Great win...THEN A HUGE WIN!! BIG 00’s! BACK TO BACK WINS! $10,000,000 DAZZLER California Scratchers

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everyone johnny has got the lotto scratchin and we are scratching six of the ten million dollar Dazzler California scratch tickets it is a $180 batch and helping out it's gonna be our error coin there you go that's a nickel as you can see there's Jefferson's head and then there's part of Monticello on the back it's an off-center strike this is rare ish it's not super rare but certainly not common or in circulation but you can find them every now and then okay he's gonna be helping us out real quick on the back odds of winning anything one in 2.71 and then we have two up on the top here get the double dollar for the top part for the number field we can get the two five 10 20 or 50 X or a win all burst and then for the very bottom we need to get a diamond so all that word salad being spewed out so to speak let's get the scratch in the win something okay here we go I need that double dollar sign and let's see they got a rainbow looks like a crown clover or something star and a bell which looks like a nose okay let's uncover the numbers here see if we can find a match for one of these sparkly little boxes are actually kind of annoying to look at we have a 157 39 for 5845 316 7 and or 21 31 24 35 50 - how about a 13 1 2 3 but you can't assemble your own wins 27:51 double do double - so it's not a double do I'm gonna win 12 and no we have a 21 that's to reverse 23 32 no [Music] 4138 come on 54 nothing double 3 no 42 don't see why those 18 5346 that's a one-off [Music] 37:47 56 55 double nickels nope forty-niner no 59 er all the wrong measures 34 3 yeah we got a match there's one ok 29er no in a 6 so let's go down on the bottom just check down here I'll come back up to our match we got something on a bad where to start on the first ticket down here we need the diamond symbol do you know who passed it so okay so we got two things we got the 3 and the diamond let's take a look at the diamond here and by the way you can see this is ticket number 6 we have tickets 1 through 6 so we're going backwards here I forgot to mention but let's see what's down here little zeros 25 bucks ok so let's see what's under number 3 here's our 3 here here's our 3 here let's see what can be under here 50 bucks all right 75 dollars that's not a bad way to start again this is a $180 bench and we got it not quite half but 75 dollars isn't a bad way to get going here all right very good that's thanks 3.75 dollars okay so let's see if we can do that again and let me line this up okay need that double dollar sign dollar just and nothing stack of cash okay that's a little simple search on this one just to mix it up for safe of mixing it up get off of there yeah come on let's do good glittery crap doesn't want to come off 13350 452 29er 6 3 hey there's a win on here back to back that's a 2x rock and roll 32 36 1331 it's a 53 49er 6 8 15 4 [Music] 4224 something 57 ok 14 and 21 so let's uncover and see if there's a matches in addition to our multiplier here are 2 X 45 and all I see is sparkly so it takes a moment to section find the numbers on here 34 no 43 we got 42 and 44 but we need the one in the middle 39 er 16 close but no cigar Niner nope how about a 41 and 19 one Niner nope 28 don't see that last one is a twenty-three and I don't think I see one of those so I'm gonna go down at the bottom here and this one is ticket number five as you can see which I seem to forget until it come down to the bottom as far as ticket numbers so six and five back to back wins there's a piggy we'll see what that means in a second here down here we need a diamond and there's no diamond so okay 2x let's start over in the next county over here okay hmm I know it's a nice big zero I think there's another big zero Hey carousels $200 now that is a nice way to go okay 200 smackers and we got 75 on the first one that's 275 this is a profit session folks that's what we like to see all right now I'm smiling inside because we got 200 we get 75 we spent 180 so you know that's uh what is that ninety five dollars four hundred eighty and if I could do my math yeah that's not too bad let's take a look at that again ding ding ding mmm pause for a moment enjoy it okay it's that here for a sec let's see if we can do it again can we get a triple can we get a triple scratch myself scratch myself again yes you can hear my whistle okay if I'm grossing yet sorry about that and if I'm turning on don't call me okay here we go looking forward the double dollar sign cash started uncover that it saw the first zero I might pause is that really a big circle sometimes it's hard to tell me it's aren't tickets what a big zero is because they look big and then there's even bigger ones next to it you realize they're smaller so nothing on the top there okay let's just do the numbers on this one do this when I get through real quick so I can see the next win jeez I feel like I'm in a machine shop of all this metal looking stuff flying around he's got to get at my eyes it's like they put mirrors on this thing I'm not complaining if I'm winning I'm happy 30 to 35 1327 629 r22 48 16 and 4 let's do it come on let's take the odds of winning and turn them upside down 51:19 one-niner mmm 11:59 er 57 36 okay I'm gonna use the error side there you go there's Jefferson's head he's gonna help 4228 it's a one-off 39 er no 46:41 sorry folks trying some air instead of just brush my hands I turn in my hands black and look a little funky 47 okay shut up and scratch okay forty-niner 343 no Niner it's an upside-down one level threes don't see one of those it's a one-off it looks like double for us 56:45 14 34:15 1:18 75323 31 and 8 nope so another chance down here on the bottom need that diamond symbol and we make it happen three in a row and the answer is going to be I'm gonna be I'm gonna be walkin nope so it's okay you know that was ticket for by the way sorry I didn't show it to you and highlight it ticket for it so they did take it six five before this is gonna be ticket three this time I show you up front there yeah let's try it one more time still got some tasting oh this is the fourth ticket of course we have two more after this double dollar sign please mmm it's a big No all right how many similar search on this one again just because okay and we uses the scratchers because we're interesting and because sometimes you work okay but I gotta tell you my hands aren't exactly tiny and this nickel is not exactly giant so kind of hold on to this puppy it's okay these old coins are kind of fun especially the dog whines they're things you just don't usually see yeah a simple search in so we'll come back at the number of our in a second if I can manage to keep the nickel in the hand it doesn't cut through my fingers a mess that would be for the symbols multiplier wind bursts okay didn't find one let's see if we can find a match for anyone and or all of these numbers six nope 53 53 53 you know 41 and I don't see one of those come on 43 it's a 48 I don't think I see is a 44 and it's not quite the right number 31 dump dump dump dump nope 36 you want another one come on 1217 nope 437 do we have a 37 and I don't think we do this oh this one's not looking too hot yet but there's still a chance down here on the bottom need that diamond symbol sparkle come Islands let's make it Sparkle that's a big big diamond horseshoe okay take it number three there's no good I'm bringing ticket number two into play we have this one and one more so I'm just gonna start from the bottom this time mix it up just a skosh as they say okay let's see if we can find a diamond down here hey is that big diamond again doesn't work no no no it's hop here this one we need that double dollar sign leave bucks where are you wrong form guess so nothing there let's uncover I remember and see if we can find ourselves some matches 43 eleven thirty nine or twelve twenty nine at twenty six twenty four twenty three nineteen and fifty five a bunch of twenties in there come on let's get it everyone match huh 2154 one off tees thirteen same deal 16:27 come on give us another win 25 right in the middle of our 24-hour 26 six 49er 56 Niner 3428 1858 one-niner hey we do have a one-nighter hey I thought was one Niner why not alright another win that's what we want to see let's hope we got something meaty and potato we under there don't eat something nice tofu we under there whatever your preference as long as this wind 8:48 double dose no double for 41 352 117 so looks like we got the one which was what the heck was it - I already lost it 19 okay so yeah the 19 I'll show you right here mm 19 right here use this ticket number 2 and let's see what we can do make some rhymes here okay come on Jefferson we're here they are little zeros little zeros 40 bucks hey it's not a bad batch so far you know I got 75 I got 200 and I got 40 I think that's 315 if I can do my math 315 on 180 our batch I'd say we're doing pretty darn well rock and roll okay last one here it is ticket number one right this forgive my fingers they are blacking up from all this good gosh they're just don't even show you my fingers the scratcher dust is just like lead paint just turning me gray okay enough conversation scratch come on Johnny let's finish up with another win and bring home some big zeros okay let's uncover the numbers let me get it set up so we can see it okay and our number of selections are going to be oh I just he wrote at Jefferson what did you do what did you do can't even tell what my numbers are here okay it's 5446 3:15 18 for 8 I think that's 13 54 and 42 okay so hard to see what they're in they're a little aggressive on the scratch in there 38 don't sleep you can make this work after all 34 again that's a 54 hiding under there and I say that was an 801 it's a one okay 14 Wow sometimes you stick us was I'm scratching that hard and the edge on here is not that sharp and I still plowed right through it like it was butter 21 so we may have to take a second guess second look at this folks when you finish just to make sure yeah that's a 41 okay so double fours no 27:57 no six don't have one of those 1135 26:56 when you can't see the 54 I believe in Niner eight seventeen thirty six seven close but no good double nickels that's a 2259 er 39 er twelve sixteen no double three one Niner one off 58 no 47 no and 37 so nothing in the number field anyway click on to the bottom see if we can find ourselves a diamond that's not a diamond that's not a diamond neither is that and good a feather so I'm going to put down some winners here did a quick look at the numbers on the side of this one I just destroyed just to make sure I didn't miss anything and let me see if I can find our winners one more time 200 X was a nice one doing the next 200 dollars from the 2x there's that one there let me hand to $50 here in front see if I can line them up so you can see them all but I may not be able to and $40 one right there sorry folks said I'm jumping around here but I'm trying to make it so you can actually see what we did okay so that it can't make it work so okay I'll show you the 200 how about that not taking all your time there we go that's the sweet one right there so we got a $200 win a $75 one and a $40 win so that's 275 plus 40 that's three hundred and fifteen dollars we spent one hundred and eighty so that is 120 plus 15 that's a hundred and thirty-five bucks profit so that's not too bad at all 135 not quite double but it's close enough I feel good about it it's gonna help us buy some more tickets for the next one and of course I hope you'll be there and share that moment with us again so hit the like but subscribe leave us a comment good or bad we appreciate you stopping by spending time and all the support we get from you all we appreciate very much thank you we'll see you next time
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