We bought an entire book of $50, $100, $500 Blowouts!!! (Part One)

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[Music] alright guys so hey youtube we got the entire pack here these are the $10 blow outs so as promised we got an entire path look at these things because he'll there are 60 tickets so we went in 600 $10 a piece 60 tickets 600 bucks alright let's go Nicole's gonna start lucky die so we're doing do you want to start from the top like the zero zero zero or I start freeze zero zero zero okay cool just a one-off at a time all right and just so you guys see the odds it's one in eight point eating and on these tickets you win either fifty bucks a hundred bucks or 500 bucks [Laughter] nothing no okay well we're gonna scan it anyways Janice okay number zero zero one zero one those weird noises are Erik Lagos [Laughter] okay it's okay 58 more to go we're gonna get something in the odds may the odds have seen your favor isn't that problem 18 that was allergic damn it and you know alright alright Eric sweating already just waste all our money there's like four or five blue points - there's got to be like a nice one or behind it to make up for like those nothing damn all right we're on a streak take it number four yeah and nothing striking it out all right maybe I should have started from the back of the book ticket number five seven to twenty nine love it just to let you know Eric picked this book ticket number six is young this is a winner it's gotta be a winner it's 117 12 723 17 20 about steam ding-ding-ding ding-ding-ding why are you stretching it he's perceived it now she's does she how was I supposed to wait no I I need an instant gratification all right twelve twenty bucks yeah no but it comes in us also the whole ticket yeah yeah that's the minimum minimum so this is our first winner five six six so far the odds are take a number six fifty bucks lucky number seven let's do some back-to-back winners can we go back-to-back 12:15 24 17 12:15 and nope okay well you don't worry [Laughter] another guy they are platinum when he does this films he does like he reads the winning numbers from lowest to highest I struggle sometimes like my first video I missed that one I didn't end up missing it altogether because I of course yeah no matter what I could I missed the and then I'm one of my last videos also I had $25 oh my gosh I mean I still scanned the ticket so I never actually alright twelve ten nineteen and twenty five ticket number nine yeah you lose just let us lose like weight off not one number ten again eleven 1425 nothing No lucky 1127 sir these tickets anyway never going to get refund yeah [Music] so basically if you don't win on the first or second row no because sometimes on the bigger one fifty twenty and thirty one one number might be five yeah I want to hit that five hundred we hit that five hundred that'd be nice six twenty teams on these parts yeah 29 geez all right I'm down there like the homestretch on my turn to scratch here to get 13 it's gonna win that would be 6 22 11 17 [Music] nothing remember 14 this is a woman let it be 500 let it have one of them 500 dollar symbols down there six seven 1521 another 18 yeah and number six all right so this is it for the odds right and then it's one of your terms to scratch 13 20 and 27 big money big money big winners eleven seventeen eight ten nine four six all right 124 three [Music]
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Published: Fri Apr 19 2019
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