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here we are at the end of another week with another ultimate battle the boys will go head to head to head to contract one of the simplest pleasures in life the bacon sandwich they will each come up with a unique twist to win a brownie point and I will judge them at the end let's see what they come up with this is literally one of the only times that adding sadder to anything has made it better bacon sandwich here BLT here counteract it with a cheese sauce BLT crock with damn here first up I'm gonna make my own homemade tomato ketchup I know right I'm gonna dice a ton of tomatoes right for me bacon sandwiches and sweet chili sauce over one sandwich that bacon and chili sauce between two bagels and now we're talkin put that bagel on a man mosa eat that bacon bagel and the man Mouser seriously though the two of been designed so that when you take a bite of the bagel and then drink the mimosa do you wanna know how to win ultimate battle make a croque madame BLT you make a kimchi grilled cheese sandwich and then wrap it in an epic meal inspired bacon weave I was expecting some sort of reaction but yeah I will just get on with it to saw I'm gonna make a cheese sauce butter let it melt chucking some flour stir in add your milk a bit at a time then chucking some Parmesan cheese and half your cheddar in some kimchi I put the second half of my cheese in now because your idea is I don't want to melt too much because it can be cooked again sweet chili sauce look at this Korean chili paste gochujang probably that's how it's pronounced brown sugar water honey soy sauce rice wine vinegar no this is I told you that with some freshly chopped chili goes into a pan bring out to the boil then reduce it for 10 minutes that is how you make it and it's freaking delicious like how long does it take to make probably about 20 minutes yeah that's the point of a bacon sandwich yeah I think quick and efficient how long does it take may make so much more Turkish army stew simmer for about an hour quick I need a baker's challenge oh you know I fancy a bacon sandwich in an hour and 20 minutes [Music] what's this bill it's not often you're right but when you said that mine's going to take an hour I got and they'll be hungry what I thought I'd do is make an interim bacon sandwich I'll have a snack as well then if you don't mind I've just shot one of my spices in there as well actually where you're making one Oh No 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 I've got exactly the right amount of bacon I need do a sacrifice 1 no I'll go without I'm already a fat lad there we go yeah chuck it on there chuck it on there you've been eating that way around John was real with you what's wrong with me one of the world's best ultimate bacon sandwiches sorted to add another layer to my cruelty sandwich all about the buttering of your bread I've got butter and some of more might as well the dodgy channels going to mix in the butter and spread on top of the bread I've also quickly gone she got a little boys like where the gochujang in my cheese sauce as well to give an extra kick so look at this and look how much it's the thickened up that is amazing they're half of that I'm gonna stroke over the brush whatever over the top of my bacon and this is smoked streaky bacon that then goes into the oven for 12 minutes to crisp up and the turn it halfway through as well to make sure they're evenly done next up bacon weave baby okay right I've watched a video online about this didn't look too hard oh that's um is that what you call caramelized that's the bottom right [Music] I'm making a batch of assholes boiling milk with bay leaves time [Music] hey you gonna cook that does it fit as well you're not paying over to my side putting it in my butter pot well okay right well well done we're just going to rip some milk on fire you shouldn't take this off the boil fine I'm gonna put it back on fine fine fine oh wow May that looks great sorry is your bacon beef sandwich also a weapon yeah it looks like something you can throw at someone else at Mario Kart yeah and me making a cheese sauce making the cheese sauce yeah I know I'm making a good cheese sauce so it's now game crispy which is good but the thing with bacon is why is mine going to win you I hear you ask well the internet is made up of bacon good a good chat bang as if making my own ketchup it wasn't next-level enough I'm going to go to another next level by adding my own vinegar and sugar reduction another next level another next not even another level nope just another next level think it's that point in time 2 3 hope this works [Music] this is what I've done I have toasted my bagels in the toaster but now I'm gonna griddle them to get char lines so you taste that charcoal II but delicious thing and plus it just looks good bad how's it going well there's things I feel like I shouldn't like but I love this really good make yeah that's great yeah that's wrong why why you know seriously I can't wait to read that what's better sorry that's something else what are you doing nothing did you ask us what the good side is [Music] sprite on sprite sprite [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] as battles go this is what I'm most looking forward to eating three there I say it monstrosity is there anything you know we've done bacon prowl we've done based on the Internet proud first let's yeah man no sir man mo stuff man mo sir you can have that but then after you finished it man though that is a straw or a judge so well played right right well instantly you're playing To Your Strengths which is getting drunk and the rest will follow sweet chili sauce toasted bagel also it's important you have a bite you have a drink the fresh should offset the sweet bottom but it's spicy its salty it's sweet it works with smoky bacon the freshness of this you know how to get what you want so add alcohol drink all of that drink all of that then we'll move on to the judging I like I like the nod to a little bit of fresh lettuce in there yep keep it healthy because everything else is exactly what I want for a really naughty bacon sandwich as bacon Sam just go it isn't absolute mess but a delicious mess like you just want to go back for more berries just gone for internet points yep it's got tomb raider style traps in it in a bacon sandwich battle you'd use the most bacon you've done the internet bacon weave and you paired it with cheese and kimchi it is unreal that's a bacon bagel with a cocktail it's very simple but I thought there's the element there exactly it is toasted it's got the sauce it's got the grilled bacon and it's got a memo it sounds simple well this is probably merging personally my two favorite sandwiches and that is so simple that it's got nowhere to hide so this week my brownie point where is going goes to the bacon weave and I feel like I I almost have to apologize eggs I feel like we've gone to the obvious internet but the kimchi and the cheese isn't absolute winner for me for eight years we've tried to be everything that every meal and as soon as we do if we'd have done eight years ago he might have a lot more subscribe well what I'm bad I only get along you know you guys get alone too so use the poll on YouTube to cast your vote which one would you prefer comment down below if you do anything differently all right you mind one I like this winning thing it's a rare thing for me yeah you might have one but all three recipes were absolutely great so you're gonna get any of the recipes they're all on the website click the link downstairs you'll take you there and if you like all of this stuff then it make sure you subscribe and ring that Bell and if you've missed any videos this week go watch them they were great and we'll be back tomorrow with another fantastic week of video linger minds click on the left if you missed our last video or click on the right video for one of our favorites
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Barry's Bacon Weave Kimchi Grilled Cheese:

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👍︎︎ 2 👤︎︎ u/bob-the-cook 📅︎︎ May 20 2019 🗫︎ replies

My brother is going to love this video, he's obsessed with bacon 🤣

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