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where we showcase the greatest magicians on earth let's meet our next performer I remember I was six years old when I saw it magic on TV and I remember one specific magician he made a card tearing pieces and then restored again I was absolutely amazed by that I start to travel all over and I got some awards it was like a dream and it still is because I'm working with different magicians now that were my idols and still are I am David Copperfield Jorge Blas brings the art of magic to a whole new level through the years I realized that the bigger risks means bigger results and I want to full Penn & Teller so I think it's some risk [Music] [Applause] [Music] magicians in Spain along with the randomly selected audience members they bend the needles to unlock I'd like to tell you a magic fairy tale once upon a time there was a princess named Candace right tonight your majesty we will find you your prince okay not just any Prince but a kind and handsome prince you will love him I'm sure this Prince lives in this beautiful castle right here it may look old-fashioned but I promise you is beachfront property in Malibu should I draw your prints for you okay so now drawing is not one of my greatest talents but Alison could you take the castle for me you're a princess too now what do you look for in a man maybe a crown we in Spain love crowns maybe a happy face like this one I may be big arms watch this is a long tape okay Candace you can swipe left on this one maybe but I promise you my magic is much better than my drawing okay here we have a deck of cards and one of these cards is your prince now you know something an old witch cast a spell and something magical happened can you see this devil which magically transformed the Jack of Diamonds into green information a green card watch green on both sides that's very weird green card these are very hard to get nowadays can you take it up please maybe I should hold it so I don't get deported after the show okay nice so I need you to please check the Jack of Diamonds back to the story you know when the Prince changed to green he started to have conversations like this by the way the prince is called Mike okay you like Mike good so he began to have convulsions and they which magically transformed the Jack of Diamonds into a little creature with little green legs and as you can see he was transformed into a little green frog this this prince may not look like much but he's willing to fulfill your every desire okay you have many styles here I let you two to see that this is the deck of cards okay and you can take a bunch of course so you can see many many desires and I need you to make a choice okay so please cut the cards anywhere you want okay did you cut freely yes do you want to complete and cut again is your choice are you happy so this is the card you just selected I need you to please remember the card at home to please remember the car you see now we will lose the card I need you to push like this so it goes for a meal and now something very interesting comes okay I need you to cut the cards half of the deck okay and now cut again please nice and another cut good did you cut freely okay I need you to put the Jack of Diamonds okay on top of one of the cards we've just selected go ahead put the Frog on top of one of the piles this is not selected right so there are many different cuts here not selected do you want to change your mind no you don't want this one no many cards all different they were not selected okay and last chance candies do you want to change your mind no so you don't like this pile okay they're all different as you can see and you land it on this specific card and you can see here they're all single you can touch them all single cards like this or they are all not selected by you right because Mike took you to one specific card and the cool part is right here is exactly the car you desire [Music] to release the spell and live happily ever after you need to kiss the Frog so I need you to put your hand like this and I will put your desire the seven of hearts and the Yaak of diamonds your frog okay there Prince Mike and I need you to kiss the Frog so watch Mike close okay and now you can see here right here something magical happens now the breeze is free this thing is released but however every time I spell is released another card takes his place can you open the Frog right here in your own hands go ahead open your hands and just see that right there is what your heart's desires the seven comes the big finale of this story let me put the Prince into the deck like this and let me get the Frog again because now the final jump is going to amaze you okay the Frog will jump and land over your prince watch could you please cut the cards [Music] [Music] Johnny's you need an one day frog you want the prints and even this story to have a happy ending [Music] [Applause] thank you thank you for killing tower well maybe the there is something they didn't know yeah how did I get the frog into this country [Music] you do close the magic and big illusion a booby illusion I I do full theaters shows and in Spain and all over Europe and hopefully very soon here do you like the Frog what about the prince you like the prince wait the Frog let's go see what our princes think okay all right bank teller hi how are you how are you you know usually we're the ones who talk in code but you called your little frog Mike your prince Mike and then said come close and for those who watch the credits at the end of the show carefully they'll see that one of our consultants is Mike close one of the finest our very good friend of ours and probably one of the finest magicians alive and the Frog routine the basic idea of the Frog routine is Mike closes and you already dropped that to us we knew that the artists dream as soon as you as soon as you drew the Prince telling you the real Prince was coming once we saw that no surprise there for us a real important part of magic is surprise you see something and if you don't know what's coming you aren't ready to figure it out so we had a guest the prince was coming at a guest that the the the Frog was gonna have the selected garden it we had a guess of all of that and we did not have a guess that you were going to produce a real frog so we were very surprised by that my clothes does not have the real Frog so that surprised us we thought about it quite a bit and now it's our chance to surprise you maybe a little bit we think with that frog coming in this may come as a surprise but we think you fooled us we didn't see you [Applause] [Music] [Applause]
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