Britain's Got Talent 2017 Issy Simpson Amazing 8 Year Old Magician IRL Hermione Full Audition S11E02

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not nervous anymore I can't believe I'm here to be honest [Applause] [Applause] [Music] hello what's your name Izzy Simpson nice to meet you Izzy how old are you eight eight years old and where are you from Blackpool nice so easy tell us a little bit about yourself I'm going to be doing some magic my grand party choose me so that means your grandfather is a wizard yes I've got it my name is Lizzie Simpson and I'm eight and I'm going to be doing some magic I live in Blackpool and I live with my brother my mom and my dad I think I was born to do magic what do you like best about magic well I like best about magic is I can make everyone gasp and go WOW when I go back to be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter because she's a wizard which I thought that was Dumbledore [Music] the judge I want to impress is Simon cuz he's the boss if I get through and I will be pretty excited one of the best days ever all right best of luck thank you can I come down and join you you can today I'm going to show you something with my two favorite things magic and reading using my three favorite books my first favorite author is corn Davis mathemagical Amanda could you look through the book and see for each page is different yes Tom my second favorite author is inna black from magical faraway tree Alicia could you look through the book and see if each page is different okay my third favorite author is David Walliams midnight will be a pleasure while still doing that Sam could you pick up my box and put on the floor for me please where [Music] very bossy down here yeah I can't lift it David you want to go in hell I live free car left to join together come to me to you to me [Music] he won't lift oh wait one minute could you sit back down for me please okay sit down mr. Don know you as well Susie charger back [Music] [Laughter] Simon I want to show you a card trick boy ceccacci I'm still a bit scared after that give me five seconds as you can see all the cards are different yeah Cameron I'm going to turn them face down and I want you to touch the back of any card all right that one [Music] thank you I want you to look at your card if remember and don't let anyone else see I won't okay now Simon you're the boss I want you to pick any book either and band Alicia or David's malicious base Alicia's book has about 600 pages could you name a number between one and six hundred it's 70 70 Alicia could you turn your book to page 77 for me please and check if all the words are different yes all the words are different now could you pick any word and tell us what it is kettle kettle remember Sam you could have picked any book and Alicia you could have chosen any word but you chose kettle there see this black board before the show tonight I wrote a word on the board watch [Music] [Applause] Simon New Jersey card what was your card it's the four diamonds [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Simon what is a female wizard oh wait is it bad for me wait no that's what I'm thinking because this is like real life Harry Potter just amazing you really are you're extraordinary you're eight years old I mean you put a lot of big grown up magicians to shame it's fantastic it was brilliant and yet your presentation was absolutely fantastic absolutely incredible you can't underestimate how brilliant this is for someone of your age and your confidence is incredible is he with you whoo it's a yes yes from definitely for me welder say yes [Applause] amazing Oh was it good you are seriously spooky when you could not let the box Jason never tell good answer good answer
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Published: Sat Apr 22 2017
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