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have we been long overdue for retail apocalypse how long is it gonna be until Amazon takes your job not every company out there was meant to be around forever and the US has had a surplus on retail stores and restaurants for a while now it was only a matter of time before they went bankrupt or closed up shops today we're gonna take a look at some businesses that are going through some tough times right now in 2019 hey guys this is America and I screw you another great video here our company's going out of business number 13 subway subway was extremely popular the 1990s and even - mm but recently they've had some serious issues they've been closing up shops across the u.s. for a variety of reasons this includes an increase in price and their spokesman's personal live to top it off in any case we'll remember how convenient was to get a $5 footlong which was enough to fill you up for lunch now prices have soared to the point where most sandwiches are over $8 it was also revealed that subway has been filling their chicken full of soy in an effort to reduce Gus although subway denies these claims it damaged a reputation it was also revealed that their bread contained an ingredient that was used in yoga mats the ingredient which is hard to pronounce is found in over 500 different foods in Queen little Debbie's honey buns hot dog buns Pillsbury toaster strudels and various biscuits made by Jimmy Dean it's basically used as a chemical foaming agent mixing the plastic materials some bread even labeled a hundred percent whole we contained this artificial ingredient as well but somehow subway call the flak for it number 12 Burger King Burger King has had a ton of competition with companies like Wendy's Arby's and of course McDonald's there are almost too many fast-food restaurants to keep up with the demand and only the best are gonna survive many feel as though it was all over for Burger King once they decide to change their fries more bad publicity wouldn't make it easier for the food chain either most people don't go to Burger King for foot fungus but that might be exactly what you get this photo here was uploaded on 4chan anonymously with his feet crew lean and tub full of lettuce he stayed on the post that this is the kind of lettuce you get at Burger King is it worse with our shoes on or without this photo here was captured and may feel high it's Ohio and Burger King fired three people who they believed to be involved with the making this number 11 Sonic during a time when people are trying to cut back some calories Sonic just tends to offer some of the most unhealthy food imaginable and people are beginning to wake up if you would like to become obese you can order a super sonic bacon double cheeseburger with Mayo which contains 1240 calories along with 87 grams of fat go ahead and wash that down with the hot fudge shape with 1,350 calories and 162 grams of sugar if you do this you'll be over your daily calorie intake our people starting to realize how bad this stuff is for them or what healthy options are few and far between Plus how many of us are getting tired of the same commercial with those two guys in the front seat of their car Minnie would prefer to gain something a little bit on the sabres side and get something from in and out instead number 10 Victoria's Secret Victoria has a little secret that she doesn't want everyone to know about some of fruit stores like many stores in the mall are having trouble making sales Victoria announced that she'll be closing 53 stores after a decrease in sales in 2018 sales fell nearly 7 percent over the last year and did not sell nearly as much lingerie as it would have hoped for during Christmas time the Breanna is receiving some backlash after the me2 movement after refusing to promote plus-sized and transsexual models during their runway shows but could there be other reasons why women aren't buying their lingerie anymore our women finding themselves less attractive in lingerie do they feel less inclined to impress men with fancy underwear or are men just tired of buying their girlfriend's expensive presence from this place customers claim that the quality of their products has gone down as well so who knows it's estimated that they might close another 200 shops before the end of the year let us know why you think they're closing up shops in the comment section number 9 jewelry shops jewelry shops across us are starting to get a little bit desperate for customers as Signet jewelers recently shut down over Hajin 50 stores this year this company includes jewelers such as Zales Kay and Jared who are known for their diamond rings Signet jewelers closed down another 250 shops for our corporate workers and salon as a part of a three-year plan to turn things around so what's the deal our man just turn away from the family life and not get married with the vorse raider the roof and marriage at an all-time low you'd only imagine that the ring business is not doing so well here in this graph see that marriage levels have been on the decline since 1980 divorce has also been more common since the no-fault divorce laws were passed but nearly half of all marriages end in divorce does this seem like a promising investment to you number 8 David's Bridal another way you can tell that marriage is less common here in the u.s. is when a wedding dress shop goes bankrupt the company was getting so far in debt that they declared for bankruptcy and are currently owned by Oaktree Capital Group although they didn't close down any shops it appears as though they will in the future you also want to work on getting their online presence in the meantime it currently owns anywhere from 500 million to 1 billion dollars to creditors according to the court records they've also tried to appeal to those who want to do a wedding on the budget by selling more affordable casual wedding gear hear this pause be encourage more people to seal the deal who knows number 7 pay less pay less is closing stores likely because it couldn't keep up with their name which promises that customers will pay less pay less closed all their stores in Canada and the US due to low sales in February of 2019 they decide to liquidize all their assets and over 2400 people in Canada alone lost their jobs just two years ago in the US over 400 shops were closed and the company would under creditor protection in April of 2017 they file for chapter 11 bankruptcy which is never a good sign for things to come while many of you would like to point the blame on Amazon for this one the most obvious reason would likely be because they're just way too many stores lots of money gets involved with keeping shoes and stuck in different sizes for kids and women to rent and labor surly don't make things any cheaper customers were willing to pay less but at the same time the quality wasn't all that great in the first place number 6 Tesla stores Tesla is still a relatively new company but they are quick to notice a trend of online shopping and started clothing stores in March of 2019 CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla was launching a review of its sales and marketing effort and will start closing stores just a couple months ago this kind of makes a little bit difficult to go on a test drive for a Tesla and some things are really meant to be sold online it makes it much more difficult to buy an automobile that's already $35,000 and makes it more difficult for older people who aren't internet savvy to acquire one after a hundred other stores were closed Munira question this decision number five guitar center if you're looking to get your hands on electric guitar you better do it soon because guitar Center is closing up shop their website is offering clearance sales and massive warehouse markdowns many things are marked hundreds of dollars below their normal price as the company prepares to liquidize all their assets while playing the instrument is often considered to be an encourage thing to do many still come considered to be a luxury that's out of their price range you're lucky if you can find a ukulele here for under a hundred bucks they probably have more guitars on stock than people who actually play the guitar number four GNC while maintaining a healthy diet is always important many people don't see it that way and gene C and places like it such as vitamin shop are going out of business where are people ever gonna find their protein supplements are pretty easy things to order online and you probably can't sample anything there anyways many people don't even feel like their supplements work anyway other supplements that actually did work we're banned by the FDA and it never really seemed to offer anything that was cutting-edge or revolutionary that people were looking for vitamins are likely another marketing scam that earns over a Hajin twenty two billion dollars a year there's not even any evidence that supports that vitamin C will help you with your cold so good riddance number three Home Depot Home Depot announced at the end of 2018 they would be closing down 47 locations in North America with a similar trend in marriage home ownership is taking a plunge in recent times as we can tell from this graph it always seems like it's getting worse too that means that retail stores like Home Depot and Lowe's are gonna suffer as a result people don't need to make repairs to homes they don't own experts feel as though it might become a buyers market in the year 2020 but only by a little bit while many Millennials are already struggling from student debt many are reluctant to buy into the similar concept of gain a mortgage number to Macy's just like many shops you might find that the shopping malls across America Macy's has announced that they're closing down some shops for good in the early part of 2019 Macy's closed down eight shops as a part of a two-year plan closure process as far back as 2016 they say that they would close down at least 200 shops or more and there continue to close down this year the former retail giant has cut over five thousand jobs as we're going for a more online approach many are once again blaming Amazon for the shop closers since you can typically buy everything they sell in line but could that be the only reason some point the blame with their prices competition from Kohl's and Walmart as well as an overall poor shopping experience don't people like trying things on before they buy them oh yeah apparently Amazon lets do that too now and number one Starbucks the founders of this company are from the Northwest Pacific and also their logo is quite mysterious it made quite a few changes to their company within the past 40 years the company certainly appears to be one of the most addictive brands of coffee in the world and we probably see the logo more often than we realize and that could be their problem Starbucks is closing a hundred fifty stores in the US which might not seem like a lot compared to how many Starbucks there are but how much longer until we see that number go in the thousands how long will people be craving overpriced being Jews to the point where they need to go to Starbucks to get it hey guys if you haven't noticed already we're almost at a million subscribers remember to smash that subscribe button
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