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[Music] and then teller don't want to get fooled twice in one night but this next performer has different plans take a look hi my name is Jason field codename Jeff oh I was in the Navy for six years held a top-secret security clearance the pins a computer system within the computer system things are very structured there's always a way to create the solution to the problem you want to solve the reason I love magic is because it also speaks to my right brain the computer aspect is all left brain I like using that Seconal aspect to solve some problems with it magic I spend a lot of my time perfecting things that the non magician will never see I never understand what I've done to create this I just want a chance to present what I do to other magicians who can truly appreciate what I've done this message will self-destruct now enjoy the close-up magical shuffle [Music] [Music] thank you thank you well I guess the the question of the day is where did all of this come from where did this come from I get asked this question a lot and tonight for your show I will answer that question but I do require the assistance of two enthusiastic volunteers gentlemen please join me now Thank You mr. Payne if you read this piece over pleasure to meet you thank you very much for joining it actually thank you both very much for being on my show tonight before we get started mr. television hold on to the glass make sure it's okay check it out and if as anything unusual just sound it right out let us know don't hold back and while he's doing that do me a favor take a look at the coins and please by all means take these a marker and write a big ol like a letter number symbol shape make it big and bold and on that particular coin I need you to faithfully reproduce the entire ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in exquisite detail what do you want every gorgeous well all four coins your initials we find how's the glass looking good it's straight legit now real briefly I did tell you that I would say where the coins came from but does anybody know anybody from my pocket don't look so disappointed out there but the glass is a different matter entirely I got this from the hotel bar but I'll return it out for the show of they'll never know you got something right all those secrets okay this is cool no no you guys can't really see from where you're sitting but pen has drawn some rather crude vulgarities I like their stuff very nice but all teasing aside let me show you what's more I guess what's more important the marks placed upon you so the coin just watch what happens as I wave the one how's that true I guess it makes sense because if the point came from the pocket they should go okay let's do the let's do the second coin to move along here I studied a huge favor from you teller would you give a gentle tap on the hand and have you say the magic word the word is go-go-go he says he tap he tapped and it is gone it is gone and yet I assure you it has not traveled part now for the third point we'll do something a little bit out there a little bit different I will use my pinching fingers and you can see the mark placed upon the coin up to the last one acts I need to borrow your magic pinching fingers actually would you hold on to that very tightly if you like got it don't let go because if he lets go too soon all is lost no pressure would you place the final coin into the outstretched hand you can see it into the tightly clenched bits and that point will travel from the hand through the spatial ethers joining the ones before leaving one point left and here it is may I please thank you so much you can probably feel the coin right there you can feel that absolutely wonderful guys watch listen a little mystery and the question really is what is in the pocket now when I reach my hand to this cockpit people get a little suspicious ten would you take your dainty pinching fingers reach and just grab just be careful be gentle actually it's all the drawing just grab the rim of the glass and pull the whole thing straight up and very gently pour the coins on to the table and please verify for our audience yes or no are those the same coins those are the same coin you better believe it thank you [Applause] like [Applause] with them sitting so close that is very brave this is something I've been working on for just about 20 years of my life I've been working for a while to get to this point where I can be on the stage and and show Penn & Teller I actually believe it or not I wanted more to show teller because magic is one of those things where you know you work and work and work to do things that's invisible to the non magician and I love many of tellers coin routines so I think if there's anyone in magic who could appreciate what I've done with this she's the guys well speaking of love boys what did you think we're just talking about how its class recording magic it really is although I do believe that you added the signing of the coins that's not classic and really helps it tremendously that makes the effect much much better to know that those are the same coins that start out I love that teller does a lot of reading magic books or and but you know when you read stuff in books I know I'm sure you have this experience you always wonder when you read something that's really clever and really smart would that really work and tell her what's happy to see it does and beautifully and beautifully and it's so hard you know to find out how to compliment people over and over again we have so many great acts on the show but one of our producers is Pete golden Anita is quite the surfer I think if he were seeing this act he would just say was totally tubular one is so wonderful wonderful over-the-top back fabulous thank you very much you understand that they know I well thank you so much you were wonderful [Applause] your TV stick around [Applause]
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