Music] oh god no I didn't even know they existed up there everyone respects me your honour each five times again I can't believe you guys did that daddy we're back up over our two grand that's it we got one left [Music] beautiful laughs spin on this game we did playing this could be one of the Rudy's so we play we playing that we're like yeah we're like please make us look good baby don't you dare don't you dare okay we're due for the reason I think [Music] you gotta keep going [Music] [Laughter] [Music] I just waited for a lot bigger that's not bad wow you're dying we're done we started with two grand we're crashing with the profit at twenty two fifty two next and final machine alright guys here we are we're playing high limit lightning link looking for that Hunter K we're doing fifty dollars of spin and we have two thousand dollars on there so yeah go ahead and press that fifty dollars there and then you can press that one's going forward we need six of these lanterns for the bonus or three of those for another bonus three more we have four spinner to each string and 10 spins apiece come on baby line it up let's see that delicious two lists gonna [Music] you got it come on we've already got one hundred two hundred seven nine fifty a thousand eleven hundred fifty we have three spins so I'm pretty sure everyone that's watching this knows how their game the works but I'm gonna go over it anyway we have three spins if he gets another lantern that lands it resets to three spin if he doesn't land it goes down to two one and if you're out one spinning to get Lander goes back up to three again you can never get more than three all right you got this here we go Bell Rock baby come on yeah okay back up the three spins again where's that miner hiding where's that major hiding [Music] [Music] last bin I should all that minor find it another 150 bucks we got three more spins again Planeta oh the mini just revive the minions worth a thousand the miners five thousand and the grand is 5000 575 [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] that was your first yeah now he only had one more spit that was eight spins but nothing alright guys we'll be back in a minute after we get our money all right we got our money you got one more spin then yeah go ahead [Music] all right ready just I am let's do it man hold on where we said it oh don't you dare five of the kinds over 200 210 nice first bin there [Music] find it [Music] oh my god give me just fifty five hundred two hundred I think we're I think we're all dying inside I stopped breathing this is why I only do I live in videos once a week [Music] come on fine debt rather than for you last one come on [Music] all right you ready I'm ready let's go here we go come on there you go good does not change the up at night when the saris darling $30 hit line it up turtle good good good $60 the turtles no 128 calles 180 I think actually yeah [Music] [Music] ten dollars oh baby come home [Music] you're going [Music] look at that that would have been delicious 2250 on the board all right a lot spinner cuz me right there everyone's gone all right guys 10 spins left so we're doing okay let's find another bone BAM timba keep going Turtles [Music] thirty dollars [Music] we want bonus [Music] between the man [Music] come on last Bigfoot for the group bull ready to knee - Nana 512 that was an awesome time we are going home with a little bit extra cash we ends up with just over $45 an ex-stripper persons about a $400 profit thank you guys for joining me thank and if you guys want to join me for another wedding I can finally say it I mean it another winning group oh go to the fight stop laughing it's go to Brian Gamble's calm today and I'll see you guys next time good night everybody [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]
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