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the guys from Paul stars always come across as common friendly no matter how rude a customer gets but at the end of the day they are entrepreneurs and are not there to make friends if you tried to trick them or start making trouble you probably won't be back in the store any time soon and in today's video we're gonna take a look at six customers who were banned from the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop things at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop rarely get out of hand but in October 2011 Daniel Callaghan filed a lawsuit against Rick and the old man for physically assaulting him inside their shop Callahan a Vietnam veteran who walks with a cane got into an argument with the father and son duo before they placed him as he said in the show Cole's dragged him through the store and threw him onto the sidewalk Callahan claimed that he was injured in the incident and his cane as well as the rifle he had brought in for appraisal were damaged he was seeking $20,000 in the suit but according to Corey his father and grandfather can't really be blamed for throwing him out of the shop as he became absolutely irate with a weapon in his hand understandably Callahan was banned from the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop after the incident but he probably wasn't planning on ever coming back to the shop anyway one of the most memorable moments and Pawn Stars happened in the show's second season when a bald guy with a prominent moustache in a foreign accent called Rafael came to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop to sell a limited edition statue by French sculptor Emile de Becque called from 1888 although he kept saying that he didn't know anything about the piece he had a pretty clear idea about how much he wanted for it and got quite upset when Rick gave him his thoughts on the statue if you're a fan of the show you will probably remember Rafael and if the situation hadn't been staged we're pretty sure that he wouldn't be allowed to set foot in the Harrisons pawn shop again after this how about your life to sell do you know much about it I don't know what to tell you Lana this is a statue called Pegasus and this is Perseus in the episode flight of the Chmura file came to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with a bronze statue that he wanted to sell for about six thousand dollars he tell Drake that he didn't know anything about it and ever the teacher the pawn shop owner gave him a lesson telling him that the statue showed Perseus and Pegasus with Perseus wearing a helmet that made him invisible Perseus was the mythological figure that killed Medusa okay and the helmet he's wearing right here made him invisible after ifile stated that he didn't know what Rick was talking about the pawn star fake laughter the joke that we certainly missed and then went on to inform the old man that the cult was a French sculptor born in the 1830s who did a lot of mythological stuff with the Perseus statue being his most famous work after drowning this out Rick started taking a closer look at the statue he pointed out that there were a few cracks that wouldn't be there if it was an original casting and that this was probably a recast from 40 or 50 years earlier that was made long after the cult had died he even found a coining that said made in USA in the statute which was more than enough proof for Rick that it wasn't an original made in 1888 however the customers simply said that he didn't believe him and didn't care what Rick said he stated that what you see in what she can prove was two different stories and appeared to be getting pretty angry even making security guard and want to leave his position at the door and for anyone who hadn't noticed the whole situation was staged yet Reks reaction to his customer telling him that he was full of something that needed to be beat for television should have made it pretty clear at this point almost smiling he lifted his hands and shook his head before his father stepped in and delivered his part explaining that they never buy stuff when they're not sure about it and that the statue just wasn't for them the guy eventually walked out of the shop with the statute saying that it was Rick's loss and that his be that as it may this interesting performance was surely a gain for anyone who loves reality television for Oliver's glorious drama and amateurish acting it's all right I got it that's just what I say we might be wrong we don't know since people coming to a pawn shop are usually looking for some quick cash there is always a risk of items actually being stolen goods and despite their fame and expertise the Harrisons are not safe from buying some stolen items either in 2014 they made the headlines after a woman came to the pawn shop with a collection of pretty valuable gold coins and ended up with a pretty good deal that saw her getting a little over $12,000 for them it later turned out that she had stolen the coins from her uncle but it came even worse for the poor man that only had his niece problem of his coins but he also had no chance of getting them back since the Pawn Stars had decided to melt the coins down in order to make more money from selling the gold than they had initially spent on the coins and if you think that this must have been the sad news for the uncle then listen to this the gold coin collection was actually worth about $50,000 as it contained rare coins like a 1903 State Gardens $20 gold piece silver Morgan coins from the 1880s and contemporary one ounce American Buffalo go pieces so not only did Nevada native David Walters get robbed and will never see his coin collection again but his knees didn't even get a good deal as she got only about a quarter of its worth before she was caught and served a sentence for theft needless to say she also got a lifelong ban from the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop as we mentioned earlier buying stolen items is an ever-present risk for pawn shops and when a sartorially dressed man came to the pawn shop and offered Rick a pair of diamond earrings of the finest quality one day he naturally made further enquiries about how the seller obtained them the man had all the right answers and could even produce a receipt so they came to an agreement than Rick paid $40,000 for the jewelry however three days later the police came to the shop and it turned out that the earrings had been stolen the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop obviously gave them back to the owner and the thief was arrested but the money was lost in according to Rick this was the biggest bust he had ever had in the pawn shop [Music] it sometimes seems like the palm stars are ripping off their customers but they have actually been scammed by people coming into their shop a few times as well and one guy who is probably not welcome in the pawn shop anymore is this one as you might know Rick is usually the one who warns everyone to never buy any items without getting them checked out as well as authenticated by an expert first but in the episode Corey's big play from season five he did exactly the opposite when he bought something despite having doubts about its authenticity and no expand no expert available to take a look at it a guy named Bill had come to the shop and offered him a 19th century Wells Fargo strongbox with two antique prison ball-and-chain says from the Yuma and Folsom prisons looking to get around two grand for everything these prisons are pretty notorious with Yuma being the oldest prison in the state of Arizona which opened in 1870 before Arizona even became a state and Folsom being the second oldest prison in California which opened in 1880 and later became one of the best-known prisons for concerts performed at the facility by musician Johnny Cash in the 1960s unfortunately Rick had some concerns about the authenticity of the Balanchine sets saying that the change would have only been hot welded together during that time while these ones were obviously electrically welded together he also pointed out that the boss never had the prisons names on them since one manufacturer would always produce balls for different prisons I've been buying and selling this stuff my entire life the manufacturers who made these things we're gonna change the dye for every prison this was the moment that seller bill started getting pretty defensive which should have been another red flag for Rick after already identifying the ball and chain sets his fakes but after bill had assured him that the ball and chain sense hadn't come in the box originally rigged decided to make an offer in the Wells Fargo strongbox thinking that it would be pretty easy to find a buyer for it since there's a lot of Wells Fargo boxes in the old Hollywood westerns making them pretty popular among collectors while bill was still hoping to get $1200 for just the box Rick only offered in $400 before they eventually agreed on 450 however when Rick later called mark the beard of knowledge hall-patton to confirm the box was real his hopes of making at least a little were shattered when Mark called the box a complete fantasy piece telling Rick that it was actually one of the most faked items altogether admittedly these following people were not exactly customers at the Harrisons pawn shop but after what they did they will most definitely never become customers at their pawn shop either at the beginning of each episode of Pawn Stars Rick reminds us that you never know what's gonna come through that door and on March 23rd 2016 he was proven all the more right when a group of masked intruders entered the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with shotguns and pistols the posture stated we are a heavily armed store and the doors are usually locked we've actually never been robbed the entire time we've been here but the History Channel show has given us a lot more notoriety so we're a bigger target so after nearly 30 years in the business the Harrisons shop was robbed for the very first time and according to Rick the thieves stole over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in cash and merchandise mostly sports memorabilia and coins following the robbery the pawn shop had to close for a few weeks to sort everything out while the shell was luckily gonna break anyway at the time and just like we're used to hearing him say on the show Rick that also said thankfully I got a buddy of mine who knows a thing or two about property insurance so I gave him a call and he's coming down to help out [Music] [Music] [Music]
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