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Welcome back guys Good evening honorable to this lady from we are from India. It's a danger act right is a dangerous. Yes. It's very dangerous How tall are you I'm seven six seven six Come here for second stand next to him Oh My god Thank you He put his hands on your hip and whispered to you, what did he say I Can't say what he said. Okay, I Can't wait to see what you're gonna do. Okay. Good luck You're trying to get home What's he doing now? Don't try this at home or anywhere Last time liked our performance, but the only thing I would say is this is all about being authentic We should be learning from you. Not the other way around so you have to be the bosses Now this round we really want to show Simon that we are no boss We really want to step it up from last time so for this round we were hers Our songs this time we're a little more personal it's about Simon, but it's also better experience last time would you care to get more personal and Does drip is really cute. I'll see them in a bag. There's nothing like this. There's more swag swag. Are you? Making it to the knife shows could change our life forever. We want to be the next Wonder Girl Like they're touring around the world now and we hope we hope to do that How are you I'm really good. Thank you. Just remind me and everyone else. Who are you? And why are you here tonight? Well, we are g-force. We're from Toronto. Yeah Last time, you said we need to be our own bosses And this one we really want to show you that we are the way always has been All right, so what's this unquote well, it's called Simon Says I'm excited to hear this song. That's all I have to say. Are you ready? I hope so What up, there's about a million judges in here tonight. This is important. So good luck It's kind of cool I said what you think there's everything that we have see is everything not what you wanna be We're not gonna be bone. He's his honesty is what we're gonna key So we said a bit early look up every day and Eve has don't hurry not serve over here It was all a bit blurry but haven't been told kado word. If simon says that was a toss their sons a dog I totally diluted wanna see already absolutely categorically We're going back to school, it's top secret being out feeling why did we win? What does that mean? It's gonna change It's added we have to bring it girl Okay, the reason I wanted to become a judge on America's Got Talent is precisely for this moment An even bigger fan is when you said we are our own bosses and always have this Hey, we think you guys are incredible the swag the confidence the attitude like whatever you're selling I'm buying It is amazing Listen you're adorable. You're good dancers, you're good singers, but if I've got to be totally honest with you I couldn't hear a word. All I heard was Simon Says and jump I didn't feel that this performance had the same impact as your first I don't think What is Simon gonna say I have a real hate with groups who are told what to say Everything's rehearsed it never ever works because it's all about authenticity Having said that I think this is a way way better audition than the first time we See a lot of amazing salmon here tonight only seven can go through so good luck Tom Chambers, I'm 26 and I do magic it can be difficult living life as a full-time addition I was once hired to perform magic at a Funeral. What did you say when you got the bookie? I said how much? Going into the first round We couldn't have gone better everybody likes B is right you I'm gonna remember Magic is moving away from the rabbits and the doves. I want to bring freshness and cordis to the board of magic So I can't get too comfortable. Let me see your form So the second round I'll come up with something bigger and better This next guy, I'd like to superstition what I bring is good to prove that I belong in the live shows I'm really good. I'm really happy to be here. Thanks for having me back. How did you prepare for this time around? You know what? It's around to you've got to step it up and if this goes well tonight I know that it will all have been worth it. So it means a lot It means a lot of poise what I'm trying to say Folks round one was all about the beers but this is judge's cutter moving up in the world So it's time for a cocktail and Julie and you get to decide what it's going to be Please take this cocktail list have a look there and just think of anyone. Okay, and so you can't change your mind Please just take that and do a nice big circle around your choice. Simon can see but don't let me see Okay, once you don't put that down so you can remember that. My assistant is gonna get back to that very shortly Oh and by assistant, I don't mean, you know, the beautiful lady in a sparkly, red dress That's a little outdated if you ask me, I think my assistants is a little more up with the times her name Silly, isn't she adorable? I made the dress myself Five Siri, this outfit is humiliating and completely ugly I thought okay. We'll ditch the dress How does it feel to remove the ladies clothes for the first time in three years How do you even know that your internet history makes it very clear Anyway, it's time for some magic right Simon Please name any number between one and ten seven seven. Thanks, gorgeous Now the burly man with the chiseled good looks and the incredible triceps. Oh, that's definitely Howie Yes, that's the one sorry Dwayne's name any suit hearts clubs spades or diamond arts hot So that would be the seven of hearts Now what great check this out? Amazing there it is your card folded up How do we know that's go on take it Lose my mind Let's get to the good stuff, okay Julianne what is the drink that you are thinking of what trick are you thinking of tequila sunrise nice choice coming up Yeah, okay, I guess that kind of looks a little bit like a tequila tequila sunrise No, no, this means nothing unless this actually tastes like a tequila sunrise Julia Can you please give us a taste and let us know? Is that a tequila sunrise I? Smelled it first So much What do you think This is the best magic I've ever seen and it didn't feel like I was watching magic, you know Like you so cool and like sorry I'd wait. Wait, just call me cool It was incredible man, sir, thank you for showing us something different. Thank you for being innovative No idea how you did any of that you are pure magic way to go This part of the showing had to be honest with you to me is Have you stepped up? There is no denying your talent. I just for me He just wasn't as dynamic as your personal vision. I think you could have done better today Xpanel right now, we'll definitely be Deliberating over this and it's gonna be a hard job. There's only seven spots. So we'll see if you didn't get through. Thank you So much My first audition was place to mount angel Coming back I knew that I had to step it up. So what I'm doing this time is sufficiently different This chance could change my life It's not a perfect situation to be honest Personally I'm fine. Oh I'd put this off long enough I loved about you as you are a showman and you show a different side of yourself You're taking a gamble that gamble paid off. Well, wish you the best of luck It's finest standing up on my own two feet It's conversation ain't coming easily And dog did not always get anything. I think that we could So see you stay with it, right Cuz there's so much wrong there be so much Going on outside Welcome back Alex. So after your first audition you blew all the judges away except for Simon You've got on a bird to come to America. No, I'm really sorry, but it's a No So, what do you plan to do today to get Simon on your side I would like to try paint Something different it means real story, which will Simon understand. Thank you Alex take it away. Thank you so much Even if Simon's not on Simon Simon, do you understand so far? Yep, I've got it. Okay We chose More We cannot be on the ground we're breathing again Forever man This is a story of exactly what this show is chasing a dream that seems impossible and Conquering that dream and that's what we watch each and every day where people come here with a dream and their lives are changed forever Thank you so much You're an amazing storyteller, you know, you took me on this journey that was incredible like I felt something like deep emotional connection to Everything he was drawing what made you want to tell that story today? Simon Well, the reason I criticized you the first time was I thought at the time it will make you be better The next time we saw you And I was right Kidding aside. I got goose bumps on my goose bumps Literally, I think you is one of the best acts we've seen today. I'm gonna be honest Hey guys, this is V from Mumbai, India We have watched America's Got Talent for six years It's the huge thing for anybody on the world and we can't believe that we were on that stage What we do is It was like really great was like yes man be impressed helped audience as well as the judge this is gonna change your life I really do believe that In America the people are very good here like they greet every time when we walked through the streets hi Hello being in America. So awesome We are practicing non-stop, we have to like do something which they never seen Being one step from the live show it's like unreal for us can somebody like pinch me it's like amazing, man Thank you, would you like to start off by just introducing Yourselves and why you entered America's Got Talent. So hey guys, we are we unbeatable from Mumbai India and So we I'm here to fulfill the dream orphan boy whose name is because and and because this experiment ittle bit more about that, so six years ago we were doing rehearsals and suddenly though like Incident happened and he pulled down and like good then Like his body was paralyzed from here and Okay, so after a few weeks he passed away and like we were all broken His dream was to be on the stage like this. So yes, we are doing all this for him You had a great first audition Our decisions really are based on who we think the audience would like to put through and hopefully fulfill your dreams So the best of luck to everyone I guess almost Angus almost, you know I was about this you at home for real Julia There is so much power obviously the tricks in the riskiness Some people are just dance crews and some people are just acrobats. You have the combination of both very very proud Do you know what these guys reminded me about They're actually we all have the best job in the world and to see your enthusiasm Really just taking it in that your honor and in America's Got Talent stage These are times. I believe when we probably need each other Please trust me. We need you and I hope we can do something in return back for you Thank You. Saul most always Put your hand on my heart My heart my heart is beating at a rapid pace That I haven't felt before As a former athlete right, it's 30 of you guys on this stage 29 29 That's around 30 sound better. I Know the practice time it takes I know the sacrifice it takes I Had this saying that whenever I hit a big shot whenever I hit a game-winner whenever he was one of those moments I jumped up On the stand and I said, this is my house and today on this stage This is y'all house That There will be no deliberations you are going straight to the live show in Hollywood Oh, maybe it's very fun now, I think it's sort of ours There's so much talent here If I could see everything then that would be another nerve that I'd have to deal with All I can do it be myself That was born and raised in Winnsboro, Louisiana, I worked as a carpenter all my life When I was a little girl, he's like my hero When he came home the first thing that he would do Pull it good time and we sit there and play music Every chance I got I played my music and then four years ago my site started to deteriorating My daughter always traveled with me She gave up her career to Follow mine and I realized I have no excuse not to follow my dream And they ought to be seeing an original song tonight At 65 years old I'm living my dream Now I gotta do is win a million dollars Welcome back my friends. Thank you so much and just tell everyone your name again, please. My name is Robert Finley I'm from Winnsboro, Louisiana. I'm 65 years old 86 to go through what would it mean to you to go through to the live shows at the Dolby? It was a part of my life that was missing. So I'm here to fill the missing puzzle I was carpenter by trade then I got to where I Couldn't see you well enough to read the tape measure. So my great daughter that's here somewhere in New Orleans My daughter bought me a rocking chair and I told her baby You could take that back to the store get your money back because I'm not sitting in a rocking chair. I'm rocking and rolling Thank you Maris and Wawa I know you understand Don't tell me don't bother Ready for a wacky lady. I'm married to me Valarie sassy pass or sassafras. That's me. Yeah I'm here to do an original song called girls night out and every time Not you, I'll tell you how crazy this is So crazy if I'm saying yes What are you having mind to step it up to bring it to take it to the next level? What have you done? I add more energy to my track I brought my two beautiful backup dancers and y'all are gonna see it tonight I Can't wait to see what you've done Come on out dancers run out dancers It's the sassy passers All right, yeah, mr. Deejay Thank you, I love that your backup dancers aren't even sure when this ends Gabrielle Valerie sassafras you had me at I'm horny, and I'm lazy. Let's get crazy We're gonna fight for you. Thanks Valerie. Thank you. Good I believe that Miss sass is my wife spirit animal You are what I see a lot of nights Visit my wife that's your wife. That's my wife All right Simon you want me to be honest I thought your first audition was better It was the same song it's a remix I Rumors no is actually less energetic actually Battery thank you. You know what it looks like It looks like you took one of those uber share and these two ladies go. Where did we end up? Now there's only six spots left but you go now and will deliberate there will be people fighting for you just so you know Wait till you get home. Yeah, she likes it. No My name is Ryan E Miller, I am 36 years old and I am a stand-up comedian. Obviously. I have a Disability, I think the technical term for it is being very handsome. I Wanted to go for an hour They let me I would have done that. The other thing I wanted to be was a pro wrestler I was gonna be the cripple threat You are authentic and I believe that you should be in the finals here. I love you. Thank you That's such so validating for me. It was the type of thing. I've been wanting to hear and I know I've been ready to hear Life growing up was a little rough my dad He was a pretty hardcore alcoholic I'm an old trailer park kid. So we grew up very poor You know my my brother slept on the floor. I slept on the floor. I Would make jokes about it, you know like that. That's how I that's how you deal with everything You're all looking at me the same way that people do the public restroom. How's this gonna work? It is an odd life doing these little gigs. I'm sleeping in my car Usually eat something I probably shouldn't often from a gas station or something similar Thank you so much there was only a few things that my dad and I really bonded on it was a Chicago Cubs baseball which to this day? I'm still a huge fan and The other big one was actually stand-up comedy The day that my dad passed away I did a show I Am never happier than when I'm on stage and that's kind of how I deal with it It does make me sad he's not alive to see this because he would have got a big kick out of singing his side on television so What are you gonna do You know and being able to be here with him to see him chase his dream means everything to me I'm so so very proud of that child. I want to win this show You know, I'm still going to eat the guests they should pizza don't get me wrong I just don't have to anymore now I get to do it for love of the game As a comedian and who's here with you tonight, right I have some of my friends here and I also have my mom who is up there Well, Ryan, I don't want to hold you up, how about it. Thank you so much Very happy to be back here in Los Angeles Actually just flew in from Indiana and border my arms missing Well--that's United for you People always want to underestimate me because I have this disability people underestimate me all the time I had a woman come up to me after a show recently and she had some questions. She was like oh, oh, oh, okay Can can you drive? And I was like, yeah. Oh good for you good for you good for you make it happen Can you read And I was like well, not Braille but I'm on the road a lot. So I'm not in these towns very often So they don't really get to know me, you know, I'll show up in these towns and I'll mess with their world and I'm out Drive thrus were probably the worst that drive trees really bad. Like this is not in the training. I Went through a drive-through a couple weeks ago. And as I was leaving the woman signed, thank you to me We had been talking we've been talking the entire time So now I don't know if it's just a quirky thing that she does or if she thought I might have all the Disabilities and she was just covering her bases Thinking about dating again thinking about dating I am a single I'm single. I'm a single man cut Not for long apparently because for me it's really hard to date girls cuz they're always like No Don't know what that's about I think would help if I could dress better. I think that would help a lot So I would love to dress better, you know wear a nice button-up shirt with a collar I could reach that'd be awesome But I can't wear a shirt like that. It's too dangerous Cuz here's what happened. Say I put on a nice button-up shirt. I wanted to look fantastic For the ladies in the house tonight. The problem is if I don't take one of you home with me Well, I'm sleeping in a button-up shirt If I can get everybody in except for that top one Then I'm just going to be running around the house looking like a crippled cholo Just a sadness tape wiping in the wind behind me. I'm looking for scissors so I could cut it then I remember I'm not supposed to have scissors under ideal conditions. Let alone near my jugular So this is what you get All right. I'm writing email you guys. Thank you so much Oh My gosh, you know how I feel about you. I love you You are just funny and bright and lovable and memorable and deserve a spot on this show You are one-of-a-kind you are 101 and you own it and it is just incredible to see I could listen to you all day Thank you for those laughs. Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you And the second you walked on I actually felt you are having the time of your life Genuinely, and and when a comedian is confident, it makes us feel confident What would you do if you put it
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