Robin Williams Finest Interview (1987) Part 1 of 2

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I'm a big fan of Robin Williams he is one of the most inventive and certainly one of those funniest people I have ever met in my life he's got a new movie called good morning Vietnam that uh opens in New York and Toronto the twenty thirty December then out here I think Christmas Day in Los Angeles and throughout the rest of the country about the 50th of January would you welcome mr. Robin Williams Oh thank you look at this yes and I'm so glad that Sears had that sale yay ooh look at this fabulous like that very much I like this all of these clothes it's a fashion statement or a question I love it look at this look at these people yes I love you thank you thank you yes right I'm bad I'm bad no Michael you're not bad you're sensitive you're delicate but you're not being Michael Tyson is bad you are healed y'all believe now Oh Lena strange about Michael Jackson the fact that he travels with the chimp sleeps in an ozone box even the Enquirer is going I can't print that hey where's the range person isn't he whoo why why would you want the bones of an elephant man I don't know it's like you're sitting your house out in Encino I don't understand enough it's it's way I have a suspicion I can't prove it but I've never seen it I've never seen Janet and him together at the same time I don't know he carded yes yes err Fred Ringo Starr the same man you be the judge watch out I don't know it's a strange strange situation yeah Becker nice to see you again well you know what's it's interesting to be here flying down there's a little scarier autopilot going uh is your pilot um before we take off I just want you to know I invest a little money in the stock market and let's see if those insurance forms pay off and there are so little lady going there exits here and here but we'll be out before you okay and they've that thing in case of a water landing they have it open take your seat cushion with you sure which is great if you're floating in the water or sharks going oh look Bob can't pay Bob for a name of a shark are you see that's it why sure that's interesting right damn and I don't know whether to eat him or just mask eating around human sushi everybody gather round well good to see ya somebody said you were in England you perform for I'm making progress eliminate your monologue Princess Di and Charles hurl are they are soaked along all right they look very well they look happy really we're like this in order to see big ears on someone like that down the South they usually have a banjo oh I guess I'm not going back to Union how Gussie were you no would you do that joke no would I do that there while he's sitting then end up in the Tower of London with a large man named Bubba hello you're my friend now Oh Thank You Ingrid put of a band how are you doing thank the boys in the band playing Kai lovely evening yeah it's great to be out Christmas I'm saying are you just you get to happy Christmas deprive your body people get stressed out no really driving isn't bad cranky welcome to Thorin C lose your ladies like ninjas with their purses I came back I fell that back ubin little candy cane for the hypoglycemic thank you daddy commercial custom exciting christmas gifts are they have the Jessica Hahn doll doesn't do it doesn't do anything just falls over and goes maybe he did it he thank you just Jim and Tammy live near in Malibu Jim and Tammy rented a house out in a legit man Tammy I love fun group yeah her eyelashes have been declared a national forest Jim money and he has my Gus's old hair and it's amazing all the money they make though people in the Vatican are going SHhhh don't tell anybody I'm Louie that's like shoe money for us well you think there's a Polish Pope but with two names and people are deep south are going hey why can't we have a pope from Tennessee then his name is Pope John Paul we'll have a pope named Pope Joe John James there it is now here doesn't it have a guy named Newt next to abstain Cardinal Bubba are you doing you don't instead of wine and wafers we're gonna have Jack Daniels and beer nuts and after a communion like that if you don't see Jesus then you never will actually drop it right there here's one Pope that no one's gonna shoot at you know hey hey you are you are possessed no no it's no possessions like Shirley MacLaine that's when this advice when she has those people that they call it channeling basically it's mainly needless I way I am an eight thousand year old being that sounds like I swallowed a vibrator why can it be someone you know if you're gonna become another person you could be channeling going I am NOT yeah my name is Phil I live in New Jersey I don't know what the hell I'm doing in this body hold it I've got another call I'll get back we'll be back stay where you are you
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