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Design a hammock that also functions as fashion. Look at that front view side view hammock look What's going on guys. welcome to dope or nope, the channel which we rate products and Anything else we can find a dope or a nope? And you know what today we're doing something a little unique This is all Tanner's idea props to him these guys. It's my fault. That's not what I was saying. I think it's a cool idea But,what we're gonna be doing here is we're gonna be hiring 10 different Fiverr artists. Alright so, if you're not familiar with fire fiber is a site where it used to be you could do Anything or you can ask any service of a person that they have listed for five dollars. But now they've expanded it can go anywhere to like thousands of dollars. I just saw like two thousand five hundred dollars for something We're not gonna spend that much. But what we're gonna be doing is they're gonna be doing a comparison between cheep artists versus expensive artists,to see if there's actually difference. So, we're gonna be looking at five different types of artists. Some of the artists are illustrators product designers painters. Photoshop. Photoshop. Cartoonist. Cartoonists. I in fashion and fashion, so I didn't forget that. so,the first step is just to hire the people and tell them what we want and we're gonna randomly generate what we want and then the second step which will Intercut with everything is when we actually get the projects that they create so I'm looking forward to that. So let's begin the first thing we're gonna be doing today we got this site here called proto bot and what we're gonna do is we're gonna randomize Something that they are supposed to illustrate for us and then we're gonna give it to both the cheap and the expensive ones. So,let's randomized design a disco ball that makes you feel old. they're gonna be like, like. What's good about this being very vague is this is literally this whole website was developed for designers to practice on. Oh, really? Yeah, so designers have to constantly develop things and like to create things then no one would need and try to make them useful. Okay. Okay, I get it. Okay, so we're gonna go with it then design a disco ball that makes you feel old. Alright, so our first designer here is Louie's mo3. And we got $10. We literally got $10 for what do we we get one figure and we get high-resolution. So ,here's some of his examples I'm assuming these are probable. He's probably showcasing the premium ones. This is what we'll be paying for So premium seventy five dollars standard 35 we're paying for basic. All right. So ,again, this is basic from a designer who is probably well capable of doing the expensive one. But let's see what cheap gets us, you know, my biggest issue too with so many people is that they think time is free, you know, I mean. So when they see like a really talented artist, they'll be like, hey, listen, can you like do this for me? Like it's not gonna cost you anything. You could just do it. You're good at it like, no. Shut up. They're good at it because they spent countless hours doing it and getting good at it. So don't ask for things for free. Okay, cringy. So let's do it continue ten dollars. Here we go. I'm straight-up gonna just copy and paste. I feel like such a jerk though, Okay. This guy's working for ten bucks to designs on my I'm being such a jerk right now. Okay. So design a disco ball that makes you feel old. I don't really have an idea for this. This is all I really need go wild baby. I'll take whatever you make first. Yeah, sorry not trying to be a jerk, but I am paying you. Start over. Why did I click start over? No start. No just start order Oh Design a pair of glasses that make old people see well two weeks they do Alright, here we are. You can see I look different. I'm older couple weeks. Alright, let's look at what this guy made here and it's labeled. Disco ball. Disco ball one. So, why does this make me feel old I'm not getting the old vibe from this but maybe he was just thinking okay. It's a disco ball. If you look at it, since they don't really like they're not a thing anymore. It's gonna make you feel old. It's not a bad disco ball. I'll be honest. It's not he's also the cheap the the cheap version that we went with I'm not getting real old wise from this disco ball, but in his defense. He's just like, I'm just gonna give these idiots a disco ball if I was him. I probably would have done the same thing and just put like zombies underneath. It's just like oh this is you you're dead because you're from the 70's So how much do we pay Luis again? $34 so, for $34, he just kind of he Illustrated a disco ball, which he hand Illustrated. Yeah. I'll say DOPE. It doesn't make me feel old, but that was only 34 bucks. So, if you want, you know some really cheap illustrations that are decent. There you go. Alright. Now we're gonna move on. To the Expensive one, okay. I will do illustrations of any kind illustration standard quality or should we go to premium we can go premium if you want. It's only like 30 bucks more premium illustration. Alright. This includes one illustration with detailed characters and a detailed background three figures source file high resolution all that good stuff. Let's see some of their examples. That's cool. That's insane. That's really cool. This is legit really cool. That's all the possibility you could use this for your book, or I can just hire like ,Lavon's who is incredible at it. Yeah, and he works here, Lavon's is the Resident graphic artist here at hi-5 Studios. He's killer. He's amazing one hundred and fifty dollars continue. I'm literally copying and pasting the exact same thing that I said to the previous designer start order two weeks. so, the more expensive side of this by Mayotte Ten is the same thing. We paid a hundred and fifty seven dollars for a disco ball. That's gonna make you feel old. So what does this look like? It just looks trippy. Again, I'm not getting the old by but is that not a beautiful? Really? It's kind of cool dude. Like again, I think these artists are like, I don't know what these guys ,want. But I'm gonna give him a really dope disco ball. Yeah, I think he went for like, the In-space kind of like like you're transported back in time kind of vibe. Mm-hmm. Honestly, I love the style. I love the color palette. I think it's an awesome. Disco ball straight up Mike. I would heart this seller. So, I guess that means a DOPE. Yeah, that fiddles ago. Those they both did. Well, they're both dopes off to a good start, so, next thing we're gonna be doing two different designers cheap versus expensive on cartoon. All right. So what's cheap what's expensive? What's that gonna get you? And guess what? We're gonna do the same thing. We're gonna we're gonna go to proto bot and randomized design a treadmill that changes based on your location what I kind of like That doesn't make any sense treadmills. Don't move. That's what's the best part about it. It's a real trippy one, isn't it? This is gonna make a big you know, all right, I'm doing it. Alright. So ,the first one is Jan Michael, I will illustrate anything that you like me to do. So, let's see some of his ampuls here got a little samurai there. Okay want to play a little bird. There's a dinosaur There's a little badger or a sloth. No, it's a badger with like a fireman badger Okay, so he's used to doing random things. But can he do a treadmill that changes depending on where you want? I don't know? we're gonna have to find out this is gonna be the cheap one as you can see we're gonna do basic here for $15 we're gonna get one figure high resolution commercial use. That's all we can do bada-bing Boom. We're gonna continue design a treadmill that changes based on your location. I know that is a bit of a weird request. But, I truly want to see what's in your head. It's quite a paradox if you think about it start over Order ah Weeks later. So yeah ,now we're in the car tuners jan-michael And we've asked jan-michael to do the treadmill design a treadmill that changes based on your location. Okay. Here we go. So, how does it change based on your location like are we missing something. like, I Straight-up think maybe the design is maybe this is gonna be a thing throughout but maybe the designers are like that's too difficult I'm just gonna give these kids a treadmill maybe a lot of them really like the Freedom that we gave them someone were like, they didn't want the freedom. They literally just kept asking me questions. What do you mean? What do you mean? What do I look? Okay. Alright. Looks like I'm doing all the work here, If you're working with a graphic designer, it just depends on the graphic designer, you know. Some graphic designers need a lot of specificity because they want to make sure they get it Right and other graphic designers are like cool. I'm just gonna have fun with it. This was only $17 though. So I'll say that's a pretty good treadmill. I'll give it a DOPE. What do you guys think down in the comments below now? We move on to the expensive illustrator .completely different illustrator This person is Vlad de Mario's wladim Matias. Look at these. This one's super cool. Look at that one. I like all the shading really cool makes it look like that in depth like 3d kind of texture. That's cool. This guy charges $2,500 Wow, so, we're gonna just do a basic I'm not gonna spend that much money on this dumb design. No, offense Tanner. Continued to be fair as always. I'm just gonna literally copy and paste this start order. We do the next cartoonist. We did Vlad Maris canceled. They canceled the order. He was like I'm not doing it. So ,we got a new one and this new one is there we go I will illustrate anime and cartoon anything and this is Holly. So ,we asked them to do the exact same thing 126 bucks. This one's the expensive one. Alright, here we go. Okay, so, that's cool. No this came out great. Actually, this is really cool. Look, at the background dude, it goes from birth, to death. And she's on a treadmill running and her life's just running by her. Man, this is D. Oh my word. She asked for a lot of help, but she killed it like this. She absolutely killed it. See, that's why that's why as like a more professional artist. We'll probably it just depends. You know It just depends but I would assume a more professional artist is like, I need more details if I'm gonna make something that you like You and I mean, but like look at that. That's wild they designed a treadmill that changes based on locations, dude this is like I feel like I'm touched. This is like you're running through life man, dude. That's wild. Look at that That's a definite doe that just set the bar a lot higher. So I've been throwing out dopes, but then again we did pay her 126 dollars versus 17 dollars so you get what you pay for, right? Again, going back to that same conversation of people that are like have you seen that like spider-man meme Robert? Can you throw that up? Whereas someone's like? Okay, this spider-man that I drew takes me ten minutes this took me one minute and this took me 10 seconds And so that's the thing. It's like when you don't pay someone a lot. They can't spend enough time on it They got a feed, you know, yeah, I've got to pay the bill got now really, right? Yeah, exactly So that's you know, some does something to keep in mind if you're ever like employing artists, okay? So the next one's gonna be very very interesting. We are doing 3d product design All right. So two different designers one cheaper one more expensive Okay, so we're literally going to have someone design the weirdest product that you can possibly think of Let's do it right now. Randomize does a xylophone for long? What probably have you so irritated what I obeyed by that design a hammock that also functions as well This is so good. They're not clothing designers the product designers hear me out. Maybe we find two other clothing designer Okay, so that's what we're doing. We just we just decided design a hammock that also functions as Fashion. So the first person we're looking at we're gonna do the cheap one Which is I will design any fashion designs by sangra kara as you can see These are some of their designs super interesting super bold super class a super Avant-garde I Met Gala ain't ready for this. I think this is still a little lower than Beck della I know it's weird, but I need this I Really want to go to the mountains But only bring what's on my back like there's no other explanation for this this weirdness Okay, start over start over start over start over. Ah, my brain two weeks later. And this was $27. All right $27. So here we go There's like a plan, I'm like how to make it. Hi, here's your delivery. It is the most difficult task that I ever did Can we give her a tip? Oh, yeah, we good. Oh, it's so important to me as a worker for my ratings Thank you. Have a nice day. That's a while. Let's do the final look. Wow, that's wild Okay, so it comes out and this could be used as a tent. Look at that She literally explains how to fold them a legend. So that's how it looks It's like a shirt these two buttonholes ad with body measurements. Same color button for same color buttonhole Okay, I see so that's how you you're you're wearing it those two holes on the top There's our arm holes and then you connect the the appropriate color to each other Like that's a buttonhole and that's a button over there. I like that. She really thought this out. She really oh my word She thought this out Design holy Just to make a hammock you can wear but like did we all just together invent something like epic or what? No, I think we're just the idea guys, and she actually keep it Yeah executions way harder than ideas So I'm gonna have to say that's an absolute dope go check her out If you if you want like fashion sang acara one, that's dope. Absolutely late. Its latest now the expensive one $150 pretty kooky. I will illustrate awesome fashion designs bold. Chic Wow, that's kind of cool though one hundred and fifty dollars. Here you go Just stupid This one by March or Rondon was one hundred fifty seven dollars. Alright, so here we go I'm sending here your custom hammock fashion bag design and a bonus gift video with a small prototype. What right? That's awesome of how it works in a hammock bag The idea is that your you'll be able to just go with this bag and carry nothing else I made a pocket in front and both side to put water bottle or liquid bottles You have three views front side and inside also the hammock hanging for you be able to see where will be the bag I'm not sure what that means. I hope you love it If you need to change something just click request a modification and I'll do changes. Here we go Look at that front view side view hammock This is something people would actually use straight up like this video if you feel like this is an actual good product Oh my word. Look at that. That's wild. That's so crazy. So this this video is is like an example I think no she made it. My jaw is dropped, bro She's straight up like sewed something together and made it Holy Molding it up. This is unreal, not only that your bags off the ground, too You know, like if you you can kind of reach into it when you're on the hammock Maybe I don't know you'd have to test it. Look at how cool. Oh, yeah, made it. She slayed it And she made a video she had like she made a doper dope style to camera facing down. Oh my word I Can't dude, this is so good. I love people dude. They're so freakin creative That's the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life Give this a like if you want to see this as a series on this channel 160 bucks still a lot But like she made it No, that's not a lot for what she like no, that's not a lot for what we paid for All right what she did and and what we paid like no for sure She gave us way more value. That's wild a hundred percent dough. That's absolutely kooky So now we're still gonna go back to the product design we just got inspired and wanted to do fashion design and let's go back to proto bhatt and like Randomize this puppy design a chain saw that requires at least 500 My good designer chain saw that requires at least five people to use goofy alright So first designer here is going to be Dario Kabri a tall Cabrio cap about whatever I will do basic 3d modeling and SolidWorks blueprints and rendering we'll see We'll see. Let's see what they've done here. That's basic. This is cool I'm trying to make what you want to moderate the cost is cheaper because I'm a student and I want to make money to the School question everything you want to know about it. I will model do anything you want. You're helping a student. Okay, cool So clearly English not your first language, but you're trying to make it happen. And I appreciate that. I appreciate that So I'm going to employ you my goods are about five dollars. That's it. Oh my gosh. I feel bad. I'll give another five dollars We're gonna do 10 the list, okay copy I'm pasting that puppy I want a really heavy-duty chain saw one that can cut through Anything on the planet? Feel like such a jerk It doesn't have to be real just have some fun with this think video game And submit weeks later. Okay. So design a chainsaw that requires at least five people to use Okay, seven dollars we paid for this like that's not my price. That's his price You know, I mean like I feel bad paying someone seven dollars to do this. Oh, let's find out. Okay, I see it I see it So there's like seven people and they all have to like go on each side of it and they're all just like movie is that it look small to scale because there's nothing to reference but Yeah, put a little person like right here Robert like seven people. They're just random pngs of people yeah, that's the size of this chainsaw like Seven dollars though. Yeah, and he designed the whole thing. Alright, I'll say that's a joke for $7 $7.99 a no he might say no. He might be like, you ain't worth my time child. Yeah, it means nothing we're troll Okay. Okay. This guy looks legit. I'm not gonna lie. I want to see more of his work though to be honest with you Look at some of these it's like speed boats and stuff. Look how cool that is a different person. Oh wow No, this is him. That's him through a different business. He does photorealistic rendering - oh wow guys talented thousand dollars. Mmm I'm sorry, I'm gonna go back. Okay, so let's just let's just do it. Continue. All right, here's what I'm gonna do dog I'm just literally gonna copy and paste that's it start order The guy that we just looked at Clem Mia's emo cancelled So we found a new one and this new one Manny sy 23. Look at these models. He's got some examples here We asked him to do the exact same Thing a chainsaw that a lot of people and use okay. So this one is two hundred and twenty dollars we paid for this Yeah, big bucks here. And he said ,here's the chainsaw finished I had great fun being creative and designing a chainsaw for five people to use. It was quite difficult, dude. He wrote like a little essay here. It was quite difficult to design that no, kidding. Just trying to come up with five functions or five operators. It's challenging. He had five different functions, but, With more time. I'm sure he could come up with something more whacky I have attached to the rendus for you And I'm pleased to be hearing back from you. Oh. My gosh, okay, here we go. There we go. So ,here's here's like a giant chainsaw and you have two people right there. And this these first two people I think are just like ,holding it and they're probably supposed to like, push it back and forth. Then we move in to like, the wide shot. You see like they're all they all have handlebars for this thing. So ,they're all holding it up. They're all holding it up. And then we have like, other operations and buttons up here, too. So let's take a let's take a peek. Okay? Yeah blade position Horizontal vertical,so.There's a little switch that'll change the blade to go like this. That's dope Okay, so we have an up close shot of the saw. There you go. Yo, that is so clean. That's freaking hilarious, dude. Okay, that's it. Yeah, oh ,wait, wait, if we go back and forth, that's the vertical position and that's a horizontal position of the blade. So ,if you switch the little switch it goes. Oh. My word what are we doing with our lives this guy absolutely killed it? That's a DOPE. Am I being too liberal with these DOPEs? Okay. So ,the next thing to artists Photoshop.And, we're gonna choose what they're gonna do randomized design a nice that is integrated into your airplanes. That's another should I do I can't send that through the internet. Design a pair of pants that responds to voice commands do that. Yeah, they can do that like. a A pair of pants at the mouth, you know, the zipper. Okay, our first guy the cheap one that we're gonna be doing. He does. He has the cheapest one here 15 dollars. I will do a professional Photoshop editing SR Dan PESs. Ik alright, let's take a look at some of his beauties here. Okay, Photoshop editing, and retouching so he's taking all the freckles, off why she looks fine. Someone asked me to do it I guess. Sergio's design studio. It was just like little ones of them. You know, I appreciate it all right design a pair of pants that responds to voice commands I am simply curious. Okay, SR Dan PESs, ik he didn't want to do it when he wasn't interested. So we had to find a new cheap one and it was Lead 22 ,Leo is the new guy that we found, Before, after, okay, so you can see before it was like ,this cool shot and after it was like, no He's on the Raceway, you know, saing before after that's much better before after Wow much better. That's a really cool picture Okay, five dollars, I think so. Let's see how exactly how much we paid we paid $7 for this guy to design a pair of pants that respond to voice commands. Like, what are these people I feel so bad for something goes? Okay. Let's see what you got. Leo says, I just saw your message I didn't really know what you're looking for. So I just went super spontaneous. flexible LED display ,with speakers on the side maybe Forgiving info to the people around, or something like that and on the legs. I put two types that will include all the cables maybe or sensors for your heart rate or those kinds of things you might say. They're more like smart pants or something like that. Okay. I'm already impressed. Look at that. And it's on the butt, too, yeah the speakers as well Wow killed it for seven dollars absolutely destroyed it. Alright, so, let's see what more money gets us. So ,now the expensive one This is a hundred and fifteen dollars two days and you get two revisions, Included that's pretty low. You know I'm saying by Mohammad shock 731 interesting design any kind of products according to client demand. Thank you. I demand something very specific Continue, I demand to design a pair of pants that responds to voice commands. I'm simply curious in Photoshop, please. Alright. Here we go. So ,the more expensive one Mohammed shock 731 had the same exact prompt. This was a hundred and twenty dollars and he says named Bat Pants. nee sensor in order to measure sound coming from the knee joint compare it with the standard sound to see whether the knee is Okay ,or not. Alright sensor to measure heart beats Bluetooth and WiFi module to connect pants to Smart Watch . another wire spread around the pants to Stimulate muscles ,with small bits of okay these guys this guy's clever. We arguably asked them to do things that aren't even in the description of what we're asking them to do. We're just like hey design this from scratch instead of like repair this photo like what they probably want to be asked boom. Battery you got a battery right here. You got a CPU right there. You got a Bluetooth WiFi module. You got a nice sense that it goes all the way down to the knee that monitors the sound and you got a heart pulls sensor that goes right near there Supraja milk. Okay, so I'm gonna have to say DOPE again.I will have to say Lindo oh my goodness, is that it that's that's it Want to keep going with that dude, I'm like addicted to these dude. Oh, yeah, guys If you want to see this again. please. Give this video like. All the artists are down in the description below if you want to go support them if you want to go Hire them send them some love. I know not everyone can afford crazy designs like this. But if you can these are some designers to go to so that's wow. That's so cool. So this video right here is ten puzzles that look hard, but they're actually pretty easy. So you're gonna want to check that out, you know Maybe make people think you're smart. And this video over here is a video that YouTube thinks you specifically will enjoy. So hope to see you here again hope to do this again. This is pretty dope and we'll see you next time high five.
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