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(Sgt. Felty) Mr. Durden, how are you today, sir? I'm all right, sir. When you consider a neighborhood, Is there something that you're looking for in that neighborhood that would pique your interest? Yes, sir, there are. There are several things, approaching a neighborhood from a criminal perspective, that you look for, key things. First and foremost, I look for settled homes. Because people who are of a socioeconomic status to be able to afford a particular type of home usually have disposable income. Meaning from my perspective that they have jewelry or ready cash, that's available to be taken. Middle-Class homes get hit less with burglaries, just because of that. For me anyway from my perspective. In a neighborhood, I'm looking for well kept homes, yards with really nice fences because if you can afford a ten thousand dollar fence to go around your home and I'm sure the inside of your home is very nice too. The things that will keep me from going into your home like that are easily displayed. A lot of larm systems these days uh they have availability of being wireless the reason they do that is because it's easy for an individual to walk to the outside of a person's home and pull the wires out from the box that goes to the alarm system, that's wired into the telephone system, cut those wires. If you cut the wires even if you do trigger the alarm system, it's not going to send a message to the company. So you don't have to worry about it, but with a cellular system. That's not that's not the case, with a cellular system you have to It's a lot more inclusive, it's hard to get the things that you need to defeat the system. It's really hard to find anybody selling us a cell phone signal blocker. So you know the threat of just having someone having wireless will make me step away from the home. Let me ask you this, people often ask us, well what about dogs? If I have a big dog that barks is that a deterrent? Sometimes it can be especially if they're extremely aggressive, but not always. Dogs can be a deterrent, but if you come to the front door and I knock on your front door and just just for personal knowledge people that have these beautiful see-through front doors that I can see all the way through their house, that I can see from the front of their house to the back of their house, I can look from side to side into their home, if their dogs barking or whatnot and their dogs running around no matter what size of dog, the dog is going to understand that it's not the alpha male of the house, so it's going to run and try and find somebody, if somebody's there. So sometimes the dog can be a telltale sign to me. Sometimes a dog will run and run over to a room and look and run back, and I know that that person's not answering the door, but they're home, because the dog's not going to do that under normal circumstances, unless it's a really really big dog that's really really aggressive. My m-o was, I would disconnect the alarm system, sometimes there would be a dog and sometimes I would go up to the window and put my hand out just to see what the dog would do. If it's an extremely small dog, it's not a deterrent period. But a large dog that's real aggressive, it's going to make me think, do I really want to wrassle with this dog and have to spray him and still risk being bitten by a sprayed dog who's really mad at me? That sometimes can be a deterrent. Let me ask you this on the same neighborhood question. Yes. There's usually two things that come up, the dogs which I think you've covered well, what about a nosy neighbor. If you're going through a neighborhood, and you see someone you know looking out the window at you or maybe they walk out their front door to look at you, is that a deterrent? Oh, most certainly. I applaud the efforts of Neighborhood Watch. Because there have been so many times that I've gone and cased a neighborhood and stayed away from that neighborhood, because it was obvious to me that there were people out walking, that they had the V.I.P program. (Volunteers in Policing) And it makes a lot of difference. It'll totally deter me from even go anywhere near the neighborhood. Really? Yes, sir because I don't want ever to enter into a situation where I'm confronted by anyone. So that's the whole reason of casing the homes. I'm not a home invader who would go in and tie people up. I'm a thief. I'm not proud to say that, but that's what I am. I'm a thief, and I don't want to come in contact with anyone especially someone who can later identify me. Neighborhood Watch programs work. People may say no they don't, or he's been told this, that, the other, but no I'm speaking from my heart. I'm telling you that I went through Allen some some parts of Allen (TX) and saw the V.I.P program and got away from it, some parts of Plano (TX) and got away from it, some parts of Richardson (TX). I didn't go in Richardson because people in Richardson are so aware of who doesn't belong in their neighborhood. You drive down a cul-de-Sac and make a turn around people are watching you. You know. Parts of North Dallas for the same way. V.I.P program does work. Let's talk more specifically now about the house. If you you go through the neighborhood, a particular house draws your attention. What is it about the house that you really want to pay attention to as to whether or not that's a house that you want to go in or pass by? People need to empty their mailboxes. People need to have their neighbors pick their older newspapers up out of lawn. Even if they're not there, for most burglars I won't go in a home that doesn't look manicured because I don't believe the people there have the money to manicure the lawn. Therefore, they don't have expendable income. But if you're in a neighborhood, that's uh median income probably 250,000 between the spouses a year, and the yard, it's not manicured, I just think they're on vacation and I will go to that house. So picking up the mail making sure that your neighbors take care of it. Also like with their trash cans and stuff instead of pulling their trash like on trash day, that's like a big thing you can go through and see who's home and who's not just by the trash being there or not, by driving down the alley and looking. That's a big thing from my perspective. I'm a personal trainer. That's what I did besides crime. I jog a lot. So it would be nothing for me to go through the neighborhood and not be noticed. I mean I have tattoos, but I wear long sleeve shirts that wick moisture, so you really can't see my tattoos. If you stop me my vernacular is not that the common criminal. So with that said I would case neighborhoods on foot by jogging or walking and look at homes. The homes that I'm looking for specifically have mail, specifically have newspapers, they're unkept, to a specific level depending on the neighborhood. The front of the house, I'm looking for alarm systems that I know I can defeat, that aren't wireless. If they're wireless. I'm not even gonna attempt it, I'm not going to waste my time. Because there's going to be a response extremely quick and I was parking my vehicle a mile away, and I can't run a mile in four minutes like some people can. So I would be on the officers radar you know jogging away from the home with valuables. But the front of the house versus the back of the house, the front of the house, I'm looking for visual pathways. What I mean by that is being able to see through the front windows into the home or from the street at that or from the sidewalk rather. And if I notice that there's not very many lights on in the home or any lights on in the home, I'm going to walk up to the front door and knock on the front door versus ringing the doorbell and I'm a knocking knocking knocking till it is just pestering, to make sure nobody's there. But in the process of doing that I'm looking through the glass windows, those really beautiful doors that I mentioned earlier and I'm paying attention to reflections and shadows inside the home. You can't do that when there's lights on in the home. I mean I know that Neighborhood watch tell people you need to keep a light on in your home when you're not there, and that's true, that's a deterrent. But don't put the light on in the front room right by the window. Put the light on in the center of your home where it's not easily seen. Because, you may be, a person maybe occupied with the internet or television or movie or headphones and if I can't see shadows coming from that light it makes me wary. And I don't do nighttime burglars. I do daytime burglaries, but you can still see into a person's home and see light. It makes me as a burglar wary to go into that home. So that's a really good deterrent, but just not in the front because if you're in the front and I can look and see your light source and I can look at the light and knock on your door and nobody comes and then I know they just turned a light on, because they're not home. Right. Yeah. (Felty) Makes sense. Right. Do you look uh, does it have anything to do if there's vehicles in the driveway or in the garage? Yes, sir. I've spoken with a detective about that particularly. If I see a vehicle parked in the driveway or in front of the home, I'm most certainly not going in there. It's a waste of my time. Why would I do that when people that aren't home generally don't park their cars in front of their homes and as I said I didn't want to come to contact with anyone. Yeah, that's a major deterrent. Also there's there's small appliances that people can buy that are timers. They can turn the lights off and on they can turn a stereo off and on they can turn a television off and on they can turn a Pre-recorded noise of your choice your voice your dog barking Any of that on? That's a very good device. It's very useful because if I come to your door, and I knock on your door, and it has a An ultrasound or sonic whatever it's called a detector on it and it sets it off when you knock on the door, "who is it?" Right. I'm like well lots of times. I'll walk away from the door before anybody even gets there because I don't want to be seen So it would deter me from actually going to that home. I know you say you want to look to see you know across the house from the phone Yes, there once you feel comfortable that there's not a dog in the house, and there's nobody home. What's your next step in the process? I'm looking for registration to the city for their alarm I'm looking for their permits, which will be stuck around their front door on the glass 90% of time or one of their front windows That permit tells me that their alarm system is up to date and that it is connected directly Not through a company, but directly to a police station So if I make any error in my judgment of what I'm doing that alarm goes off there's going to be officers there almost immediately That will deter me because just so many other people that are homeowners Get that first year of alarm system for free And then don't never pay on it again because they figure I'll never get my house broken into and they do. (Felty) At some point You're going to you're going to transition from the front of the house to the rear of the house Yes, sir. It when you do that. How do you? approach from the rear without drawing undue attention to your approach? Hmm Sometimes I'll jog a street over and look through a cut through several houses up and then jog down the alley and already have counted how many houses it is down the alley and I'll look to see whether or not they have their fence locked And if they do, I'll just climb the fence I'll flip over the fence So do it as speedily as I can so that people don't see me but that's always a thing if you have neighborhood watch and People are aware of what's going on around them if I'm going down the alley and I see anybody That's a deterrent. I'm not even going to that house that I just cased that I know nobody's home Because this person may have seen me. I would go jog back to my vehicle and drive to a totally different area because of that. It's very hard to get around neighborhood watch. It's excessively uh straining to try and outmaneuver them. I was jogging through I'm not going to name the neighborhood, but I was jogging through a neighborhood And I really became aware that there was neighborhood watch And they didn't know me So they were looking at me because they're out there every day and they know their neighbors and they on their street And as I was jogging through I was like well, that's neighborhood watch they're watching me right so they didn't make it obvious But I knew who it was and so I jog jog down another street, and I saw the same person again and I said well, they're watching you so I need to leave I would most certainly spend hours out casing and preparing beforehand walking those alleys Being seen people could look out the window and see me four or five times in the same alley in the day And become suspicious of that and call the police Tell him hey this guy's been in my alley three times a day. He doesn't live over here. Now that would deter me that would have killed everything that I was doing all the hours that I had invested into getting acquainted with that area and You know nobody did. (Felty) From your experience. There's still a lot of people that don't pay Sufficient attention to what's going on in their neighborhood? Most people in the neighborhoods cul-de-sacs. Yes, because I mean it's inevitable that you see everybody every day in a cul-de-Sac but in a linear street design no you don't know who your neighbors are for the most part five houses down on their side of the street so a Housewarming Party's getting together for neighborhood watch passing out flyers to get to know each other meeting at the parks and Being acquainted with each other as a society so that you know the people around you so that your children are protected Because I'm just a burglar. Thank how many pedophiles do what I do think about that and right now where I'm incarcerated at there's a lot of pedophiles, and I listen to what they say yeah I was in this neighborhood over here walking around. I was at the park over here so It may not just be that guy white guy who's properly spoken, that's jogging It looks like he's really jogging he may not just be a burglar. He may be a murderer a rapist a pedophile People need to know that it's okay and call the police on somebody they don't know that's in their neighborhood because I was in a lot of neighborhoods and had no business being there and It's really really important that people get to know each other and it's really good foundation of protecting your home is awareness of who's around you right? Yeah, and so People need to get out and meet each other more in the neighborhoods but yeah that's a big thing there's somebody (Felty) Don't be afraid I think what I'm hearing you say too is don't be afraid to report a Suspicious person or a suspicious vehicle? (Exactly) maybe both? I've seen the guy on foot, and I've seen him in the vehicle same guy Something's up (Durden) Right he drove by looked and then ten minutes later. I seen him jog by and go to the door What was that about [yeah], right? sometimes I would drive my vehicle because like I'm 43 and my knees act up sometimes so I would drive my vehicle to go knock on doors at people's homes And if you know that you've never seen me at that home before and I'm beating the door down I'm literally loudly knocking on the door You know it's okay to call over there if you know and say hey, are you home if not? Then why is this guy doing that then you see me ten minutes later walking down the street, right? Same guy same clothes (Felty) So if you were I mean a guy that's knocking on a door loudly During the middle of the morning or middle of the afternoon that could be step one of a burglary in progress. (Durden) Yes, most definitely Somebody woken up after UPS has dropped off a package to knock on the door That's another thing um you they've got this I was watching on television the other what they were calling package pirates people that follow UPS trucks around and steal the Whatever they drop off That same technique applies for burglars because they know you're not home because the UPS guy is going to call your home And he's gone you were supposed to be there for the delivery and if you're not there, then you're not there, you know Who's nobody scared of the UPS guy with a great big brown truck parked in the front yard, so? If you're not open the door that's telling me that you're not home There's been times that I've broken into homes that people did not answer their door And I ended up in the home two or three steps before I actually heard something and backed out and left or That I've drop the glass window, and I've heard woman say "Oh my God!", and I've left Actually one time a woman hollered to her son and said "Go get the gun!" and I certainly left But people not answering their doors and things like that I can understand why you wouldn't do it but to a burglar if I knock on your door, and you don't answer and I'm really knocking on your door and I mean it to the point of frustration And you still don't answer You know to me. That's like well. They're not home. Well wouldn't it be when it would you recommend to someone? That if that happens there's someone knocking very Aggressively on the door to at least go obviously not open the door, but make verbal contact what do you want? you know, Who are you? Right if it's a woman, and they're worried about an intruder, and they're just trying to stay in the shadows Grab the telephone and pretend like you're on the telephone and come to the door say "just a minute. I'm on the telephone" and To me, that's a deterrent Two reasons number one you're home number two you have communication with someone else so if I am a home invader instead of a burglar that They I mean there's communication there you're with someone else, so if something happens you they have access to the police It's just a smart way around that predicament right there So you would say don't ignore the door don't go make go make verbal contact right? Yeah, even if you're standing ten feet away, and you're like. Yeah, who is it? Oh? Well such-and-such. Well, I don't know you yeah, right, and you stay there. I'm calling police That'll certainly deter anyone that's got evil intent in mind. Now you're at the rear of the house and now you're getting ready to Make your entry. Yes, sir. Is there a particular way that you prefer to make entry into the house? You know some guys like to go through doors some prefer windows some you know is there a certain way that you prefer Yes, sir. There is and for particular reasons homes, these days have those large double pane windows that are not they're not shatter shatter windows those ones that have a Safety glass in them, and they're very loud and if you break a pane of it, it's loud Extremely loud, so I would choose doors that have safety glass and use a center punch to knock out the glass in the window so I'd enter that way because it's a lot quieter and they simply just pull my hoodie up and step through and That would take out a lot a lot of the noise you just basically use your body to go through and it doesn't make enough noise to draw attention, doesn't make enough noise there, but there's also other ways You have those marbled windows for bathrooms that are thin I'm 5 foot 10 I weigh 215 pounds right now You wouldn't think that I'd be able to get through there, but I can the same Theory applies with the glass It doesn't make much noise because it's marble push it in I could grab the molding from the outside of the window And I'm physically strong to pull the molding out step up push my breath out of my chest where I have no inhalation of air and squeeze wiggle through catch my breath on that side ans finish pulling myself through I know those windows are [been] able to be protected by most alarm systems People do not understand how important it is to have a glass Breaking the one that sounds from glass breaking alarm, I call the sonic alarm I don't know. What's true name, but (Felty ) glass sensor type alarm (Durden) glass sensor right, so That will detect that that's one point of entry that a lot of people are like. Oh, well. They can't get through there, right? Yes, you can doggie doors at the back of the home. I went into a home that had a very large dog and it was a large enough doggie door for me to squeeze through and I went went right in there and the alarm system was on and was armed and I walked right up to the front door and looked At it and said well the alarm system is on I can't I've got to go back out through that doggie door So the doggy door gave me instant access to the valuables Also, you have those sliding Windows that are up higher and lots of people think well nobody can get up there, and it's too small of a space but a person that's athletic can get up there and Take the window frame out without a problem and go right through the window without a problem the the best way to protect those Against invasion is with a bar Put a small bar up there that will block the window from be able to open Because if I can just wiggle the window inside the frame I can pull the window out Without very much noise at all from the back part of the house perspective You have some people that have those large oval windows there are over their bathtubs that are stained glass they look like stained glass they're not stained glass they shatter, and they're kind of stringy when they do It's kind of like they've got some material in it for safety reasons to keep it from shattering falling in those windows, right? They're hard to protect except for the glass sensor There's been homes that I knew that there's a glass sensor in and I would go go ahead and take out there they're Calling system the wires for it go in and go ahead and do it anyway, so the cellular is very important But also glass sensor is important the glass sensor for most people even if they do Cut the wires it makes a lot of noise alarm makes a lot of noise People these days aren't willing to pay for outside horns for the alarms and that is ridiculous because if I bust your back window and alarm system goes off. It's not just contained inside your home well I know exactly where to go to unplug the alarm system to cut off the alarm Then I mean this also huge horns outside sound like D-Day. WAAAAA! I'm running. (Felty) Let me ask you this once you are inside. The house. Yes, sir How much time are you comfortable actually spending in the house? You know some people say that? They want to get in and out 60 to 90 seconds seems very fast (Durden) That is very fast What would be more realistic? Five to seven minutes If I go in the house is because I I'm sure that I've defeated the alarm system, and the only thing that I'm worried about is someone coming home I'm not there to steal anything but jewelry and readily available cash which I say only that was somebody's jewelry and cash that I was stealing and It was ridiculous that I was doing that but with that said Five to seven minutes. I can go all the way through your home and know everything that you have pull out every drawer and Even take your safe. (Felty) so being being the target is jewelry in cash. Yes Are you going to hit the master bedroom first? Once you go in you've got to make a choice as to where in the house. You're going to go Yes, sir. Exactly the master bedroom even with two-story homes the master bedroom is generally on the first floor So I What as on casing the home I make a decision about where the master bedroom is by the what I would [consider] that [floorplan] maybe and that [would] be exactly where I would go first [I] Would go through the window at the home First I'm going to the alarm system to see whether or not the alarm systems arms, or whether it's ready Ready lights is confusing a lot of people because you see it say ready, and you're thinking well what's ready for what it's ready to go off, but no, it's ready to be armed, [so] I would go up and look to [see] what it says and see whether or not there was a warning on it for an intrusion [because] some alarm systems are silent and I mean I go look at that alarm to see what kind it is from the inside to see whether or not its cellular Because some people may not put this new signs you are maybe an old sign of Whatnot new signs in the like yard [to] say Wireless will deter [any] [one's] got any brains or Inclusive knowledge of what they're doing about burglarizing because I don't can be it would it be safe to say that a wireless alarm We'll get your card Wireless alarms yes, why there's no defeating them by the time that you can cut the wires outside When you go into [the] home even if they didn't have the glass breaking feature on their home when you do go into the home that there's motion detectors in the home that you did weren't aware of and It goes off. Well you're thinking well, okay, I cut the wires so in a short time later you'll find out differently because the Authors will show up, right? [so] it would save your property to say the least But a person who puts that sign in their yard and at the back of their home It's very important to put signs in the back of their home Because some burglars don't even cased the front of [the] home some burglars. Just jumping backyards. I'm looking windows and if you put that cellular wireless feature there, so the sign like I saw Some name-brand science that now say wireless on they didn't use to Just so people [know] that there's a [cellular] system there and It mean yeah it's a major deterrent because there's there's no point going there and the officers are going to be there in such a short period of time even if you were capable of burglarizing that home within 90 seconds which it's not unless you're Knocking the door down running in there grabbing a jewelry box and running out and most burglars aren't doing that You would have to have Prior knowledge, what's in the home to do something like that? Well, then let me ask you this once you've gone in and you you found everything you're interested in yes in the master bedroom [yes], sir. Is there any other part of the house that you may check or Do you feel like ok I've been here long enough. I'm out of here I want to check the master bedroom because I do it very fast. [I] know what I'm looking for I'm not looking for a bunch of electronics and stuff, so I would go straight to the jewelry I would go straight to the women's [broad] or I'm looking specifically for their jewelry [men] don't really wear a lot of jewelry when to do so I would go to their items first on the I might check the men's to see if he has watches or whatever go into the master bedroom closets because Sometimes [they're] [standup] racks of jewelry racks in there Also, I'm looking in the men's side of the closet for [a] safe and I know that from experience So I go in to [look] for safe Go from there at that time I probably be in the house three minutes and I walk around and [look] for an office because some people keep credit cards [can't] use a credit card To go make cash advances or anything but I can go to Walmart use a credit card and spend six or seven hundred dollars and buy two or three televisions or whatever then sell it on the street or take it wherever and sell it and I mean people really need to pay [attention] to their offices because [I] can go in there and get lots of times people's financial records get their account numbers get the routing numbers if I was into identity theft instead of just being a burglar I'd probably be [in] [a] lot more trouble right now than what I am. I'm in a lot of trouble right now Don't tell that my rear end is smoking from the LMPD and plano PD but with that said people really need to lock away those items because Well, I didn't eft is so difficult to to solve Ryan to clean up right you know you can replace a piece of jewelry Yes, sir. You can replace gold right or cash [put] your records for your records and credit. That's terrible It's tough right as a long process. I see driver's licenses like not even expired sitting there I've seen Passports I've seen social security cards. I mean that all the information [that] I would ever need to do something like that And I never have I never will I'm not I don't plan on doing thing again I'm fixing to go away for a very long time let me ask you this this question comes up often particularly from from from ladies sure if you had a sister or Friend or a relative that would come to you and say you know I've got this nice jewelry And I want to keep it in the house, but I don't know where to keep it. You know everybody says well Don't keep it in the master [bedroom] because that's the first place They'll look Where would you tell people is that is that a? Dependable thing to do to say well you put it here you [can] show up there because most people I mean even in five to seven minutes. I don't have time to case your whole house I don't have time to turn your whole house upside down There are ways of hide your jewelry from people unless. They're just in your house for a very long time But I'll also say this if I go into your home, and you live in a million-dollar home And I go in there, and I look at your jewelry and the only thing out are Kenneth Cole Watches Want to be suspicious, and that's going to make me look right? So you're going to start checking [another] place Yeah, almost look in the frigerator. I'm going to pull all the stuff out the [frigerator] I'm gonna check the barbasol cans no screw down cans all the different things like that if you're Going to hide their jewelry away from some place up a person literally thinking they're going to get burglarized put it in your garage and Mix it in with your toolbox because or in your ceiling. I mean there's there's different ways to do it in your garage Go put in the attic if you're not if you're just storing it away, or if it's like your grandmother's it's rena teri jewelry whatever You'll put it away. You don't need to see it every day, and I'll tell you this heirloom jewelry I stole some and it was I was made aware of some of the items that I took and the value that they had to the people and I was on drugs when I was doing what I was doing, so my morals weren't really great and but when I sobered up, and I started talking to the detectives and things I Remember some of the jewelry specific pieces just because they were unique and I made effort to try and get two detectives back in touch with no specific pieces to the fences So people that have their grandfather's watches Have rings from their mom that passed away put them away. You know because you never know what's going to happen Are you when you're exiting the house? Do you always exit? The same way you entered or how does that come into play if I was successful in getting in the home through that area? Depends on the alarm systems on the alarm system says ready I'll walk out the front door out like I [lived] there but if the alarm systems on I've defeated in found entry into a home anyway, then I'll Pretty much sleeve the way I came Because that I mean, it's a safe exit Did you ever worry that if you go in? And and I know you've you know in the course of committing burglaries You've probably had unexpected things happens, so in other words you go to break a window And it makes a lot more noise than you thought it would as an example Did you ever back off and just say hey? I'm just going to hide somewhere and see what happens sure see if there's a response in other words sure Not necessarily a window But there are alarm systems That [I] wasn't sure whether or not they were cellular and I would cut the wires from the alarm system and then go about my business of entering the home or setting up the end of the home by dropping the window or the back of back glass and Then the alarm would go off I was prepared for it to go off Would step in Go into the home, physically actually I'll go into the home fine with the alarms at not the box in the wall But the actual [Clarion] wherever it makes [a] clarion call BBBb the beeper right it's loud and jump up knock it off the wall and then run out the house, and then [jogged] wherever I'm going and draw back by later Maybe [fifteen] minutes later Because the [bacause] been made about the home of when I drop by the officers to be there right because they're going to call get the alarm system people there you everything sure particularly if they see any type of forced Entry or attempted forced entry [if] you were going to Imagine yourself standing tonight, let's say you were going to speak to a Citizen group a neighborhood watch group, and there's a hundred people there and somebody would say to you Is there anything we can do to our house? So it's not an easy mark. How would you answer a question like that? the easiest thing Keep your windows Shuttered when you're not home, make sure that there's no line of sight To your alarm system from the back door Sometimes I would go up and look into a home and [I] would look to side the door And I would see that hey the alarm system is not here I know they have an alarm system So I would go to the backyard and use my telephone and pull up and pick up my camera and folks at it in where I know the alarm systems got to be and Sit there and move my fingers out which will enlarge the picture and sit there and look at [it] and look at the colors So putting your box where it can't be readily seen When you are me alarm is going to deter some people Doing the shutters going to to deter [some] people doing the lighting in your home It's going to deter some people the box that I'm talking [about] the the timer box That you can buy or just a timer electronic timer to turn Electricity on and off switch throughout your house is really going to deter people Putting a sticker at your front door. It says but that our alarm systems current were plano Pd or Allen Pd or Richardson or Dallas PD and we have a direct link to them? This is our certificate number or whatever right? That's definitely going to be a deterrent because I know that alarm systems fresh and up-to-date which makes me think that the sign that doesn't say It's cellular or wireless. It's just an old sign because the signs know that the stickers No, that's a deterrent so in other words They're taking care of their business [yeah] Exactly keeping up [to] date on their security putting signs in your yard that say Wireless alarm system whether you have [it] or [not] as I was going to deter Probably 80% of Burglars is there anything as far as door hardware or lock hardware? With a solid door be better than a door with glass sure. [I] mean no sir if you That might be a surprise you go around to the rear of a home, and it's a dang solid door So then you're either going to look at a window or you're going to move on move on because the windows make too much noise shorter now one of the things that I looked for Were doors that I could see all the way [through] and I was jog behind and look I'm like oh yeah I can see from the front of house to the back I can see the back bench through their front door so I mean those doors are beautiful and I can understand why people like them, but in a criminal perspective that's an invitation, so If you don't want a person casing your home through your front door when you're not home change your door out or Get a camera and don't mount the camera up in the corner Where I can wear a baseball cap and sunshades Baseball cap and sunshades and look down and still look all in your home And you never know who's at your front door that doesn't deter me because I'm like well. It's not going to see me It's no big deal. Yes. I have tattoos, but I've already stated when I was casing homes or anything illegal. I always wore long sleeves A camera right at Par with the average height about 5 foot 8 Pointing straight out with led lights around it that are lit up Yellow Red or Green not just plain white lights? that's going to be a deterrent people are going to start walking to your home and See that and they're [going] [to] be. Oh [now]. There's no way I'm [not] going up [there] and that you can keep your beautiful glass door like that because that [is] a major to turn knowing that you're on camera and knowing that it's recording and Knowing that you're going to have to search this house probably For an hour to find wherever [they've] stash their video boxes recording all right? Yeah, so I mean it just [may] [be] [a] wireless device now people to look at from those cameras see who's at their home So it's just a major deterrent Having a good set [of] locks having ah Kicker plate on your door the one around the edge or a person just can't readily wedge something in there That steel plate all the [way] around it's almost impossible to defeat You're going to have to try and kick the door [open] and if you've got a nice set of bolts on there dead bolts It's going to make so much noise. If you've got neighborhood watch, they're gonna go "What's going on next door?" So that's a major deterrent Those double plated glass windows I know that people like oh those just like insulation with us and they are But there's a version of them that you can get that when they crack are extremely loud I mean when they crack it this sounds like it. It sounds like a thunder bolt, or it sounds terrible I mean, I could take that center punch and push on that window, and it goes "POW!" really loud. I was like whoa That's how I found out about it the first time I was like well [this door's] not because it was a metal door at the back of a home that I couldn't get through with that center punch I was going to go through the window and So I hit it with the center it's just way too loud made way too much noise made a loud echo loud popping noise So I take it you didn't go in there. No. I didn't that window. Did that door deterred me and that window deterred me Yes, I was like well. This is work that I can find a home that doesn't have this why why risk this, right? Why fight this? um, also Whether you have a hooked up or not having a horn or even Just bogus cameras at the back of your home people will see If I walk by and I see that you have like that Security glass like I'm looking at this right there at the back of your home that little rounded glass thing I'm thinking oh this guy's got high-tech security he may not be advertising it, but he's got [it], and I don't wanna mess with that when I was doing this My morals are really low because of drug use But when I came out [of] the stupor that drugs had me in and I realized the things that I had done No matter what the reasons were I felt a lot of guilt I felt ashamed so thank you for giving me this chance to enlighten the public a little bit and lighten my load a Little bit with God the guilt that I have and I appreciate you sharing with us
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Reddit Comments

"No dear, I'm putting off mowing because it's a theft deterrent!"

👍︎︎ 85 👤︎︎ u/inexplorata 📅︎︎ Nov 28 2018 🗫︎ replies

Is there a TLDW?

👍︎︎ 76 👤︎︎ u/supersuperpartypoope 📅︎︎ Nov 28 2018 🗫︎ replies

Discovery Channel use to have a tv series about this. Dudes would break into a home while the family watches from a tv in a van.

Some things I learned is to never leave tools lying around and houses at the end of streets and hidden with shrubs are the first ones to be hit

👍︎︎ 28 👤︎︎ u/GrassTasteBaaad 📅︎︎ Nov 28 2018 🗫︎ replies

"$10,000 Fence around the yard the house is gonna have more"

SIKE! YOU THOUGHT! Literally just dropped nearly that much on my fence a few years ago when me and my wife moved into our first house.

You might think we'd have some nice stuff but turns out the fence you passed was the nicest part! Unless you want to start peeling away my new roof tiles too lol.

👍︎︎ 46 👤︎︎ u/EtsuRah 📅︎︎ Nov 28 2018 🗫︎ replies

This dude seems like a cop they have posing as a thief.

👍︎︎ 41 👤︎︎ u/Finalist 📅︎︎ Nov 28 2018 🗫︎ replies

I haven't finished the video yet, so I don't know if the officer outright asks, but it is most fascinating to me how someone who is seemingly as charismatic, intelligent, perceptive and capable as this man gets involved in the world of thievery.

I would love to hear why exactly he chose this life over the life of being a Private Investigator, Detective Work, or Law Enforcement as it seems his observation skills would make him very effective for that line of work.

👍︎︎ 6 👤︎︎ u/SmallTownMinds 📅︎︎ Nov 28 2018 🗫︎ replies

"God Damn it ... Someone stole my $10,000 fence.... Son of a bitch....."

👍︎︎ 6 👤︎︎ u/whm1971 📅︎︎ Nov 29 2018 🗫︎ replies

There was a show called it takes a thief where a thief would break into people's houses and show them how to secure them better.

Dogs usually did not deter him. Sometimes just petting the dog no matter the breed stopped them or just throwing food at them.

👍︎︎ 6 👤︎︎ u/crazytr 📅︎︎ Nov 29 2018 🗫︎ replies

Id like to know what this guy says about doorbell cameras of late

👍︎︎ 14 👤︎︎ u/dappermonto 📅︎︎ Nov 28 2018 🗫︎ replies
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