Candid Camera Classic: Ticket in Your Own Driveway!

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and here's Deana writing her first ticket gonna have to give you a parking ticket today well now she's got to explain things to this woman watch it's a problem with me working with migrate way oh you're uh you're blocking a pedestrian walkway here this is my house pedestrian walkway this right here right you need about a foot more clearance on that side on this side between your curb and where you actually have your vehicle that's ridiculous well this is my house my parking we're trying to keep everybody safe though we're trying to keep thoroughfares open so pedestrians can have it drug dealers in this house over here and you're coming I'm parking enforcement I'm not I don't handle crimes on this road you're much too close to the right curb this road yeah this role my my driveway well you may call it that but we call it a road really sure I'm okay I didn't really do yeah when you do Park in this type of a roadway you can't be this close to this curve and you surely can't block the pedestrian walkway here okay you need to keep this wide open for people coming out okay okay good so absolutely my opinion this is whatever we're trying to keep everybody I do you give it to me this is I know my husband's gonna probably fight this and talk to you guys you know we're judging you guys this is I guarantee it what's wrong with it just trying to get you off the media that's absolute truth and I know my husband is he on the City Planning Commission and I'm telling you you're you wait I'm well as long as you're right if you did cement that in you better I can't cuz you know we've been parking like this forever and this is absolutely stupid you got nothing better to do I am gonna talk to the Chief of Police because believing I know it so give me the ticket again in my own driveway oh okay I'm sorry go now I've never heard of it I've been here for five years and I've never heard of it that person will get a ticket they will get a ticket today I'm going there next thank you for pointing them out to everybody well no this gentleman is far enough up he's okay he's not blocking a pedestrian walkway he's not blocking for blocking a thoroughfare he's doing fine these people are fine what's your name you should have a name my name is Mary my name is Mary Salas Mary Salas yes okay let me call you like a phone call okay before you go in can you do me a favor when you when you come back out for one thing will you move your car back a foot yeah that's fine okay I'm gonna leave you're gonna leave okay can you also look right over there and smile I knew it I knew it Joe right you're on candid camera shut up I got you're joking what are you doing at Hollister I need you know what I knew it I knew it I can you guys are not sly enough
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Published: Thu Oct 13 2016
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