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[Music] as anyone else I thought that everything had been said about the Great Pyramid of Giza until the day when I noticed that unclear facts were dismissed by Egyptology so without prejudice I decided to investigate I just wanted to understand how this Great Pyramid was built but this quest took me beyond anything I could have imagined [Music] all the following relies on facts [Music] this journey through time will take you from the most mysterious ancient sites to the roots of our civilization to puzzle over the Great Pyramid of Giza [Music] in this world premiere here will witness firsthand a groundbreaking discovery whether you agree or not with these conclusions one thing's for sure this will forever change the way you look at our planet [Music] [Applause] even if much has been said about the Great Pyramid of Giza it looks like we missed the point together we are about to take on a great journey in which I will seriously challenge the usual tales of ancient Egypt history now that I'm familiar enough with this case I know how sensitive it is and how we hold on to even without knowing it what we believe to be true but I will ask you to put this on hold for a while to see how the Starling puzzle pieces together and eventually laser open the disturbing mysteries of our past since at the end of the day that's what matters to us first we're going to run down the eight main feats performed by the great pyramids builders statement from which stem this movie feat number one before constructing the Great Pyramid the builders raised a hillock to the ground and left a giant pivot in its centre around this pivot they cut a six thousand hectare bedrock to fit weird shaped slabs each one as heavy as a big sedan despite its significance construction theories usually don't mention this first stage feed number two the builders had to carry 130 granite blocks over 500 miles each blog weighing between 12 and 70 tons then those blocks had to be hauled up 210 feet something which even today would be hard to do feat number three the Great Pyramid has only three chambers ridiculously small given the monuments size the lowest chamber the middle chamber and the upper chamber the Masons built a passageway that was 300 feet long by three feet wide board through the rocks with a breathtaking precision it opens on to the lowest chamber Pierluigi cope at an architecture took part in the berlin potsdamer platz building seemed surprised in courting the addition they intake the descending passageway being narrow the working conditions might have been drastic and keeping this constant slope angle requires specific tools to keep this same and precise geometry the mountain area gematria soon paused you would need tools that could allow this throughout the whole building process feat number four that piled up more than two million stones of different shapes and sizes which is much harder than with similar blocks each block is as heavy as a sedan and the precision of the whole building matches modern day standards the upper chamber is perfectly horizontal and vertical and it's precision overshadows modern tolerances although a third of an inch off would have gone unnoticed the construction is precise to a fiftieth of an inch regarding the building's precision I talked to one of the best structure engineers on earth Chris wise to build things so accurately such a long time ago is it's frankly amazing and even now I think most people would say it would be too difficult for you know for most builders to to get anything like that accurate the Great Pyramid has stayed intact through at least three major earthquakes the last of which flattened Cairo in the 13th century and then the less everything is in place yeah and we've seen that nothing was moved inside feed number five they have oriented the Great Pyramid so precisely that it's pointing north within five one hundredths of a degree this precision has only been matched very recently and to put things in context in the 17th century using the same methods we were five times less precise feat number six something no construction theory mentions is that the Great Pyramid actually has eight sides since each one is slightly bent as you can see on this picture which complicates the structure since no two of those blocks are alike to keep this eight-sided base on the four sides of the edifice during the construction with an accuracy down to the centimeter even down to the millimeter would be very difficult extremely difficult and I think that if today we wanted to build the same structure using modern measuring and control devices the techniques available today we would definitely be in trouble feat number seven the Great Pyramid is supposed to been built in 20 years a quick calculation gives an idea of what that means construction wise for a 12-hour shift 365 days a year with at least two billion stone blocks that would mean one queried carved lifted and fitted block every two and a half minutes feet number eight since the builders came before the existence of wheels iron or steel it was with copper chisels stone mallets hemp ropes and a great deal of cleverness that they'd have built the last of the world seven wonders and the only one visible today let's sum up about 47 centuries ago when the rest of the planet is on the loose clad in animal skins mesons well building the Great Pyramid of Giza one limestone hillock razed to the ground a six thousand hectare paving over the face which she stand amount to six football fields over two million of piled up blocks for an estimated mass of 6.2 million tons a 42 story buildings hides a narrow 300 feet long passageway utterly straights driven through the rocks and running through the pyramids body 130 granite slabs lifted up to 210 feet and fitted to a 15th of an inch eight sides instead of four an outstanding earthquake proof structure a modern day like precision in the feeling a modern Lee like precision in the orientation and the whole thing in only 20 years with this put this way facts are confusing but that's what we need to keep in mind when we pass all over the Great Pyramid thanks to this contradiction I decided to take this file but I didn't know that it would take me ten years to close it and where it will lead me let's go back to square one when I was still thinking that Egyptology species were relying on actual and fruiting facts I was so far out so let's begin with the ancient empire when the Great Pyramid was built for Jolicloud probably the most qualified Egyptologist on earth the dates of Egyptian history can only be certified from 6-8 epc because that's when we managed to cross-check Egyptian archives with Roman and Greek ones before that it gets murky the differences could be give or take two hundred years although we assume that the Egyptologist is overwhelmed by archives this is true for some periods but but for others like the ancient empire somehow it's it's a big question mark and that's why finally your questions are ours when it comes to the pyramids construction we have a lot of ideas but no central caps whose pyramid is allegedly stone we don't know for sure when nor how long this rain lasted compares for all Egyptian pharaohs we don't have any proper historical text to get how complex it is picture yourself in front of it is working on blurry sometime conflicting chunks of staleys and papyrus written in a difficult language hundreds of thousands of years after the biggest building venture of mankind actually the situation is pretty easy to sum up lose Egyptologists are far from agreement and all that happened in an empirical way if you like with additions subtractions the thing is when it comes to the Great Pyramid we're left with assumptions and up to this day nothing has been proven yet so I naturally turned to geologists stone cutting specialists experienced engineers architects and big projects leaders to try to understand for instance here are among others to modern building sites which will help us to grasp the work scope of the Great Pyramid in the 60s 22 countries funded by 50 nations powering the leading-edge technology raised the abu simbel temple to keep it from being flooded by the Aswan Dam sporter in spite of cranes and trucks it took five years to quarry and rebuild this temple made of 2200 blocks the heaviest ones waiting 30 tones 2200 blocks 5 years 2 million blocks 20 years without cranes or trucks the second side is a former click query currently filled with grubbles the pits volume is a bit smaller than the great pyramids do you know how long it took to fill up that pizza 12 years with one ruble truck every three minutes which means Aliev old trucks each business day only to carry and dump rubbles in the pits we're not talking size nor construction here's rompere Martin's take under construction of the Great Pyramid he hated one of the biggest French construction sites and mila by addicted swung whether you believe in God and in aliens or you may imagine any kind of setup or like me you want to keep it down to earth believing only in men and asking yourself how he did it I have no clue I couldn't do it that's for sure physically it would be so much easier to extend the construction span of the Great Pyramid the building of the temple to work on pyramid in Mexico half as tall lasted 150 years why do we chipped ologist stick to this silly 20-year period of time because if they acknowledge a span outlasting caps ring the tomb alibi would collapse and that's undisputable here's the mainstream stand only law for a long time there was some hearsay not from Egyptologist I'd like to stress but there was some hearsay alleging that pyramids could have had another function see that is unthinkable if it wasn't kept stone what could it be challenging this first table with this simple question would make you feel in the eyes of an Egyptologist like appear immediately translates into a loony I have to tell you something if it wasn't for a guide an outstanding tireless persistent researcher I would still be wandering around it told me to check other sides as old as the Great Pyramid and others more ancient and it turned out to be a precious tip everywhere I saw this weird shape blocks why those shapes it's much easier to fit similar blocks as we do nowadays you just have to lay them side by side without carving them up onto the visa for me this remains a complete mystery also given that they've been set so CMOS without cement these are rough stones laid side by side this is breathtaking these are tremendous feats a razor blade couldn't penetrate between two blocks we can even spot some rounded blocks and the upper stone fits perfectly the curve which is very hard with stones as heavy as twenty pickup trucks heavy blocks like that weren't put back in place anytime recently the finished shaped blocks find their explanation in this also I feel that they were saving material since it was transported from a great distance so they did that out of a concern for saving material which makes sense since we reshape as less as possible what's from the query especially if it's 500 miles away what would we do today I asked Filippo bare head of one of the biggest granite cutting company in France available on campaigner sheet and we would start with a plan in order to define each piece precisely hold you the check then we would produce each piece and afterwards reshape them to make sure that they fit together with machines sure but with bare hands we don't know since we never did it again with such stones since we never did it again how could we know it was possible then I was shown this here the fitting structure reflects itself on each side of the passageway here and there same thing over here and over there this was a serious blow to the common idea that blocks were set as the cane it showed quite the opposite a will to order and reshape stones to create those strange figures because we're shaping blocks as hard as tempered steel with those tools and moving them without cranes to make them fit has never been done again except in Egyptology small fetish drawings what sense to make of those weird shapes that complicated the test so bad Wow I mean if you want your monument to stand strong looking it needs to be heterogeneous in its dimension the mania has to cool that will keep the wall from collapsing in the case of stress like in an earthquake neon pardhu since there are no modular blocks there are no crack lines thus the block suit each other which makes a robust wall india building that way enables to withstand earthquakes and the most obvious proof is that the Great Pyramid is still around if this really was the function of those shapes it meant that builders knew it which leads to the next question how could they know it since anti size missile requires modern equipment Higgins here sums up the situation pretty well from my ground observations each time I check the pyramid spot systematically everything had to be reconsidered monkey steel I put my questions in hold for a while thinking that ancient builders just enjoyed making the simple complicated for example the Great Pyramids eight sides when four would have been so much easier to build especially if they're useless as we assume useless not that sure as you're about to see but for this we need to go back to pre-world War to Cairo [Music] all hypo Shah who in the 30s was teaching math in Cairo got this amazing picture taking randomly one night by the Royal Air Force during the autumnal equinox it showed the south side of the pyramid split into one in the dark the other in the light this is only due to the side span when the Sun reaches the pyramids angles for just a few seconds the south side gets played into and this phenomenon occurs only twice a year during the equinoctial days when the Sun rises Far East on hi-potion will double-check this with three infrared snapshots on March 21st 1934 if you get the pyramid into an architecture software its shape its dimensions and if you enter its geography coordinates precisely then you will also see this phenomenon occurring during the equinoxes in push sometimes some argue that the pyramids casing was already gone and that it in beginning as you can see under khafre's pyramid the side wasn't bent which is true except that the khafre's pyramid isn't bent beneath its casing so we say then we say that these bands in the red pyramid side were not intentional but that was not made on purpose sit down there was an accident very minor by the way due to the monuments structure in other words its sheer accidents during the construction the pyramid would have weighed down in provoking this band that would have been covered by a flat casing then when this casing fell apart the pyramid just happened to signal equinoxes here is a professionals input it's it's inconceivable to me that it would break its back in one direction and also in another direction at right angles you know to break us up into four and that's not a natural behavior you could imagine it breaking into two but nothing if that was the case the building structure would have been all messed up something visible from the inside with cracks everywhere it was certainly intentional it was certainly the architects choice today some still argue and in spite of this fold in the structure that the outer casing was quite flat using as a proof a few blocks on the north side of the pyramid which are not bent the problem is that obviously those blocks are not at the original place because if we stretch their trajectories we hit the upper blocks which shouldn't happen if according to specialists the side spans were intentional and if they were signaling equinoxes we could fairly think that it was for this reason that the construction was so complicated of course not a single Egyptologist would acknowledge that because it would imply that building the Great Pyramid at this specific location with those precise shapes and dimensions would produce this phenomenon during the equinoxes which is hard to explain given the basic tools they had at the time inadvertently I hate Egyptology second to who the builders dueling close to the Great Pyramid there's a black bedrock and makeshift picnic table for tourists that doesn't get much attention to such an extent that if you start to shoot there your rouse police's suspicion meanwhile here's what a trained eye to snatch rough and polished parts grooves striations cats those images haunted me until the day when I accidentally ran into this rock cut by modern tools a few years ago and although 5000 years separated those two works the match was staggering later on other Egyptian sites from the same period I was shown those holes you might ask yourself what's up with them well then match the ones we do today with that kind of device except that they're connect and the feature grooves that's so far nobody has explained or reproduced but basic means when we start to have questions on the tooling sooner or later we run into Egyptian handcraft the one I was interested in was the oldest big small the finishing is perfect even when they're made of stones harder than steel they didn't have at a time do you know how many were found 40,000 beneath the Saqqara pyramid when the Egyptian civilization started [Music] when I try to understand the way they were made I was passed on the next magical drawing did we try to reproduce those objects with the same techniques no we thought it wasn't worth it when I heard that the Louvre had analyzed them I took advantage of my interview to slip in that question here's what I got well regarding the analysis of the inner verses we dealt with the content but not the technical part we haven't worked on the techniques used in animal pathologies neither them nor anybody else knowing that such face was filled with honey or milk seemed anecdotal to me when I was wondering how 40,000 perfect pieces could have been made right out of the Stone Age I flew right away to the Aspen quarry where the red granite for the Great Pyramid could be found this curved thing is the unfinished obelisk [Music] 126 feet tall for 1,300 tones that's a 15 story building waiting 850 pickup trucks and plus then I wondered how they queried and transported it I hope my question back fearing another small drawing but I got lucky I saw the tools and even tried them here again a trained eye discovers weird stuff this and this and this again those are technical shafts openings which were used for manufacturing so they were met with that when we know the work lot when one uses a stone bulb why such a carryin the finishing of common technical openings let's move on with gigantic stuff the ecology of memnon are probably the heaviest statues in the world the usual mass estimation is 1,300 tons the Troy Hagen's hates 1,800 nobody carried all lifted such heavy statues ever since it was the only known example on the planet out of patience I dared the question that would tag me as a heretic could we be sure that it was possible to handle the statues with ropes in wood I would say yes the proof is here so indeed we can do it that says it all good it's all right here you just have to look everything became clear all this had been made with simple means since it was there and it was built at the time when we only used simple means so the fact that it was there proved that it was possible to do it with simple means why didn't anyone ever think of other means because machines were off the table and why because that's what we thought there was no archive recording the way they built we had no proof that those things were built according to those allegations but we were sticking to them Egyptology is him to have trapped itself in its own beliefs and suspected anyone out of the line to crave for sensations but who's eager for sensations aren't they those who pretend that the Great Pyramid was delivered in 20 years then I heard of the PBS's Nova experienced the proof by the making in 1991 this American TV show wanted to duplicate the Great Pyramid using the alleged means of the past professor David Ovitz who was there gave us those pictures little bit more the coding was built with modern manual tools a they all had butt joints one-centimeter joints surveen PF field hall a stone at a 5 feet reach took them about 10 hours wavy they told me well you see at the beginning it took some time but once they get experienced they'll work much faster despite what Nova claimed in a documentary where this even was portrayed as a success is a fiasco and this Fiasco has become a touchstone in the books of geology the pyramid will never be achieved and a few years later collapsed as long as we stick to a theoretical debate we'll come up with every option Under the Sun it all depends on our will to open up to a different technology it's up to the way we look here are the most Encana clips ever seen this picture is genuine and hasn't been retouched how to explain those cliffs isn't that an obvious proof of Technology well no Mystics might see them as a sign of times but the thing is it's a startling coincidence those are two overlaid for our names Sethi and his son Ramesses to the layer was aged over his father's name decades later then as time went by the plaister came off and brought to light those stunning lives since Egyptologist keeps Highland some people use those pictures for their chilling effects if there's one thing I can be sure of its that a picture will never prove anything but sometimes they're disturbing as we're about to see any and clear artifact is believed to be religious so here are some sacrificial basins a religious altar a religious scenery and a lotus flower vase we rarely see those items in books no wonder this one is in the Cairo Museum yes it's a lotus flower vase it bothers because we can't really explain them frankly although I have nothing else to suggest I can't think of this as a base and in the spot where the flower is supposed to lay is pierced matching hundreds of experts here's Alan Andrews take a scientist turn leading edge engineer over 40 years ago they might think of something as a sculpture or a religious totem whereas an engineer or scientist would recognize it as a piece of a machine I just begged the archaeologists please let engineers let scientists come in and help you analyze what the function that these devices are I then turned to the numerous engineers who were questioning the tools used and the methods during this new quest I met Christopher Dunn an expert engineer in the manufacturing of high-precision machines for military aviation and his stunning study of luksus giant statues in Egypt puzzling over the forty five feet tall granite statues he came up with the technicians point of view the Ramses statue that looks or are incredible in their design they're incredible in their execution these are very very complex shapes and so we're going to look at just how complex are they surprised by the boggling symmetry of ramesses to space he processed to a photogrammetry analyzes in other words he has duplicated the picture turned it over and overlaid it with the original to match the left and white sides what we see is that this jawline and this jaw line are in fact that is unbelievable to create the condition where one side matches the other they had to have had some system of measure to be able to make sure that they were cutting the material properly and there they were achieving the geometry that they desired this is not the result of somebody going at a piece of granite with a chisel and chiseling a face out and saying okay that looks like a human face this kind of condition does not happen by accident as we see you can district describe a circle that actually conforms to the outline of the face but now you've got to remember that that circle is in 2d but the jaw jawline is coming forward in 3d so it's very complex geometry and the same on the other side and now we'll start to look at the other features of the face the eyebrows lower eyelid upper eyelids the lips and the proximate curve to the mouth same thing for the side we can use circles again to describe those features and all the circles that were used here are the same diameter and it's not the only statue to feature that symmetry other heads also have the same share metrics game the tool issue is significant of course but there might be an even more important question what was guiding the tool because the human hand is not that precise so it had to have assistance and today we have mechanical assistance the guy tools to cut complex shapes and contours what I present in and telling you about the precision of the objects is just to represent the facts of an engineer what I have measured in terms of who did it why they did it and when it was done other specialists need to answer those questions Linda confusion one of the confusions that gets into people's minds when they visit Egypt when they discover and look carefully at the relief sculptures the hieroglyphs translate into a very fresh remark they didn't have our machines we know the instrument good name so this tree Maas were abrasive tools working slowly but surely a lot more brutally metamour the material was hard to work like granite for example the more the stone chiseling of the Carver sculpted was taking care of this was part of the relationship between the realm of man and the realm of the gods time could explain the need polish of a statue but not a symmetry accurate down to one hundred seven inch impossible to be measured with the alleged tools 45 feet tall granite statues thoroughly symmetric I was baffled by the consequences of such discovery it seemed harder and harder to top that manufacturers used in advanced technology but it was so disturbing that I would have bought anything else when I was passed on another small detail drawing I got upset the person who order that drawing hadn't done his homework nobody can determine what tools we use we can theorize but essentially when theorizing we have to show we have to be able to demonstrate the tool question had to be reconsider thoroughly but I didn't have much hope given diehard prejudices stuck in this dead-end I turned back to the search I met he showed me this amazing picture I was stunned to see that so far away from Egypt the Sam stone setting applied [Music] if I were an archaeologist I would have advised him to take some time off because no ties between those locations were possible but I'm not and I will certainly be reminded of it a bit later I left for a small island hardly visible on the map but nonetheless very famous Easter Island Easter Island is the most isolated spot in the world it is 2,300 miles away from Chile and 2,500 miles from Terry this triangular island with a 12 mile base isn't a bare stone that I expected the climate is tropical and it's very green with white sand beaches herds of wild horses and three huge craters two of whom are filled with water which reveals an intense volcanic activity million years ago the moai name given to these statues were from that volcanic rock here's a digest of the usual version the past ones were descendants of a group of Polynesians who after 2,500 miles pirogue trip settled in an island they named Rapa Nui the world's bellybutton here again we are only left with maybes because science count data rocks carving except in some rare cases dated geologically I get some granite I put it in the geological context and from there I'll say it took as many millions or even billions of years to get this granite ooh and my job as a geologist ends there something I didn't know we can only date the edge of a rock but not when it's been carved according to archeologists this is the oldest wall in the island actually the pedestal over which the statues were set apparently here to the most ancient constructions are the most massive with the best fitting hundreds of my are scattered around this immense volcano their height ranging from 15 to 36 feet here is the biggest a sixty six feet tall baby and had it been achieved would have awaked two hundred and fifty tones as for the unfinished Aspen obelisk we can question how they plan to query it transport it and then hold it up low current theory can explain such a statute transportation the same goes for the many hundred tons and plus mu I which have been displaced without any problems I'm not saying that it's impossible but so far nobody repeated this feat and the biggest more I used in a check-up experience was weighing less than five tones the central mu I weighs over sixty tones and sits nine miles away from the query the usual explanation goes like this if it works for five tones it works for one hundred nonetheless in the real world engineers and technicians speak with one voice carrying statues weighing 100 tons over several miles and set them on a pedestal his Quietus terms here again the transportation and set issues had to be addressed although my are always facing the land this set of statue is for some reason the only one in the aisle in gazing at the sea and more precisely facing west the seven pairs of eyes are watching the horizon of the equinoctial sunset which is not surprising since the navigation skill of those people reveals a great astronomical knowledge the last Island's mystery is the writing not yet deciphered one heretic theory identifies it to the mohenjo-daro sites cliffs through the surprising similarity of some science the problem is that this side happens to be 12,500 miles away if we were not that far from Giza we could think that those two peoples communicated which could explain their common features but also since they face the same problems it's very likely that their feelings matched because as some archaeologists put it although they don't know each other all the peoples of the world build the same dams why did Polynesians decide one day to live what matter to them most land family friends to venture on a Pyrrhic trip a perilous journey that would take them 2,500 miles away what were they up to how about dozen Kenney statues which don't look like Poli nations aquiline noses thin lips high foreheads beards and why such hens carving builders handsome I will be confirmed that similar feelings to Vienna poos could be found in Peru instigate a number who goddess I think that in those two sites the stonework developed amazingly insects highwayman as well as Vina Fuu are among the greatest examples nomads to the various it came we couldn't say who influenced who or that we have been swayed by the Inca people even those questions to archaeology I left for Peru [Music] there was this curious giant drawing called the GL glyph not much is known about it some pretend that it's less than a hundred years old other that it's been here forever but since dating is impossible bids are open it's 549 feet long and it's precisely oriented north house by who how and why this face was carved here nobody knows my next stop was Nazca and it's curious giant drawings this 15 by 12 mile plateau has been discovered in 1926 while flying the region those Jo glyphs and patterns have been ascribed to the Nazca civilization between 500 BC and 750 ad although those giant drawings of animals were executed in a single stroke what impressed me the most for these immense shapes [Music] and those perfectly straight lines the longest stretching up to 13 miles to give you an idea of the size the small row that you can see is the pan-american and the tiny things are trucks from the ground no drawings are visible not even from the neighboring Hills it can only be seen from the sky I dare the question what's the use of them to quantify the amount of thread for a fabric that were probably trails or they were used for processions because archaeologists say those lines were drawn to walk on it didn't seem bothering to have nothing more convincing in store not far from Nazca a pyramid had been discovered and I heard that there might be 40 of them but the site was hardly explored due to lack of phones a few miles away at the ECAM Museum I was surprised to discover mummies elsewhere than in Egypt and also those misshapen skulls similar to that one ascribed to a Canadian an Egyptian pharaoh then I headed to Cusco which in Inca means the world's bellybutton like Rapa Nui Easter Islands named in the heart of the city we find this gold made the huge blocks two generations of walls the oldest ones and the most recent as in most constructions ascribed to the Inca people this wall we stood earthquakes and so did the saqsaywaman side which towers the city and which is often compared to the Viner Pooh's wall in Easter Island this time we get gigantic whole rocks set with an extreme precision that we can't explain you shouldn't underestimate how much effort is involved in preparing the surfaces of each of the blocks despite the fact that Peru is a place where earthquakes are very very common many many structures built far later with modern technology vanished into dust and these stones are still standing according to Malcolm Rabello an Indian searcher this side with cusco and another sacred site Kenko forms a perfect triangle I couldn't explain with certainty these coincidental metric distances with other sites on the world specifically distances in hectometer x' or kilometers but the proof is there so there might be a source the following name on my list was Orient I tumbled located and more than 1200 miles I started to get used to it the most ancient constructions where the most receive and the stone feelings the most complex how was it possible to leave those rocks on such a steep slope nowadays we could live this stones of 10 tons to a reach of maybe 50 metres into a height of 100 meters with very large cranes but I mean that's a huge piece of contemporary technology what's amazing about it is that we couldn't do it now and this was 500 years ago if you imagine Egyptians then I hope the train to machu picchu a magical spot [Music] on door most of these examples when we visit Machu Picchu we get a sense of how sophisticated was the Andean civilization sophistication que el Puebla and I know tanea in the people over all the cusco valleys inhabitants didn't know what much who Peter was about what you people this site was meant to be a hidden side of knowledge transmission there I saw what became familiar the most ancient constructions since covered by others where the most mercy with the best feeding but what surprised me the most was this this wall angle was perfectly matching those found on the Giza Plateau and there too we found the same reflections in the fading lets run things down on all those sides we find very heavy blocks with complex shapes assembled with an extreme precision astronomical skills alleged dating and most of all known indication on construction needs that's where the comparison with the Beavers balls through because even if they build the same dams they don't line them up over thousands of miles fewer Charles Darwin and you were thinking about the history of evolution you would look at these examples of stonework and masonry and you would say either it's one evolutionary stream the same stream in which case these people all knew about each other's work even though they were separated by thousands of years or you would say there are four parallel streams of evolution going on damage the homo sapiens is the same all over the world it's obvious that certain problems they face will get the same number and quality advantageous to divorce forget to get the same answer with four parallel streams makes it to me's seems very unlikely it's hard to imagine that the Incas weren't anywhere near Egypt I found that a bit hard to believe and if they communicated which is more likely how could they line up their sides so precisely and why this 30 degree incline from our equator putting that question on hold I headed to Mexico [Music] the legend tells us that the gods met here to create the fifth son Ezrin Giza we find three main pyramids two big ones and a smaller one the Sun pyramid the moon pyramid and the feathered snake Quetzalcoatl pyramid here we're more rational than in Egypt for instance the Sun pyramids construction is supposed to have lasted 150 years since it's not viewed as a tomb but once again when it comes to techniques and means we're clueless locusts 13 reo escape what is amazing is that the Sun pyramid and many other constructions have been built to indicate precisely what we call equinoxes my Informer tip me on another pyramid sites ignored from the public it was located in central China in the Shanxi Province axion [Music] in this most ancient people region of China we can see hundreds of pyramids made of clay and dirt the Chinese Authority is declined to lick anything on those pyramids no archaeologists seem willing to talk about them the topic is a non-starter I couldn't get any authorization to check this side but I met Hartwig hausdorff who in 1994 brought those pictures back apparently the only one featuring those last pyramids although we found hundreds of them each pyramid represents a tremendous work but we don't know when by who how and why they were erected it's always been my think that I'm the only wine to have been granted by the Chinese authorities not the right to shop those pyramids that's the reason why I felt it was my duty to document their existence for the whole world here again the mystery Co zone [Music] as in Mexico and Egypt manufacturers didn't leave any explanation yes favi damn horse it would be senseless to try to look for ties or cultural exchange between different times and different places of humanity he doesn't settle your mood Egypt developed way before Mexico and there was no relationship whatsoever between North Africa and this part of America secure it's funny that Egypt whose writing is hieroglyphics China whose characters are also close to hieroglyphics and even more complex or the Mayan culture it also has a hieroglyphics kind of writing they built this kind of signal monument but it doesn't work for Mesopotamia so it's a mere coincidence because most writings must start with an expression of reality we find many other common points between all the sites but the main ones are confusing enough a gyro glyph a core idea graphic writing but is mummification calendars designers great astrological skills earthquake proof constructions no indication over the means and the intention behind those realizations [Music] [Music] to the premise of a main source to those civilizations were objected that those constructions occurred at different times let's keep in mind that monuments can be dated only organic remains found nearby there were no records for those common constructions challenging more than engineer skills one question popped in my mind did those people really build as monuments yeah nothing proves to us that these smooth sided pyramids weren't secondhand monuments used by Egyptians I'm a scientist so it's not easy for me to say that we're at the dissin thai seismic knowledge come from we've made a great deal of progress in that science when we managed to simulate powerful shocks with Dynamite's coming of age but without them how does it work how could we explore dirt pyramids if we swap them with trees it doesn't make sense here's what might happen a few decades from now and what they might look like who will know that these were once pyramids we don't pay attention to those architectural feats that we could barely reproduce today any material the man mankind hasn't managed to invent a single material waste blasts as well as this stuff it's amazing but we haven't been here I assume that you're waiting to trade me up well I was like you when I opened this file but I've discovered that between what we're told and archaeology's backstage there's a whole world when an archaeologist dares to venture out of the beaten tracks he can't get any fun for his research the most enigmatic sights of the planet are not properly investigated and this situation leaves open the gateway to all kinds of abuse but if these mysteries were solved you wouldn't watch this movie [Music] as long as we won't be able to date a rock scaring we won't have any certainties despite these evidence if scientists refuse to consider other hypotheses then science won't be about science but about belief to understand this mystery we need to start from scratch and sweep away those beliefs I came back to my file Easter Island the para caste channel Aska cuzco saqsaywaman oriental tambo machay picchu and Giza are lined up still to account Giza and chauncey are lined up if Giza the most central point on earth is indeed a crucial piece of this gigantic puzzle that's where we need to go back indeed case I will shed a light on everything at this stage of the investigation I came back to one still impressed by the symmetry of the Luxor statues my journey gave me enough insight to build a brother freely all kinds of hypotheses it's in such state of mind that I came back to the searcher who was guiding mein Egypt and then sent me all over the world I quickly got that he knew much more on the matter and little by little he turned into a real informant sometime in the course of our many meetings I felt I was adrift but I had a hunch that something outstanding was lying underneath unfortunately I kept at it it all started in Egypt not very far from Giza at the foot of the Red Pyramid ascribed to Sneferu Cheops father here's what we call a pure immediate this is the pyramid scalp this one was discovered by the German Egyptologist Avinash tatelman in 1993 and my informant took me there to shoot it in 2005 the measurements taken by straddle man and the ones we took were precisely 1 meter 57 for its base and one meter for its height the hub is reassemble distance and its dimensions were precisely one meter by one point five seven meters it was surprising to state that it was precisely one meter high is exactly Egyptians knew many things that we inherited not the metric system of course but we can't think that the estimate was roughly two cubits that was enough for the stonecutter that would mean that it was accidentally one meter high because we know that the meter unit wasn't known at the time actually it would be more accurate to say that we believe it wasn't known at the time I'll get back to the layer for now I would like to report something to you when I came back to shoot it in 2008 I was stunned to discover this the pyramidion had been changed it was a very intrigued because here we have let's be honest at reason of the form of the objects function there were no grounds for this item to take this shape since they invented it why we have absolutely no idea not only the shape had changed but also its dimensions which was much more important because as you're about to see this object plays a central part in the comprehensions of the Giza sides first I have to backtrack a bit to the time when my informant advised me to gather information on what had been said about the Great Pyramid Egyptology was often accusing all ternary searchers of lacking rigor but I discovered that Egyptologist failed to precise a few things about their source the possibility I think that you should check that kind of text for instance who heard of this controversy reported 20 centuries ago by the Roman historian Pliny the Elder 12 major writers from his time were having discrepancies over the real builders of the pyramids but how many texts were still around just one hero terraces [Music] Egyptology was mainly relying on Herodotus account but how much credit to give to that version centuries later in 1859 the Englishman John teller divided this dimension by this one and was surprised to discover the pi value this sparked another controversy because builders were not meant to know pi some sir God's hands and others an accident but no one thought that manufacturers might have known this number this controversy seemed to me a bit inappropriate because I wasn't getting that teller had hit a nerve instead of answering my questions my informant took his maquette back and said that in order to apprehend the Great Pyramid one had to think differently why this dimension Oscar because the hath perimeter is the biggest horizontal visible dimension and its height its biggest vertical invisible dimension he maintained that nothing was random in the Great Pyramid and confirmed it with the structures harmony the visible height divided by two gives the chevron summit of the upper chamber divided by three you get the height of the upper chamber sailing by for the Chevron summit in the middle chamber by five the floor in the lowest chamber and by seven the floor in the middle chamber then he showed me that the biggest visible surface the four faces divided by its biggest invisible surface the base equals Phi the famous golden number I already heard of the golden number but I didn't know much about it I discovered that it was unique among the infinite numbers it's the only one to feature those worthy questions the golden number plus one equals the golden number squared the golden number minus one equals the inverse golden number [Music] thus it occurred in an astronomical calculation in minerals natural angles in vegetables animals and although some disagreed it was even featured in men as Leonardo da Vinci showed and it was in art too actually it was part of our daily life although we didn't know it the new golden number appears to be a constant in the universe but my informant showed me that it was widespread in the Great Pyramid on his own by dividing the half perimeter about the total height we get the golden number squared garden so these divided by the visible height equals PI and this divided by the total height gave the golden numbers derivative if we assume that the PI presence was due to chance it got harder with two numbers but here again I was wrong I decided to check the official dimensions of the Great Pyramid for 40 by 280 cubits the royal cubit being the unit of measurement used by the builders if all agree on the great pyramids dimensions this quartz exists on the precise cubits value first we don't know where it comes from a nice actual size we just found a few made of wood or stone with different lengths so experts deduced it from the great pyramids dimensions and precisely set its length in 1925 52 centimeters 3 millimeters and 6 tenths of a millimeter sometimes we pass by things without really paying attention to them and I didn't notice that this cubit was precise to the tenths of a millimeter when we're dealing with a huge building it would be like measuring the content of a swimming pool with a jigger later other well reputed experts confirm that dimension follow where a french egyptologist it measured 52 centimeters 35 as for the Greek astronomer antonia d k cell highway engineer turn Egyptologists validate 52 centimeters 3 millimeters and 6 tenths of a millimeter donkey ups and key ups we can tell from the sizes of the rooms that the cubit is 0.5 to 3 5 curiously nowadays the mainstream point of view diverged drastically we found a great number of qubits which was the measurement tool itself but their values range rather loosely between 52 and 53 centimeters to use those changing values to draw conclusions on irrational numbers sounds to me very hazardous actually getting different measurements from one object to another is no big deal since it's the great pyramids qubit that matters and it can be defined precisely in the upper chamber since it's been made out of granite a material so steady over time that in our current hi-tech days we use it to check the precision of delicate parts why this shift over a few decades because we'd rather downplay such an unexplained high-precision standard when the rest of the planet runs around in animal skins among all the questions to were hunting me first why such a precise qubit in a to 30 meter long side / 146 meter high building [Music] and how to precisely fit together such heavy stones but a critical comment came from Christopher Dunn these are the tools that are necessary to determine the precision on the artifacts these are modern tools these tools do not exist in the archaeological record so the builders would have worked with a precision that they were not able to check because they didn't have the proper tools to do it like the luksus granite statues whose symmetry could only be measured by modern means that was a huge contradiction to which my informants answered that this precision was in the cubed pick only for mathematical reasons something that no one seemed to have noticed if we draw a circle with a diameter of 1 then the circles perimeter or its length equals PI over 3 1416 dividing this length by 6 we get 0 52-36 a number surprisingly close to the cubed value what's left in green equals the golden number squared featured in the quake pyramid as my informant already showed me according to him here is how they chose to cube it although I don't feel comfortable with math I strive to stick to him to see where he was heading a bit later he showed me why the shape of the Great Pyramid was so special a square the square center and by shifting that points Heights we could draw all the square based pyramids but a circle was needed to draw the Great Pyramid a circle whose lengths was matching the squares that was the circles radius and if we lifted it like that we got the precise height of the Great Pyramid he added that this outstanding mathematical template was the only one to gather pi and the golden number this length divided by the visible height involves eyes divided by the invisible surface equals the whole denoted by this one equals golden invited by this one equals the square wave at all times one also equals the square root of the golden number I stopped him what if all this was due to chance it was unthinkable because that dimension which wasn't part of the pyramid shape also came up with the golden number and it was also the case with the upper chambers dimensions actually the visible pyramid the upper chamber and the total height were playing with the pine number or the golden number which seemed intentional that's why I could assert that the pine number and the golden number were everywhere in the pyramid I left a bit dizzy thinking of testing cars words an American engineer specialized in nanotechnologies who one day also told me any detail that we see was intentional on the part of the designer and on the part of the builders and there was nothing left to chance the most striking thing was that this precision in the plan and in its realisation could only be detected with modern tools at complete odds with the mainstream viewpoint schools don't what we get in the plan of the Great Pyramids floor what we get in its cut in its volume we can expect to find it in the shape the volume the diagonals of the funeral chambers that's quite normal since they use the same if this dimension was also playing with the golden number it was just a matter of that kind of thing affair we can make such amazing discoveries with the kitchen stools Libya if it's well proportioned and well designed yet we might very likely come up with very interesting proportions intimately but don't put any secret purpose or interpretation in these arithmetic and geometric values to put it differently still and always chance this is her passion from our calculations it's very unlikely that Egyptians knew the high value of the point initially the golden number was also a relative unit featured in the pyramids and their temples in Peres meeting and it occurs in the Egyptian calculations and so this knowledge is very unlikely under here in Bahrain actually mathematics skills of ancient Egyptians our Egyptologist third taboo they constantly attribute to chance any mathematical fine because if they admitted that it was intentional they'd have to explain many other things that don't fit the usual theory but could it be a matter of chance I asked the question to Claude ganz link to tell Monsieur wrong we meet it so often that chance probability is new it's - fantasy most me frankly he commits like zero it stands to reason even for a mathematician he not meeting someone who can assess probability it's reasonable to think that the volume of that pyramid was picked because of its numerous possibilities to reveal through it a golden number out of Egyptology spree Emmerich Jonah Claude told me this I think that ancient Egyptians were aware of the golden number they couldn't have come across the resolution each time especially this perfect one they had to possess that it's not in their culture to divulge it they kept it secret and the best way to keep a secret is not to convey it anywhere but why is secret I didn't quite get my informants answer an episode it's no secret it's simply closed geometry which is the sensible part of mathematics is a language in consoler mathematics hanging out with architects made me discover that we often spot the golden number in our past architecture for example in Greece the Parthenon was built on a golden number base geometry then the cathedrals on which so much things have been Sayed we build 200 of them over 250 years but no construction plan nor indications were left startling parallel with the pyramids and over antiquities buildings and by studying them some would discover amazing things like this circle indicating precisely descent position on the horizon during the equinoctial days new coincidence even cathedrals were indicating equinoxes like ancient constructions then this architect showed me that the great pyramids actual profile was featured on the facade of the strasbourg cathedral the thing is that when this Cathedral was built the Great Pyramid was still partially buried in sin and we couldn't know its actual profile if it wasn't by chance it meant that medieval architects knew the Great Pyramids golden ratio but how we shouldn't be surprised those geometric and arithmetic features have been bought back to be used in cathedrals and medieval times from the Crusades and from contacts made there I was quite surprised over 4000 years were separating cathedrals from pyramids and it seemed unlikely that such knowledge got secretly transmitted passing by the famous Louvre pyramid I remember that its proportions match the great pyramids although its dimensions were changing from one source to another tomato Ming pay its architect hasn't been a cakewalk but I finally got a chance to question the architect of the great pyramids replicas I don't know why you keep referring this pyramid to the diesel the entirely different is something that comes naturally yes that is the right proportion that's all right hi I'd never use mathematics anymore I couldn't believe it mister pay was claiming that he came across the same ratio on a hunch eventually shared this the proportion of the pier-glass theorem and the proportion Giza very close why the golden section of Golden Triangle that they have investigated them is still to me valid today and I tried many shape many height but eventually I come back to thee he called the proportion of the Egyptian that's wonderful to learn you know the golden number he saw it in the Great Pyramid and knew that it was the common point with ease but somebody came to remind him that he had an appointment with his physician and he left me stranded with my questions time went by and nothing had changed we were still building pyramids without feeling like talking about their design the more I dug this case the less I knew where I was stepping into then my informant took the pyramids dimension issue to the next level way beyond what he already showed me this length in meters and he insisted on that world minus the height in meters gives 314 point 16 meters or 100 times pi this Plus this in meters evens 100 times the golden number squared in meters this in meters minus this in meters evens 10 times pi in meters if the Great Pyramid had been built 50 centimeters smaller or bigger all of that couldn't have been possible same thing in the upper chamber this length in meters is 10 times pi in meters minus this one 10 times the golden number squared in meters had the upper chamber been five centimeters bigger or smaller once again all this couldn't have been possible the startling conclusion is that only one pyramid in the world features all what you've seen the one which has been realized a Great Pyramid of Giza [Music] if the pyramid was already special through its ratio it became unique with its metric dimensions and here my informant was addressing a serious issue because historically this was a non-starter the builders couldn't know the mirror it was determined by a precise calculation of the circumference of the earth van was applied in 1793 following a suggestion of Tally Ho who as I discovered was a bishop where did our mirror come from was it discreetly transmitted over the years that question propyl main the blurry and winding waters of secret Brotherhood's withholding some occult knowledge trickled down over time I wasn't feeling comfortable I took a break tired of not knowing where my informant was taking me but I couldn't quit without answers eventually I dropped by his place and he showed me a picture of the modified Pierrot median I then discovered what was right under my nose for a long time it featured not only the mirror since it was 1 meter high but it was also giving PI emitters since 1 meter 57 plus one mirror 57 s equals 3 meters 14 or PI emitter he added that he was surprised that no one spotted this thing the pyramidion was a Great Pyramid scale model even its discoverer hadn't noticed it actually it was probably the great pyramids cap that was never found but what was it doing 20 kilometers away from Giza at the foot of another pyramid and why having changed its shape then my informant showed me this these lengths Woodworth won without mentioning any length unit so it could be anything but if we assume that it was 1 meter we could precisely get the qubit value in meter it took me a while to grasp the magnitude of that discovery but it seemed indisputable the builders need a meter way before us what made him sure of that was a simple calculation freezing the others I was baffled I was witnessing firsthand the how and the why of this enigmatic Cupid question that so far no one answered fortunately that was my last math class but I was far from guessing what was next he enfold a map saying Linea Kiba strip that stretches from Easter Island to Giza is actually part of a 25,000 mile long circular loop all the lengths of our Equator are in reality of course there are no faraway ties nor light years away ties there's nothing to say no comment to make moreover such a stretch that would link Easter Island and the Egyptian pyramids this is a roughly 100 kilometer wide circle and it covers as you're about to see many sites around the globe [Music] it goes through Peru and the para cast chandalier the Nazca tracks or on Titan go Machu Picchu Cusco and saksaywaman then still in Peru through the side of the parrot or a pyramid on the African continent it reaches Mali and its enigmatic Duggan's lands which knew the star Sirius B and C way before any astronomers passes through Algeria and the Tassili n'ajjer with his big painted Martian guard in Egypt it goes through the CYO aces and it serves amman temple one of the most sacred of the antique world then through the Giza pyramids it keeps coming through Petra in Jordan or in Iraq where Abraham was born Persepolis in Iran mohenjo-daro in Pakistan with his riding so close to Easter islands and it's odd radioactive skeletons then through size that have always been known as God's dwelling places cattle era in India PA in Burma sukhothai in Thailand Angkor Wat and pretty air in Cambodia and other important sites lost along the way from the ancient world and history to end with the most isolated spot on earth Easter Island it was unbelievable but this sites alignment was GPS certified although those sites were from different times most were built over ancient sites runes but how did they determine in such remote times these sites along such a long strip that crosses the seas why these sites alignments on a circle as long as the equator and with a 30-degree incline but there was even more surprising if this circle was an equator its North Pole would be located at this specific point and the triangle formed by this point geese and nazca matches the great pyramids ratio the distance between NASA and Giza is the same as between 30 wackyland Giza same thing between Angkor Wat Nazca and between mohenjo-daro and Easter Island for sites on the circle the distance between Easter Island and Giza is ten thousand times to call the number the anchor keys at distance multiplied by the golden number evens the keys and nazca distance and the keys alaska distance multiplied by the golden number equals the nazca anchor distance [Music] obviously this circle doesn't cover all the sites on earth but for my informant those on it our projection of stellar objects over the earth in my research on what had been said about the Great Pyramid I had left some elements aside that were certainly making sense actually we could have found all that much earlier in the 20th century the priest Moreau an astronomer pointed out that the Meridian passing through the Great Pyramid was dividing the emerged lands in two equal surfaces turning Giza into the central point of the planet 20 centuries before him Agata kites up gliders mentioned that the Great Pyramid was a geographic reflection of the earth this got confirmed by my informant who showed me that it was a maquette of the northern hemisphere something that could be verified with calculations but this dimension is also the average distance run by point in one second on the equator sudoku this is a given in physics indicating the speed of rotation of our planet on its axis I was aghast at the amount of things enclosed in the dimensions of such a mere item but everything my informant said was valid I could already hear the creep in kitchen stool arguments or even worse the toothbrush one on the bottom you can take any kind of object from a toothbrush to a steam locomotive and you roughly get all the figures proper to satisfy any vision that we might have to find figures skeptics were invoking chance believers God's hands I was only seeing a striking collection of facts as the writer how does actually put it facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored all of these were that odds with everything we believed to be our past I had to refocus the problem and the upper chamber helped me out each block of this chamber had been carried over 500 miles and its weight was worth 40 sedans feet to the tenth of a millimeter those blocks are perfectly horizontal and vertical when one centimeter off what I've got unnoticed and the builders didn't have the proper tools to check the precision why such a precision to answer that question two ways of thinking the first was the classic one delusion you all the brilliance the efforts the intelligence of the Egyptian craftsmen were aiming at a geometric four section but respecting the architects project because this monument was meant to connect with the realm of the gods from the first pyramid to the last statue yes there's a desire for cosmic balance and being a part of this cosmic balance was the duty and the wish of every Egyptian for them and for Egyptology overall since Egyptians ignore mathematics it was not worth studying them in the Great Pyramid this plain looking chamber was a masterpiece of design and realization the other way to think was probably more daring but to its credit more practical why fetching huge granite slabs located 500 miles away from Giza for the same reason as today granite doesn't change over time and it's dimensions stay the same from dimensions we get numbers and from numbers mathematics and according to my informants mathematics were the great pyramids language through time he drew two circles the first within the pyramid the other outside any process to subtract those two lengths in meters and told me and it will take this figure to a physicist so it'll probably like the value of the speed of light about the value of the speed of light in millions of meters per second and below the number from the pyramids ship adieu I don't have anything else to say you probably think that the pyramid drove me crazy and that I'm putting silly stuff in scientists mouth but when will piece things together you'll get that it was not that absurd actually those who dug this issue and dared talk about it are much more embarrassed that example for example if we look at the Great Pyramid without the prejudice with a fresh eye and when you're a physicist you measure and you notice many things like that coincidences but so many coincidences was such a big object see it's very disturbing we could keep thinking that all we saw was just a matter of chance that the Great Pyramid was indeed caps tomb even if such construction was hardly possible in such little time that if the Great Pyramid was signaling their Queen axis it was a matter of chance if the Great Pyramid was featuring the pie number and the golden number it was a matter of chance that the qubit was picked by chance that we could have accidentally bailed the only possible pyramid to bridge altogether the cubed pie the golden number and a mirror and if those values were expressed in mirrors in the Great Pyramid it was by chance that if the most ancient constructions we visited we're the most massive with the best-fitting it was by chance that if other people on earth were using urug lifts mummifying they're they're designing precise calendars had great astronomical skills and we're building with the same entice ice mix techniques without leaving any explanation it was by chance that if so many sacred sites were on a circle as long as our equator it was by chance that if some distance ratios were linked to the golden number it was by chance that if this dimension even our planet speed of rotation it was by chance that if the speed of light was indicated in the pyramid it was still and always by chance two hypotheses were then possible hypothesis aid we should rethink the sense of the world of chance because if it was working so many miracles we'd better call him God I prefer this be we could think that too many coincidences were hurt in coincidences that our history had missing links maybe as staggering as my informants discoveries and it was time to craft a rational explanation for the mysteries of our past who could ever she'd all this in the past as we know it Egyptians if you think they were not aware of the possibility of measuring the earth they would first have had to know that it was a sphere which was not at all in their imaginations and why not a much more ancient civilization that would have completely disappeared I find the alien option much more appealing because we can at least say yeah that there is a miss pharaonic Egypt in the pyramid an incentive for the imagination beyond sarcasm was there anything that could oppose the premise of an advanced civilization in the past si uncle si Deo exactly don't given the possible accidents that could occur on earth like continental drift Wow volcanoes or major meteorite impacts nothing keeps us from saying that more advanced civilizations might have lived on our planet reveals or not what they're so if this premise couldn't be denied and looked most likely and if the explanations of Egyptology and archaeology were two scans and why turning it down the answer is simple it hurts belief even in those who pretend to have none the thing is that as incredible as the seem those facts can be verified and one can deny them without evidence see if for some reason our civilizations would disappear many things with withstand centuries but not millennia circle could take home with you my only a few big monuments worthy like I'd say the big pyramids in Egypt let's go back to the main elements the builders had measured the earth they designed a scale model after it in the shape of a pyramid in which scientific parameters were featured they had lined up those location sites on a strip as long as the equator the builders seemed to be familiar with the speed of light after years of investigation I was convinced that all these had a specific purpose and since I felt that my informant knew better I started to question him restlessly I happen to be right it took me a while before deciding to share what's next but I had gone too far to bury the 37 year long research accomplished by my informant to understand the builders approach we need to take some distance and go back to March 2nd 1972 in the US when the second space probe pioneer 10 was launched they brought on board a small plate on which was carved out this funny drawing but there was much more it conveys that we're a sexual species determines our size from the capsules the IRS's position in the solar system and it's geometric shapes when analyzed and interpreted reveal much more intricate stuff geometric patterns revealing information when analyzed thousands of years before the space probe pioneer ten builders of the Great Pyramid seem to have done the same except that it wasn't addressed to some civilization in the universe but to a future civilization on earth ours [Music] now we're going to leave the field of statements and facts for the dirty ground of assumptions and premises let's assume it was a language and therefore a message [Music] to design and realize it with such dimensions taking the needed care to keep it readable thousands of years later meant that the message was of utmost significance [Music] according to my informant the builders had precisely signaled the equinoxes to draw our attention to a critical astronomical cycle of our planet [Music] if you pick a star in the sky it will be one degree of 72 years later it will take 26,000 years for this star to accomplish a complete orbit at 26,000 years pan represents a precession of the equinoxes cycle to precisely locate the earth in the universe modern astronomers use the zodiac constellations which are simple main to observe the positions of the stars the constellations targeted by the Sphinx's eyes have shifted over time [Music] the pyramidion found at the foot of the snafu Red Pyramid was providing another significant information its perimeter was precisely 12 cubits long and the presence of Pi referred to a circle a 12 stone circle a zodiac the pyramids for angles refer to for zodiacal signs Taurus Leo Scorpio and Aquarius in the antique world Scorpio was represented by an eagle and Aquarius by an angel as it occurs on the front of our cathedrals [Music] four stars are assigned to those four signs among the shiniest ones they used to be called the four guardians of heaven they are Aldebaran in the Taurus constellation Regulus in Leo and Terry's in Scorpio and formal heart on top of pieces today but formally in Aquarius before modern astronomers proceeded to some modifications those stars seem to keep the same position between themselves and are used as steady reference points through time that axis is the torah' Scorpio axis formerly known as the Taurus Eagle axis that Babylonians depicted by a winged ball and this one is the Li Aquarius axis or Leo Angel according to the ancient calling his representation happens to be right here on the Giza Plateau it is the spanx a man's head on a lion's body according to the prevailing theory although many geologists disagree the Sphinx was built after the Great Pyramid and those two monuments wouldn't be correlated an assertion challenged this time by decides geometry here are a few examples this triangle proportion to the Great Pyramid but five times bigger links hit summit to the smalls on one side and on the other goes through the Sphinx head if we outlined a squared base of the Great Pyramid and make it slide against it then the axis running through the right side hits again the Sphinx head at the same spot if we trace a circle whose Center is the junction between this axis and this one running through the two pyramid summits then we still hit the sphinx head at the same spot for my informants Pisa was an astronomical clock whose tile was those for steady reference points those four stars this clocks needle the Sphinx gaze turns around itself in a bit less than 26,000 years and enables to point precisely the Earth's position in this big cycle I pointed out that without a starting point we couldn't know where this cycle was at he then showed me a bump on the Sphinx's chest that Arabs called alcalde has had the lion's heart that so far nobody managed to explain coincidentally alcohol bar Assad was also the name Arabs gave to the brightest star in the Leo constellation Regulus since antiquity the Sphinx is a synonym for enigma and addresses mankind as the famous riddle goes who starts on four legs keep going on - and his sheaves on three remember the answer man and his destiny I will hold the Arabic name for Sphinx means father of terror probably to remind people of its function he added when the Sphinx's eyes will precisely gaze at Regulus or when the Sphinx's axis will be lined up with the lee aquarius's axes then a new precession of the equinoxes cycle will start anew according to him here was the Giza sites meaning a huge clock our planets clock which achieves a complete orbit in 26,000 years whatever we may think or say facts are here this clock works perfectly suddenly things became clear the pyramid indicating the equinoxes its direction precision the hokies assad's geometry which would reveal many other surprises yes but why drawing our attention on this 26,000 year big cycle I went to see a specialist in past climate studies so consetta curse acicular we know that these glacier and heat cycles are in sync with the Earth's orbital parameters orbital Leitao among what was called the Earth's orbital parameters was the precession of the equinoxes which affects our climate but we didn't know if it was gradually or brutally I went to check ancient writings in myths legends beliefs of many cultures the same idea of cycles in cyclic evens was brought up the water Cataclysm theme was widespread but also an upcoming fire destruction as in st. John's tale or in sacred Hindu texts called Puranas many Greek authors also mentioned cyclically Cataclysm one of them even forecasts when they would occur every 10 to 12 thousand years what seemed to fit Plato's account of Atlantis destruction but his story was brushed away by modern science another Greek scientist Aristotle seen as more reliable was also mentioning big revolutions occurring on earth and in the sky triggering the cyclic or disappearance of what was on the globe the Maya linked our time to the fifth Sun era following a water sign era dubious a new NASA rain and floods destroyed this humanity and this creation would be nothing very similar to the Bible's flood fit Sun is precisely a Sun of movement some of the earth in the air the fire the water movement it's not it's a Sun which will end the own fan this and will happen in a terrible quakes when the gods this idiot and this creation doesn't concern men's behavior it's simply the vital cycle decided by the gods that needs to be accomplished we don't give any credit to those legends but with scientific progress we gradually discovered that they might be based on facts there are other cases like tsunami that's a water release phenomenon through fragmentations of natural dams which flood the earth with very significant water masses it's very likely that many people were present at these phenomenons then they romanced it and then they worded it under the umbrella term the deluge no no delusion then I checked the last major climate change and I was surprised to discover that science data lead back from ten to twelve thousand years climates in entire zones were thoroughly modified in the 19th century the mammoths found frozen and in good shape some even in the process of digesting got a lot of tension and is still puzzling our scientists there were not only mammoth other species had completely disappeared and we still don the why we can say that there are many species that probably disappeared but since they were not kept frozen we don't puzzle over their depth we can't answer because the research the studies aren't numerous enough and it's a matter of means of study of staff in that case which isn't considered a priority we'll answer that question when we get the human and financial means to answer it tens of species had completely disappeared entire forests turn into deserts ancient texts were mentioning cataclysms and therefore brutal evens but unfortunately without funding no answer who to turn to if the Giza Clock referred to the precession of equinoxes cycle what could be the relation to this circle if there was any my informant drew my attention on the North Pole which would belong to this circle if it was an equator and by chance this point was precisely located at the oscillation centre of the Earth's magnetic pole different from our north pole the pole magnetic nepa the magnetic pole isn't a steady point on the surface of our planet because moves at about 25 miles a year so today thanks to modern technologies we know that this oscillation phenomena increases which is very disturbing was this 25,000 mile circle and it's 40 degree incline a way to signal us the link between the equinoxes and this magnetic pole I also learned that this magnetic pole reversed itself many times uncom we've recorded about 100 pole inversions we didn't know why this inversion was occurring but some scientists thought that it could be linked to the Sun which also sometimes reverses its magnetic poles [Music] in versions already happened but we didn't know much on the batter sorry considering the direct consequences of the magnetic pole I think that today we need tens and hundreds of researches to gather round and brainstorms around this kind of research or session we see we try to understand the direct and indirect consequences of this inversions we observed important changes of our climate we had noticed an acceleration in the move of our magnetic pole but we were not ready to face anything one of the possible consequences of this magnetic poles inversion could be a magnetic field eclipse for a few hours or a few weeks and maybe also readjustments of the Earth's crust [Music] with our atmosphere the magnetic field screens the radiations coming from space if it disappeared our planet would get burned according to its exposition destruction by fire as in ancient texts in a weird and frightening way ancient warnings and modern sciences premises were matching up if this phenomenon was known and understood by ancient builders and tick prophecies were shedding a new light there were no prophecies but forecasts based on real knowledge at the beginning of our civilization knowledge was priests business were they the quartz of some ancient knowledge in a recovering world with the mission of transmitting a salutary message 30 years what if through these enigmatic instructions builders wanted to warn us against the cyclic or unpredictable events that could eradicate their own civilization so bad that thousands of years later we wouldn't even remember them what happened to them now you may understand my citations to share those conclusions because this quest to the source of our civilization took me where I would have preferred not to go it was paradoxical to learn that a Janeiro civilization lived on our planet so generous that it warmed the necks of a potential threat and at the same time to realize that our time was running out it was raising so many questions that I felt dizzy [Music] researchers finally get those phones to light away having met some of the most reluctant opponents to that kind of faces who wouldn't even consider them I bear no qualms about the fate of this movie this work will probably be misshaped attacked on its details and drawn out of context to be trivialized even worse so my kid are the persons without answering their questions but only facts matter and my informant is inviting everyone to further this huge work of understanding because according to him the current climate change is queueing the apparel announced by the builders although these conclusions are frightening one can't deny them and without evidence but in doubt and given what's at stake we'd better give our whole attention to it if the builders took the time to warn us it was probably because the loophole was available otherwise it would have been useless to do it [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you
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The woman narrators voice is very difficult to understand-- unwatchable

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I wanna know more about this Pooyard fella..

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