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i guess social security schemers are still at it let's have some fun [Music] social security administration this is kevin parker how much history calls today i don't know i got a call from you guys and so i'm calling you back sorry i got a call from you and i'm calling you back do you have any idea what the call was regarding yeah they said something about my social security number being suspended all right did you receive any case file id regarding the call no i don't believe so do you receive any voicemail did you speak to any officer before no i didn't alright help me out is the poster the last name let me check my system for it yes it's danny chasko and danny is having d-a-w-n-n-y yes can you spell your last name for me danny chasco c-h-a-s-k-o and can you verify me a social security number danny sure it's uh five five three nine six zero one eight one all right and danny uh do you have any idea what the scholars regarding yeah it was something about my social security number being suspended all right danny could you verify me uh can you tell me where has been your social security number registered i was i think it was right here in new york i don't know it was pretty young when i did it i don't know i hear that it was uh issued to you in california oh it might have been california i lived in california a good part of my life i just thought it was here all right and which year was it to shoot i don't know i was young danny can you help me out with your zip code sure you want my address to or just my zip code just is it good okay i didn't know if you wanted one two nine four six danny you do not know where your social security number registered are you sure that you have given me the right to subscribe your number um i don't see any reason to give you a wrong social security number of course that's my social security number all right give me a moment i just need to cross check the files that you're currently checking through okay danny did you speak to any of the officer from the administration before this call yeah i did who was the officer talking to you i don't know he didn't tell me he probably did say his name i didn't write it down uh do you have a case validated with you i i don't know i don't think he said one we're having trouble hearing each other there's a lot of noise there i couldn't hear him he couldn't hear me all right i get that you do not have the case file id as well with you right right there's so much background noise that we couldn't hear each other he couldn't hear anything i was saying he kept telling me turn my volume up what else but it was on him his volume had to be turned up there's so much noise all i could hear was other people yelling all right you're telling me that you do not have any idea what this call was regarding is that correct no i i do have an idea it's to do with my social security number being suspended that's what the message originally said and danny tell me how important is it that you need this social security number not to be suspended is it something like that what is it important for you that your social security number doesn't get suspended of course it is important that it doesn't get suspended how will i rent a car if i uh don't have a social security number and are you planning to rent a car no i've got one but if i if i didn't need to rent one i've already got one though all right danny tell me do you know what's happening under your sources right now yes yes i do it's being suspended and do you know why is it being suspended because the person on the telephone said it was that's why danny this call was that was pleased to you was regarding a few law enforcement actions against your name and your social security number we have received a few fraudulent activities and under your name and your social security number in the state of texas and in the field of georgia do you have any idea about this case file that i'm going to talk to you about i do not all right uh danny tell me have you ever been to the state of texas or have you ever been to the state of georgia before yes i have uh when was the last time that you had been to any of the states i don't know um i've been to georgia probably last year before this stuff that's been going on in the world and texas i was there i don't know 10 years ago 20 years ago this summer's in there i don't know exactly it's been a long time i had business to take care of and i did all right what kind of a business what kind of a business do you have it's it's to do with christmas i take care of things for christmas like well sometimes i get a deal with things you know i don't want to get into that it's i get stressed out over that i don't want to get into that it's christmas oriented danny what i'm gonna talk to you about is there are two legal charges placed under your name right now the first charges of drug trafficking the second charges of money laundering and those are very serious allegations that are pressed under your name do you have to say anything about this allegation that officially your name um it wasn't me and are you suspecting anyone no do not suspect anyone no i don't suspect anyone people don't normally dare do anything to me why people don't dare to do anything to you and why is that well because legal charges you know they'll have to face consequences and are you sure that you can take care of those legal charges yourself i don't no i don't know the legal charges that you're saying i have i i don't know i'm just saying if anybody does anything to me i bring it brings consequences if you do something to anybody it brings consequences it totally does and right now what a consequence that i can see is because of those two legal actions two legal charges that are pressed under your name right now we also have an arrest warrant issued under your name which is on hold so once again i want to ask you do you do you want to say anything about this case um i like to know what it's about i like to know what legal charges you have on me all right let me go ahead and disclose the case file first of all let me go ahead and read you the case file that i have in my system right now what i'll expect from you is while i'm reading you the case file you do not interrupt me once i'm done reading it i'll give you a fair enough chance to talk about the case file is that okay that sounds fair all right also let me go ahead and tell you about this call line that we're currently talking it's been recorded and monitored by a few law enforcement agencies to make sure that whatever you commit or say on this line should be honest and true was that okay with you yeah yeah i shouldn't lie about things that's what you're morally saying right tell the truth i get that yes so moving ahead with the case file planning the investigation has started under your name and your social security number in the last month when a few of our marshals have recovered an abandoned car in the south border of georgia the maker model of the car the red toyota camry with license plate number ga4658 on investigation of this car the marshals have found out that this car was rented under your name and your social security number with two different addresses linked to it one address was from the state of texas the second was from the state of georgia that is from the state of texas are rated by the u.s marshal and the fbi unfortunately they haven't found anyone at the residence but all they found was 25 pounds of cocaine which is an abusive drug along with the 25 pounds of token they have recovered a few banking documents a lot of your banking institutes which includes bank of america wells fargo case bank your flag td bank and all these bank accounts are registered under your name and your social security number for the investigation of this bank accounts we have also found out that more than 97 thousands of dollars were wired to these accounts locally and internationally now for trafficking areas like mexico and colombia so right now danny your name is under federal investigation in the state of georgia with two criminal charges question your name the first charges of money laundering the second charges of drug trafficking and due to this you'll be held for nine years of non-valuable deal and the penalty should be around 70 to 80 000 now danny tell me do you have anything to say about this case file that i just read to you i don't understand a lot of it was the part that you didn't understand i don't know what money laundering is for one thing what does that mean money laundering is something whether then someone else uses another bank account to launder money to different states maybe local or maybe international there are different bank accounts that have been open under your name and someone else is using it to transfer money oh what about drug trafficking what does that mean is that like when when drugs go across the border and they don't stop for stop signs or something are you involved in something like that um no no no no right so now i believe that you know what drug trafficking is right not really you can explain it i was just guessing and how could you all right what did you what what did you get tell me that that it's something to do with drugs you know uh not stopping at stop signs or not yielding the right away all right so go ahead danny tell me do you have anything to say about the case file id do you have any idea about the car that was rented i don't have a case id you can tell me a case id number do you have anything you say about the retailer that was rented under your name i don't have that i don't them vehicles that you said i don't own them vehicles i have i do have a toyota but it's a suv it's a toyota 4runner and tell me what type of driver's license do you have it's just a regular driver's license all right i get that so first of all danny make a note of my batch id my batch id is ssi 271019 what do i need that for you need it i need it you need oh okay so that's in like social security administration okay ssa271019 i was pushing my luck all the way through this well these guys are fun today they're gullible so friends like and subscribe to papa monkey's channel and stay tuned you
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