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[Music] awesome so we're gonna try something with the Rubik's Cube we're gonna mix it up on all six sides now there's 43 quintillion different ways you can mix it up so watch that close completely mix it up one-handed in the bag as fully as possible back to solve I think you have a guess on how I do that right some people guess who the second cube in the bag I will prove the bag is empty look I'll check completely empty completely empty [Applause] Fineman I'm gonna do something that's never been done before on TV Simon can you actually mix up that Rubik's you turn as much as you want now every time you turn it it's a different one of those 43 quintillion permutations Simon whenever you're happy I will take the cube that you just mixed up and put it back and beg watch that close Simon's mixed-up rubik's cube [Music] laughs inside of it that would be an amazing trick in there was not a second Rubik's cube in the back but that's not the trick I'm being a - you're still paying attention Simon can you actually cover it up on all six sides cover it up perfect like that yeah now when you think of a solved Rubik's Cube what do you actually picture solids colors right what if I told you that I found a different solution to the Rubik's Cube watch close [Music] right about right about there see the different solution was to match the Rubik's Cube that Simon mixed up 30 seconds ago you have so if I did match it you're gonna notice we have one side that's going to be a completely better than one side though that's going to be side number two that is 3 that is 4 that is 5 that is all six I'd to complete you here's the deal I love this so here's that here's a paperclip you're gonna do me a huge favor all I want you to do is say stop stop okay I'm gonna cut the cards whatever this is we're not gonna look at it this gets folded up and it gets placed in this paper clip right here Mel B this is gonna go in front of you when I was a kid I was fascinated by counting cards this isn't a hundred percent but hopefully you're gonna notice a pattern here we're gonna shoot one out and hopefully it'll look from there look see there's an ace I tell you what all I need to do is pull it out yeah you're a pull cord out so you're gonna reach in there and just pull it out you got it yeah oh yeah if Sherwood with its watch watch this gonna be sick it's gonna be a - okay watch the eight it's a shake watch the eight see it's a shake and we can get the two out see what I mean see we did that you don't say the number one trick by a comedy magician is pulled out of here so look there's a three hopefully we can shoot one out of the center look there's a four right there so Mel all I need you to do is just yell out stop watch riffle go stop okay take that card right there if that's the five that's sick check it out and see if we got it [Applause] so right now I think the six is thirty eight cards from the top so we're gonna tell a sheet one out here boom look look there's a six Simon do me a favor if you watch the tenth here we can just cover it see there's the seventh how are you ready I am ready okay stop stop okay we need the eight what do we got what do we got short writer we need the eight for the crown [Applause] part of my pocket before we started see there's the nine right there now watch we're gonna cut these up like this and hopefully we can find the 10 the Jack the Queen and the king god [Applause] so Simon do me a favor think of any card you want to don't name it out loud yet okay it's gonna be disabled you got it yeah watch this we're gonna shuffle these up Simon name the card you're thinking of right now three a club three of clubs I did this because I thought I would go through here and not just shuffle all the cards but take all of them and shuffle all those clubs back in order like that [Music] how'd you set hearts I said what the heck why don't we shuffle all the hearts in order had you said spades we would have ax you shuffle all the spades in order just like that [Applause] before we started we folded a card we put in a paperclip we didn't look at it the cards you thought of the three close [Applause] for 52 cards in a deck as everybody knows so you guys have lots of choices to choose from I'm gonna use some rubber bands just to wrap them up because Howard if it's okay I'm gonna toss this deck out to you the rubber bands will keep it from going all over the place when you catch them I'm gonna snap my fingers and when you hear the snap I want you to just break open the pack and look at a car didn't remember it and then you'll pass the deck to Heidi I'll snap same thing all the way down and then how we all ask you to toss the deck back to me Howard are you ready sir excellent card one card only Heidi if you would pass it to mr. Buble MLB one card one card only excellent Howie perfect and just toss the cards back to me it's alright the idea of this is that I don't want to touch the cards so here's what I like each of you guys to do is please hold up your hand high and imagine that on the palm of your hand is the card that you picked okay I'm gonna name five cards if I name your card just drop your hand [Music] five of clubs two of hearts eight at diamonds ten of clubs Jack spades [Applause] you come and join you you'll take would that be okay I'd like to share with you a trick he uses a 50-pound note one of the largest currency notes available in this country with my sleeves rolled up guys with nothing in my hands we can get a show this on the screen I'm gonna change this 50 pound no into the much rarer infinitely more valuable Bank of Britain's Got Talent you can see we've got we got our head of state mr. Simon Cowell we've got our beautiful princesses of course our queen and son for you to keep don't spend all at once guys I don't want you to feel left out so I brought along some more cash for you but I know I know deep down you don't really want one of these you'd much rather have one of those Bank of Britain's Got Talent what thought I'd finish with a trick using a picture that I've drawn it's a self-portrait that's me this is where we are Britain's Got Talent you see most magicians at this point would ask one of you to reach in and take a card I'm not going to do that instead if I may I'm just going to ask each of you one question David if I may start with you if I could ask you to choose a color red or black whatever you say is what we will use what color would you like black Alicia the black cards are split into two suits we have the spades we have the clubs again if I could ask you to choose whatever you want is what we will use clubs clubs I need you to choose a value for me what would you like nine nine the nine of clubs Simon you're the boss I'm gonna give you the chance if you like to stick with the nine of clubs or you can overrule all of the other judges and you can choose any other car that you I porch alone seven OMA the seven of Hearts okay guys there is no way I could know that you would choose the nine of clubs there's no way I would know if you would overall and if you would what you would change to you'll agree I haven't touched these what I didn't tell you is that I've also drawn on the back of every single other card in this day remember those cartoon flip books where you flick through and the lit man comes to life check this out you see our magician he takes off his hat he reaches inside he pulls out just one card ladies and gentlemen not just any card it's the seven of heart [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] I'll say my sweetie I love the pilot now I have a gift here this is a gift which is going to be for one a few judges in just a few moments but I'm really bit there for now I also have two notebooks on each of these notebooks I have different things written one is for you Amanda as I flick through would you mind reading some of these out for me Jennifer Aniston Madonna Brad Pitt Taylor Swift Vin Diesel Halle Berry Emma Stone Tom they're all celebrity 60 celebrities to be precise if you could hold your hand flat for me place your other hand directly on top and just hold it there I also have one for you David this one here is a drinks menu and every page is a different drink please you could hold your hand flat and place your other hand on top now just with your thumb lift that make sure no one sees and just take a peek or whatever you choose and it's slamming closed for me and please could you stand up and just throw them onto the stage because we no longer need those unleash the anger perfect okay I maybe we're gonna start with yourself you all think of a celebrity is that correct yes thinking of a surf seat just stand up for me what I need to do is send two forts straight directly into my mind I need you just with your finger look me directly in your eye just touch me just on a forehead [Music] you felt that right thank you so much now what you've just done is used to strictly sent your thoughts into my mind and I'm the how can have very creatively find out who you were thinking of now believe it or not before I became a magician I spent six years in an origami intensive training center in the heart of Japan just thought I could be here with you guys doing this right now now am I right in saying she's someone who's very particular about their hair yeah and I think it's probably a man don't give anything away but I'm gonna just that's perfect okay Amanda please tell us this wonderful audience who are you thinking of David Beckham David Beckham if I open this up I've made something very very special for you to keep we have think of the truth is that correct correct would you mind now revealing to us the drink that you have been taking off it's the drink I'm drinking right now which is a cup of tea that's a cup of tea now this has been here the whole time it's been in front of yourself Simon yeah inside here ladies and gentlemen just as you asked for orange soda it's a little bit awkward we can still fix this don't panic could you just reach out your hand just here for me just send me that positive energy [Music] [Applause] believer monk now just filled me with all of your kinetic energy which allows me to act so much like a microwave so the can starts to heat up how can I make it hotter and hotter please feel it what feel the can it's getting hotter and hotter it just makes sure that is a sealed can miles do you think of one drink you said breakfast Eames I write the correct if I open this up ladies and gentlemen just what you ordered [Music] in a can please taste it please taste it makes me really is be a delicious [Applause]
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