Master Mentalist Lior Suchard amazes kim kardashian on the tonight show

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a little bit later one of the most incredible mental is she loved to see Liang sushar does it you know this guy was here last year and he astounded I don't know how he does this it's amazing Rikki maybe he told you to think of a song just think of it Ricky knows more songs than anybody and he gets the song yeah and it's not a trick there must be I don't know how he does it well he'll be out here annoying me a little bit later and we'll see but it's amazing it's just amazing does what he does he calls himself a supernatural entertainer he can read minds he moves objects without touching him it's amazing we had him on a while ago just blew everybody wave we brought him back please welcome we are so shard Leon [Applause] [Music] welcome back how you been thank you I've been great I've been doing lots of stuff I know I know you've been annoying me and amazing me at the same time I love to do it what do you been up to lately what are you doing like wow I was here last year right uh have a doing shows all over the world I'm doing lots of special events I had a show in Las Vegas mm-hmm working on a book lots of lots of cool well yeah I know you go all over the world what's the most skeptical people The Tonight Show was jaylen really well I maybe what are you gonna do tonight well actually actually you know by performing in casinos people always ask me if it's possible if you do all those mind-reading starts why don't you go to a casino and you with money right I go huh I go you didn't I win sometimes you know loses yeah but I actually actually brought something this is this is a casino die okay from Las Vegas from the novelty stores okay it was an actual Diet close to your chest like this this now when you look down right now which number do you see I see five you see five change it to a different number what do you see for four that's not the impressive part by the way instead up for me for a second I can do me a favor please stand up I'll do something together come around come around stand over there yeah I don't want to look what you're choosing so just hold it like this I'm gonna be with this I'm going to look sweating you so you keep United everything is fair enough looking at the monitors Jay I want you to show a number to the viewers at home and then look at it and tell me if you got it you got it any number you want you got it okay show them the number yeah and I don't want you to look at it right now are you looking at it mm-hmm by any chance is it number one yes it's number one okay good good good now I took everybody chooses number one and the first time it's looking change it to something else do me a favor keep I want can you cover my eyes just put your hands on mine okay so everything is fair do you have another number any number you want are you looking at it yes look at it you have to look at it because I need to control you I see oh you have it yes by the way I already know your number I just love this it means nice you have the number yes engine number three yes it's the number three in every three right now you're starting to piss me off I don't again again again again again different all right cover my eyes and cover my eyes cover my eyes whatever you want fair mmm are you looking at right now yes by the way most people when they choose one and then to go with three most people to go back to [Applause] it's just a warm-up yes all right now what else do you have for this you always ask me like all the audience here like you how do you do it right and when they ask me I always tell them if I tell you I would have to kill you right right okay no don't laugh there was a guy in the middle of my show yes who stood up start to scream and how do you do it and I told him if I tell you I have to kill you but then he stood up and told me can you please tell my wife thank you I'm in a surprise for you we're going to do an experiment of random choices an experiment of three-wheeled free choice I've been doing a little reading lately actually lots of lots of newspapers different from Los Angeles to New York local newspapers and this is a test of intuition and how this will work if this will work that I'd be amazing if not I'm just gonna run or something I'm gonna feel it all over here okay the first selection is gonna be yours first let's grab something one of them before you do just you know use your energy use your intuition grab one of them no I'll grab this here this one fair choice needy okay so this is officials the next election king who are you I know I was warm-up before this but you have no idea what's about to happen right no idea take the newspaper Jay selected this newspaper please open it any place you want no I'm gonna come close to you and I want to be very closely to you can see I can look with you it's okay okay so just any page just oh you could just open it like this and page in it yeah I'll take the business section business very important this one okay and now in business here okay a third selection left side or right side quickly right side right side so we'll go like this right aha you wanted this one of course with you the top side or the bottom side topside topside so this is the one right so now let me go through something now you and I can wash this but the onions would have to supply this so if you see how I can point different words either said season right over here it says blush we're here at TV pilots lots of words okay I wanted to move move my hand after down left right just use your intuition we can look both of us whatever you want you can stop on a word that one over here exactly just use your pure intuition for this this is an experiment okay over there take your time I get paid by the hour yeah here yeah this one yeah no just use your intuition you want that word or another one another one okay so just choose the truth so this is interesting right there right now both of us we can look together both of us we can look together you got it just pick it it you got it no me just Rica it's very important okay there are about hundred newspapers over here right you chose one from the one you chose the business from the business you chose the page from the page it shows left side and right sides then you chose the specific look word then you change your mind a different word what is the possibility that someone could know this kinda stuff this is no way right impossible impossible listen I'm so excited and I'm a little worried here by the way for the first time tell everybody your chosen word what was the word that you chose well one summer what summer like summer like it's summertime summertime I'm really excited I have to tell you something I'm really let me just go like this Wow yeah I'm really because because nobody could know this right this stuff I actually I'm just unbutton mentalist King I'm actually I actually I actually wrote here something very interesting which is if I wrote me I wrote I think but yeah this is interesting it's kind of weird right but he wrote I think him will choose summer can you can you move the hounds up for let's do something but before that listen I have to do something well you got one minute quicker one minute one minute yes Kim I always love to read minds question out loud don't say do you remember the name of your first kiss ever on the mouth on the cheek you remember yes what is your age 10 or 11 any chance anybody hears crack anyone anyone can tell me that no one would ever know this much give me this give me your hands I'm just sitting your ring wait it's a Gerrard oh my god I'm so embarrassed that he'll even remember that I remember in general right [Music]
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