Poker Hands - Daniel Negreanu Is Stunned By INSANE Bet From Doug Polk

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what is up everyone my name is Doug polkan welcome back to poker hands today we're gonna be looking at a hand from the $1,000,000 one drop play between Dale Negreanu and some guy that looks pretty familiar I got the featured table Daniel Negreanu with pocket queens he has witnessed doc sands open for a hundred fifty thousand with Jack nine off then Doug Polk calling with pocket nines Negreanu in the small blind the global poker index currently ranks Daniel Negreanu and Doc Sam's third and fourth in the world for best groomed beards beards are so hot right now Daniel with chips in hand and that is a rear ace to 550 Ivey folds his big blind back to doc sands now no more small ball from Daniel with two players already in and out of position he decides to re-raise with Queens he'd gladly take it down right here stance does fold now with the pocket nines Doug pulk not only was born with a full head of hair when he came out of the wall it was styled just like both calls again this time for 400,000 with pocket nines he'll go heads up against the Queen's of Daniel Negreanu our hand begins with doc sands opening it up in the high Jack with Jack nine off now you should generally not be making this play this is probably a little bit too loose of a raise however if you think your opponents are pretty weak it could be a reasonable decision Gabe cap on the buttons a little bit more tight than most players and Negreanu in the small blind also a bit tight so you know he does have to face me in the cutoff and I being the big line which makes me not really love this decision but not too bad I now have pocket nines here in the cutoff and I decided I'm gonna flap when you have those middle pocket pairs you generally don't want to be three begging them because of you three met them and you get four bet those hands are in a very dicey spot unless your name is Scott Seaver and you call five bet in flop a set but we're not gonna go down that hand we're gonna talk about this one right here so I excited to fly it with my pocket nines and try and see a flop now Negreanu wakes up in the small blind with queens Anne decides to be raised definitely the standard play the third best hand of the game and he wants to get some value from either Doc's hands or my holding he raises a 550,000 I like his size I think it's a good decision doc Sam lets it go doc Sanz lets it go and now it's back to me in the cutoff now again in pocket nines one of my stronger flats I could have low pairs I could have some sweet of broadway's I could have a handy East Queen or its Jack maybe kitten queen so I can have you know and then of course in suit characters as well like ten nine suited so when I have a hand as strong as pocket nines definitely gonna look to call and play some poker so let's see what the flop is the flop deuce six deuce both like that flop but it's Negreanu holding the hammer sixth time bracelet winner that's 400,000 the one time bracelet winner thinking about it with his over pair to the board he calls the flop comes six deuce deuce rainbow and with the exception of maybe flopping at nine this is as good of a flop as nines can really get no over cards came only a two beats me on the board and those are very unlikely to be raised preflop in the small blind and also if he has a hand like ace king or ace queen he's just bricked and now has over cards so generally speaking when you flat a hand like a middle pocket pair and you flop an over pair you're generally getting ready to just go the distance and hope that your opponent doesn't have one of their good hands now I know that on in general and the grind tends to be a little more on the conservative side compared to most players and so maybe there's some argument that you should be looking to find a full with this hand at some point on the turn of the river that's not really my style when I flop a hand as strong as nines on this board I'm looking to go the distance I mean what worse hands carry what better hands can i really have sure I could have six six I could maybe have ten ten but that's more or less it and you can't only call people down with full houses or your strongest pair so Negreanu bets 400,000 on the flop I like his bet size it makes a lot of sense as a static board generally on boards with less draws who aren't at best more size and then I decide to call and I'm going to play some turns keep in mind I'm not gonna have any raises on the flop because you know I can't really beat aces or kings almost ever I'll say I have sixes so I'm gonna be acting my weaker hands like tens times eight sevens with a ham like six six on the flop by calling so that I can have a few very strong hands my opponent barrels say you look at the turn poke playing it cautiously with good reason that ace may slow them down a little bit both like the flop turn not so much Daniel does check it's poke see an opportunity he's reaching and that is 200,000 I don't understand the game of poker anymore lot you never understood the game of poker good for you with a call for that price he can't go anywhere the turn is probably the most interesting street in this hand and it has almost no action involved in it the ground checks in a turn ace and I aside to bet 200000 to a pot of roughly 2 million now in retrospect I would have liked to bet a little more like 300,000 I like the very small bet but I think I should have used a slightly bigger size but the question I get asked a lot about this hand is why did you bet so small so here's what I'm basically saying on the turn when I put when Negara checks a turn ace he's gonna have a lot of hands that are like kings queens jacks tens king queen king jack maybe a hand like seven six two six five suited that 3bet preflop and other than that he's gonna mainly have air you know maybe I ever had something like nine eight suited he's not too often gonna have an ace a lot of those hands are gonna bet the turn or maybe even check the flop so generally speaking in this spot he has air or some of these pairs now when he checks to me I want us to just pretend we don't have nines for a moment I want us just to pretend we have all of the hands I can have there well I can have hands like ace Queen that open prevailed and call it three bet is Jack that open for you I'll call or so they call I meant to say call raise and then call three bet on both of those okay I think they had like a stench suited ace nine suited as well as a couple hands like six six right so I'm going to have some hands that will certainly beat hands like kings queens and Jack's also my opponent checks the turn I don't think he's frequently gonna have hands like ace king or ace queen those hands are gonna realize on the turn they're almost always good and continue to barrel so I think my opponent is gonna have a lot of pairs that are kind of upset the turns an ace or hands with a lot of equity like king queen king Jack Queen Jack etc so I decide to do on the turn is use a very small bet size with every single hand I can have here and I know that maybe that's not the best play for all hands and specifically with a hand like nines it might even be one of the worst hands to pick to bet with but let's just think about what happens with his range when I decide to make this bet he can't really check raise me frequently here because his strong hands are generally betting maybe it could check raise a hand like aces but he can't really check raise many hands for value and so he also can't really check raise many Bluffs maybe as I start check raising a ton of Bluffs well yeah sure with nines I'm in a tough spot and I'll probably fold but if I have a squeen or ace jack I'm just gonna be calling him down and I could also still have a hand like six six so when he has a hand like kings through tens that beat nines I'm kind of setting a price here where he's only gonna make a very small amount more on those hands where if I check any bets River I'm gonna pass bigger bet so I saved myself some money with nines I make him have a really tough spot with a hand like King Jack you know what does he do does he have the equity maybe maybe not it's very close for this size he probably does which is probably why he needs to be more like 300,000 but you put those pairs in a spot they can't value bet you put those high cards in a spot where they don't know where they should check or not and really you make his entire range you know it kinda just have to call and then check the river and hope to get through you know so or hope to improve in those high in those high card hands so with this bet you take away his ability to raise you take aways ability to bet through ever you take away his ability to Bluff that line you force him off some equity with some some connected hands that might you know want to see a river in pair but now that they can't really call because the pot and you know I guess good hands they've so little equity and you force him to kind of play your game where he's gonna check to on the river and then you can decide what you want to do now what I would probably do is I'd probably pick a few hands to bluff with like maybe King Queen of Hearts or something where I don't have a pair I don't have that much showdown value and I could have a hand like an ace or six six and then also be able to bet the river for value when I do have a hand like an ace or six six so this turn bet is really just to set up the ability for us to play the river in a way where we take away that opponent's ability to play their range in a way that involves bets by betting on a card that does have an advantage for us in position let's take a look at the river river card six of diamonds double pairs the board daniel is best with Queens up he checks pulp checks daniel turns over the best hand and will take the pot smooth sailing for Negreanu here at the big one for one drop the river is a six that double pairs the board now the grinder checks to me and I check it back with my showdown value with my pocket nines of course they're not good but still if he has a hand like king queen or king Jack or queen Jack that had to call the turn facing my small bet I could still win against those holdings it's also not totally impossible II as a hand like eights although I think generally that hands gonna be calling preflop now just because we lost this hand we stole should take away some of the benefits of what happened my opponent didn't get to make a large bed in there before value with a hand like a weak ace or hand like kings and said he had the check and I got to show my hand down so I lost less money than I might have against a hand like Queens you can't always look at things in poker like did I win and lose you have to think about all of the hands you can have in your range and make decisions based on that but I wonder what Scott Seiver has to say about the whole thing Daniel Negreanu up to nearly 5 million now good for 11th place presently Wow so much clapping for Neutron is I'm lovely guys you didn't make a great play that would make a great play and maybe they'll close Gabe Gabe you know any good plays I'm not trying to get a cheap showdown when your hand is never good anyways the Emmy goes to when her hand is never good anyways [Applause] thank you for joining us here for poker hands today if you're interested in 10 to 20 seconds of Poker tips every day you can add me on instagram doug poke poker for my poker tip of the day so i like deciding to go with a bigger bet size but i'm not a big fan of betting 2x2 the pot i think somewhere between 600 and 800 would be a better size will make a little more sense when you bet so big he starts to force all of these draws out of the pot that he wants to call and get value from so
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Reddit Comments

Love the end bit, lol. Scott does seem like kind of a douche; makes watching this hand so much more fun.

👍︎︎ 58 👤︎︎ u/JakeAndJavis 📅︎︎ Oct 17 2016 🗫︎ replies

Worth the watch for last minute, LOL

I really thought that 200k bet was a bit fishy but it worked out just the way he envisioned, if turn went check check Negreanu for sure would have value bet and get called, pretty sick line from dougy fresh

👍︎︎ 29 👤︎︎ u/Hardaek 📅︎︎ Oct 17 2016 🗫︎ replies

Doug is better at poker than me.

That said, I think he's significantly underestimating Negreanu's range here. He 3 bet (one the larger side) from the SB against a hijack open and cutoff call.

If his range does include a lot of non-paired and non-ace hands then Doug's line is great, but does it? I've watched Dnegs a fair amount and I wouldn't think so. I'd be surprised to see him turn up with less than KQs, especially against a table this tough where he's not likely to get out of line oop often. So I would think the big majority of his range is pairs >99 and hands which contain an ace...all of which are beating us on the turn.

Doug's line is definitely better than just calling down a river bet, but I wouldn't have a problem checking back turn and folding river.

The turn bet does give him the opportunity to more credibly bluff the river, but he obviously wasn't really planning on that, because the 6 is a fine card to follow through on (Doug has way more 6s in his range than Dnegs) and he insta-checks it down.

So I'm with Seiver there at the end. This play only makes sense if we think Dnegs has a wide SB 3b range, which from what I know about his game...he doesn't.

👍︎︎ 13 👤︎︎ u/SUpirate 📅︎︎ Oct 17 2016 🗫︎ replies

Woah, that bet WAS...insane.

So much that the caps in the title should be even bigger I think.

👍︎︎ 4 👤︎︎ u/killing4pizza 📅︎︎ Oct 18 2016 🗫︎ replies

So in summary is the idea that making a ~10% of pot bet in order to buy a free showdown as long as you think you then have >10% showdown value a good play? I guess mathematically that makes sense to me. However does 99 really have >10% showdown value here? I feel like 99 is behind all of Daniels range here.

I like the idea I guess but I'm really hard pressed to find a situation where that theory is applicable. Can someone offer a different example?

👍︎︎ 1 👤︎︎ u/[deleted] 📅︎︎ Oct 18 2016 🗫︎ replies
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