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On June 20th 1987 in the mountains of Ararat Turkey officially recognized the discovery of noah's ark located on a mountainside about 15 miles south of the volcanic Mount Ararat the remains of the massive ship were dedicated during a special ceremony guest of honor was Ron Wyatt due to his 10 years of research at the site the story began in 1957 during the Cold War when aerial photos taken of eastern Turkey while searching for Soviet missile bases revealed a strange boat shaped formation in the mountains about sixty three hundred feet above sea level Life magazine reported on the story after an expedition from the United States went to the site in 1960 blowing holes in the strange formation the members of the team came away with the conclusion that there was nothing there of any archaeological interest Ron Wyatt like many others read the story but he was of the opinion that the site needed further exploration there had been many claims of seeing Noah's Ark on the volcanic Mount Ararat but Ron knew that it was a stratovolcano and he believed that nothing would have been able to survive there he noted the biblical account of the location of the ark and the ark rested in the seventh month on the 17th day of the month upon the mountains of Ararat Erato the biblical Ararat was a large region in eastern Turkey this location was certainly feasible but the factor that captured his interest the most was the length given in the Life magazine story 500 feet most people were looking for a 437 foot Noah's Ark based on the Hebrew cubit but Ron again went to the Bible to learn more and Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians Moses was the author of the Genesis account of the flood he would have known the cubit of the Egyptians the Hebrew cubit didn't come into existence until there was a Hebrew nation after Moses death the Encyclopedia Britannica stated the Egyptian cubit is generally recognized as having been the most ubiquitous or universal standard of linear measurement in the very ancient world the Royal cubit equals twenty point six two inches this would mean Noah's Ark was much longer than four hundred and thirty seven feet seventeen years after the Life magazine article Ron finally made the journey to Turkey when he saw the boat shaped object he saw that it looked just like it did in 1960 and he knew he would need permission to excavate in order to learn anything about what was beneath the surface so he returned home and listed a number of friends to help him pray for an earthquake to reveal more in late 1978 he learned of an earthquake in eastern Turkey and returned in August of 1979 when he arrived he was overwhelmed by what he saw the earthquake had dropped the soil around the object and a large crack extended the entire length he could see what looked to him like the remains of decayed rib timbers along the now exposed sides also he was able to measure the depth of the debris and measure the length it was 515 feet or exactly 300 Royal Egyptian cubits he was now convinced he carefully calmed the surface looking for evidence that it was a shipwreck he saw what he believed were petrified structures of an ancient ship whose deck had collapsed he saw what looked like debt joists and deck support Timbers of particular interest was the fact that the ship appeared to be impaled on a large outcropping of limestone he concluded that this indicated that the ship had slid into the rock from another location before he made his first trip to Turkey he had done an experiment in a nearby lake building mountain configurations out of rocks and floating a boat model by them to see the reaction of the boat he noted that a crescent shape caused the water to pull the boat into the Crescent where the boat remained and gently floated the present location did not fit with the results of that experiment so Ron decided to examine the area above the boat shape the site was in a moving mud flow so he followed the mud flow of the mountainside about a mile and a half up he found a crescent shape of mountains he saw that the mud flow began up here when he arrived near the top of the ridge he found in ancient steely like an ancient billboard which depicted the boat shape the familiar mountain ridge several birds and eight faces within the boat shape clearly this was a reference to the ship of Noah and its eight survivors he noticed a taller mountain peak on the steely that was no longer visible from that location he concluded that it was a small volcano that had erupted long after noah's ark had landed and that it had carried the ship down the mountainside about a mile where it was impaled on the limestone outcropping then covered in lava the lava then encased the ship like a time capsule the volcano then collapsed after expending its lava and was no longer visible he then theorized that as the lava began to decay water seeped in and allowed the remains to be petrified or fossilized by the process called mineral replacement molecule by molecule would be washed away from the remains and replaced by molecules from the objects and substances above it as he examined the area within the crescent shape he found a large section 120 by 40 feet approximately of what appeared to be fossilized wood in the ground he believed this to be the bottom of the ship the original landing site his conclusion was that when the flood waters subsided the ark sank into the muddy earth this held the ship upright then God sent the wind to dry the face of the earth the portion of the ship that sank into the mud was now firmly embedded in the ground many years later when the lava carried the ship down the mountain the main body of the ship was ripped loose only this section remained in their original location around this area that Ron believed to be embedded petrified wood he found specimens of rock which look very unique to him he took several samples along with several specimens from the boat-shaped below back home he sent them for analysis the results showed organic carbon which indicated that the samples were consistent with decayed and fossilized wood they also contained metals such as iron and aluminum the analysis of the strange-looking Rock Ron had found about a mile and a half above the site by the bottom of the ship was clearly the most exciting his initial analysis had shown it to be metals and not rock in 1984 Ron met and became friends with Colonel Jim Irwin the former astronaut colonel Irwin was searching for Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat but he was very gracious and was interested in seeing the boat-shaped site Ron had brought a metal detector to the site to see if there was a pattern of metal readings in the presence of colonel irwin and others on his team ron employed the detectors he found distinct metal lines down the entire length of the object while no metal readings were obtained just outside of it Ron asked colonel Irwin who had impressive scientific community connections if he could have the strange specimen tested Colonel Owens sent the specimen to Los Alamos National Labs where geophysicist John Baumgardner performed the analysis the results of that analysis captured dr. baumgartner's interest the specimen contained manganese also titanium and aluminum among others and these were not in the form found in nature do due to the sophistication of the medals he questioned whether a missile had crashed on the mountainside and Ron had found the remains the exciting evidences of the metal lines in the analysis of the specimens brought two new researchers into the work dr. Baumgartner and david fassold two marine salvage expert who knew all about ships in their construction they both joined the team oh look at that oh wait a minute kind of um you want my hand in there yeah just the point if those little flakes of iron that are coming out like right there there and there huh that's a strong reading well I'd say that that those frames right there okay keep walking do you want do you want a measuring tape to measure these things how far apart they are Rajan is a scientist might I take the liberty here to ask you do you really honestly believe that you have been on remains of Noah's Ark I have no no doubt in my mind there's this has to be a man-made structure it's all mental medalists has a regular pattern to it and the size of the thing and the shape of the thing is such that it's it's almost certainly a large boat dr. Baumgartner and Ron scanned the entire site with three different types of metal detectors placing rocks at each metal reading they then attached tapes to show the lines this exciting evidence also attracted the interest of ABC's 20/20 the boat-shaped site was first found in photographed by a Turkish army captain back in 1959 it was quickly explored and dismissed as a freak of nature but Wyatt an amateur archaeologist rekindled interest in it a few years ago he brought in Dave Faso a marine salvage expert to assess it the doomsday Mountain team brought in some high technology to explore the oldest legend of man they began scanning their site with a molecular frequency generator it's a device used by surgeons to pinpoint cancer tumors and it's been used by fassl to locate underwater treasure this time the molecular frequency generator began to pick up a unique pattern of iron lines beneath the earth okay bring that one up they begin placing ribbons along those lines the finished shape outlined by the ribbons was that of a huge ship the approximate length and width of Noah's Ark as described in the Bible the fascinating field of ribbon soon attracted higher academic interest that looks like art Oh character John Baumgartner a physicist with Los Alamos laboratories sent samples back to the lab for analysis and confirmed that the metal they were tracing with the ribbons was indeed iron with the width and the length known the only remaining question was depth by locating the depth of the Hall they could determine if the boat shaped object had the cargo capacity described in the biblical Ark to resolve this final issue Wyatt and fassl brought geologist Tom thinner to Turkey with his company's heavy duty subsurface radar equipment gear like this located the black box cockpit recorder on the floor of the frozen Potomac River after the air Florida crash it was here several miles short of the boat-shaped site that a waiting game began for thinner and the others the party needed a final go-ahead from the Turkish government to complete their probe of doomsday Mountain the restrictions of martial law left the American explorers isolated from the outside world not even a telephone anyway we're gonna hang in like smell on a skunk Jill that happened way up this time again like the smell of the skunk the Turkish government stopped the exploration what now since we were there Barbara things have cooled down and they've sent their own team of scientists and to take a look at this side it's a very fascinating location while Turkish scientists and archaeologists did their own research Ron and his associates continued their work the next step was subsurface interface radar there's a longitudinal you want to see him pop it out yeah there they are here's the other one there's a few a right here yeah the legs are there the legs are there okay we're gonna walk over big look everybody knows we're not cheating here right you got it okay now this is the wealth the West bulkhead okay can you look through there all right this is the West Ball cab all right that was over there and he walked easterly here we start getting a longitudinal Balkans here here here here here yeah yeah here oh yeah you see there how it shows up all right the initial scans were very impressive showing internal structure consistent with bulkheads and rooms but to be sure they were interpreting the data correctly Ron took the scan printouts - geophysical survey systems the developer and manufacturer of the radar this data is not it does not represent natural geology it's some man-made structure these reflections are occurring very periodic - periodic to be random that natural type interface there was no longer any doubt that this was the remains of something man-made in late 1986 the Turks announced their decision the ceremony was set for June 1987 during that ceremony the governor asked Ron to demonstrate the radar on-site for the journalists and military officials when Ron showed them a readout that he said looked like an intact timber the governor then instructed a soldier to dig right there what emerged was this petrified section a fossilized hand-wrought timber sectioning showed it to be laminated wood five layers of timber glued together with pitch clearly visible using four the end this fossilized specimen shows that rivets were used in its construction their analysis showed that they contained iron titanium and aluminum among other things very sophisticated alloys that would be resistant to water specimens falling out from the lower end of the ship identified as slag by an expert in metallurgy syndicated Iran that Noah filled the hole with slag material from his metal production of the fittings used to build the ark more complete radar scans revealed a ship although damaged and collapsed in places a very intelligent modern design with a ramp system at the door which led to each level in 1990 Ron performed what he called a mini excavation where he took shovels and bent the blades into a giant razor he and his associates then shaved off a very thin layer from one section smoothing it to show the color difference between the structure members and the matrix by faith Noah being divinely warned of things not yet seen moved with godly fear prepared an ark for the saving of his household by which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness which is according to faith for as in the days before the flood they were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered the Ark and did not know until the flood came and took them so also will the coming of the Son of man be you
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