America's Got Talent 2016 Tape Face The Next Chaplin Full Judge Cuts Clips S11E10

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two three four five yep you're older than 2000 3940 I thought that was clever unique funny and by this time tomorrow everyone in America is gonna know your name you ever going to talk hey please how have you been doing since the last time we saw you good looking good people are nervous back there anything you want to tell us alright then start right what did you think people are gonna be doing the stuff that you're doing tomorrow I would imagine kids all over America in school are gonna put tape on their t-shirts and stand behind with their envelopes I love you today I think what you do is very clever - I know Mead can't bear this kind of act cuz it's a bit circusy but you're like mr. bean or charlie chaplin yeah yeah bean I like the fat I've got no idea who you are and I never want to know how'd it go I love that he's being interviewed now they liked you now we can do is wait I'm alright let's wait let's go to commercial
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Published: Wed Jul 20 2016
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