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the lottery can be a very good thing for some people having suddenly hundreds of thousands millions tens sometimes hundreds occasionally billions of dollars just given to them for buying a ticket or two can be very wonderful but unfortunately for most people it would appear that it's not the case where they throw the money away ending up in some very bad situations of life and that's what we're here to look at tragic lottery stories you won't believe exist and please be sure to leave a like on this video David Edwards a big spender David Edwards went through 12 million dollars in his first year as a lottery legend but hey that must have seemed like a drop in the bucket in comparison to his overall winnings which totaled 270 million dollars after purchasing a Learjet mansions a fleet of cars and squandering away untold amounts of cash poor David debatable to call him that ended up living in a storage unit with his wife have been contracted Hepatitis due to intravenous drug use David died at the age of 58 completely penniless in a hospice somewhere in Kentucky Keith go what a tragic tale Keith go seemed like a really nice guy after winning a whopping in nine million pounds which totals to nearly fifteen million dollars in American in a 2005 Keith pulled out all the stops an avid horse race fan he blew millions at the tracks and other gambling pursuits apparently he wasn't the brightest apple in the barrel either he invested a large amount of his cash in shady business deals in short his wife left him and he ended up penniless so upset he was not over his financial ruin that he suffered a heart attack at the home of his nephew and died Dores Murray all doors Murray's dreams were about to come true when she struck it rich hitting the Georgia state lottery jackpot for five million dollars but unlike some other a lot of winners who squander their money the mother of four kept a low profile and continued to live modestly too bad she didn't have the greatest taste in men after she threatened to break up with her boyfriend he stabbed her to death just a year after she won the lottery family and friends insist it was all for the money Amanda Clayton single mother Amanda Clayton struck at rich hitting the lotto in Michigan for 1 million dollars in 2011 a welfare recipient Clayton had previously struggled to take care of her two kids but greed is a strange thing she was convicted of welfare fraud and sentenced to probation when it was discovered that she continued to receive food stamps after hitting the lotto possibly it could have been a bad drug habit that drove Clayton to deceive the government only 25 years old she was found dead in 2012 due to a drug overdose [Music] Gregory Burch jr. Gregory Bush jr. one nearly half-a-million dollars from a Georgia Lottery in November of 2015 just two months later he was found dead in his home from a gunshot wound after a violent home invasion armed robbers enter the 20 year-olds home with masks and shotguns demanding his money according to his girlfriend who ran for help during the robbery bursh pleaded with them not to kill him in front of his kids he told them they could have his bank card but when the thieves couldn't find his wallet they shot him and ran away Burch had recently used some of his nearly $500,000 fantasy 5 winnings to buy Christmas presents for the less fortunate Evelyn Adams Adams won the New Jersey lottery not just once but twice in fact Adams won twice in just four months which is about a 1 in 17 trillion chance or combined lottery winnings were paid out in annuities but she was a compulsive gambler and also gave large sums to family and friends by 2001 Adams had ran out of money and was living in a trailer [Music] William bud posts the third posts obituary warned that a huge financial win does not guarantee happiness his sixteen point two million dollar Pennsylvania lottery winnings were paid in annual installments of five hundred thousand dollars at time within two weeks he had spent three hundred thousand dollars of it and within three months he was five hundred thousand dollars in debt he bought a car lot a restaurant and an airplane though he did not fly he had a falling-out with his brother who tried to put out a contract on the lives of posts and a sixth life in 1993 post said everybody dreams of winning money but nobody realizes the nightmares that come out of the woodwork or the problems post was found guilty of firing a shotgun at a man who had come to his Oil City mansion they collected car repair debts after he served the sentence he was reportedly living on a $450 a month disability check he had six marriages that ended in divorce and declared bankruptcy post died of respiratory failure at age 66 Willy Hertz within two years of winning the Michigan lottery Hurd was divorced broke and charged with murder in the death of a 30 year old woman in an alleged fight over crack cocaine witnesses said the couple had been drinking and doing drugs for two days before hurt killed her Janet Lee Lee who immigrated from South Korea moved her family into a million dollar home and was generous to a variety of causes given to politicians education and the community but according to published reports Lee filed for bankruptcy in 2001 with only $700 left and two bank accounts and no cash on hand Billy Bob Carl jr. Harrell bought a ranch in homes and cars for several family members and made sizable donations to his church within the Texas lottery winnings but Harrell spent and loaned money at a rate that put a strain on his marriage and he and his wife separated just 20 months after winning the lottery Harold committed suicide Time magazine reported that family members disputed the idea that Harrell could have committed suicide even if it clearly wasn't happy with his life Harold told a financial adviser shortly before his death that when in the lottery is the worst thing that ever happened to me true is were reported by time [Music] Victoria Szell Szell won the Minnesota Powerball jackpot with her husband whom she was in the process of divorcing from 2001 to 2004 Zell was charged with the possession of methamphetamines twice in 2005 she spent a day drinking and using cocaine and told passengers in her SUV she would show them how to drive crazy she ran two stop signs enrolled the SUV killing one of the passengers and paralyzing the other she was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison and settled a civil lawsuit for far more money that she had left Michael Carroll Jarrell was 19 when he won the lottery in England by 2012 labelled the lotto lout and tabloids he was broke living on unemployment benefits and a Middle East huis Idol following a spending spree on cocaine gambling and thousands of hookers his wife left him taking their daughter with her Carroll told the Daily Mail that he didn't have two pennies to rub together Jack Whittaker Whittaker was already a wealthy businessman in West Virginia when he won the jackpot after he won his car was broken in two while at a strip club and 545 thousand dollars in cash was stolen his granddaughter's boyfriend was found dead from an overdose in Whitaker's home and his granddaughter was found dead from an overdose at a friend's house after she was reported missing Whittaker was charged with DUI he was sued by Caesars Atlantic City casino for bouncing 1.5 million dollars worth of checks to cover gambling losses he was also sued by a woman who had previously sued him for not paying her money also Whitaker's daughter was found dead by 2006 Whittaker said he was broke well a lot of cautionary tales here while the lottery for some can be very helpful unfortunately it just seems that a lot of people who do end up winning the lottery don't do too well with that a large amount of money whether it be a few hundred thousand dollars millions of dollars multi millions of dollars the hundreds maybe even over a billion dollars occasionally it is just a lot of money to handle and it seems like most people can't do it at least those who try to earn money in the lottery I don't even know if I call it earned money let's just try to get money and also please let us know down below in the comment section if you've had a lottery winning story or perhaps you know someone who has whether if it's a friend or a family member potentially a neighbor or something or even yourself alright have a wonderful of your day and be very careful with money good bye
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