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I've been eventually fish since I was 12 years old it's romantic words the ladies love to hear real was fantastic for yes from me this is a whole new stage this now it's the biggest showcase in the whole of the country I can't wait to see Amanda again I love performing with Arthur larga he's just got that little something special about him he's a dirty old man basically how do you put up with it I have to really yeah he helps me pay the bills to do all right yeah we've got a little baby Lola now and I make people laugh for a living to provide for my family so it's been very very hard work just be really nice to prove you know to everybody that I haven't just been playing with dolls and talking to myself 25 years for nothing how I want to make something of this yeah straining it if I can get a bit closer to the Royal Variety Performance and my dream has come true thank you very much thank you good evening hello hello ma'am I'm gonna have a drink I got children oh I'm sorry oh it's awful Agha oh honey hmm put your lighters in the ha ha ha why you thinking that song I'm sorry I just can't get out your head listen you need to change the subject I do Amanda get a kiss the man who doesn't want to kiss you you're made out of foam yeah and then agree phone which I mean memory foam aren't gonna give you a night you know they're gonna so get why did you ask Alicia out all right you get out don't be so rude a lot to you in it I tell you what give her your best chat up line okay Alicia are you single or are you married in other words are you looking or are you cooking why are you laughing the Zainal isn't that's because Simon loves singing what if I sing with the audience doing it and I tell you that when you're on the stage the audience will do almost anything you tell them Amanda get your kit off hey I said almost alright leave your shoes on come on if JLo can do it mmm right I tell you what offer you need to take it easy why because you've recently had a hip hop yeah hit Oh mmm pip pip pop pip take it away altogether now I'd on the look into the rhythm of the look at your knees this is a hip hop hip feed to the hip hip hop you don't saw the rocking bang bang boogie ID on the body rhythm of the boogie beats hip hop hip hop you're gonna start back into the cĂ­mon yes oh geez what did you think of my performance Steve I did not like it absolutely loved it I'm gonna be honest with you I did go into this not particularly looking forward to the app because I'm not really a fan of ventriloquist's but I take back those thoughts actually because I think that is very distracting by the way it was fun even though I can't say - did you did you did much much better than I thought congratulation thank you thank you take it it's very rare actually when the dummy is actually taller than the real person now you know what I know I'm telling absolute true the scene it's me and Simon actually had a bet about you because I thought you were that good you're gonna be in the final I think after tonight Simon's gonna have to give me that pound no I absolutely love you an offer lager I think your great partnership lovely surprised to see Simon make an appearance me you by the way well I guess you like a big version of you you know you're naturally following the material was great and I loved you when I first making the audition I think you did even better tonight your craft you've worked on it for years and years and years and this is a huge break for you it's a difficult genre you're in a show full of dancers and singers and people with music and fireworks and everything else but I think what you've achieved on your own with Simon and Arthur Locker was amazing so well done
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Published: Sat Jun 01 2013
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