Flat Earther Secrets, Evidence, And Body Language Finally Revealed, BUT No Laughing Is Allowed

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what secrets does the flat earthers evidence and body language reveal that's next welcome back shakers derek van Schaik here as you all know we are a serious body language and investigative channel we should never distract any investigation with laughter humor and jokes no never on this channel we don't do that here so let's not laugh at the flat earthers while we analyze they're very serious evidence and body language to find out what secrets it can reveal now let's get started they believe the earth is a flat disk which looks like this the North Pole is at the center with Antarctica forming an ice wall around the outer edges of the disk this is why flat earthers believed in 1961 Antarctic Treaty was agreed upon by all the world's nations so no one could reach the edge of the disk this is what most of the flat earthers believe the earth looks like keep this image in your mind as we continue they believe that this is the reason that UN uses this as their symbol it's exactly the same as the UN logo flight earthers literally took the United Nations logo and made it their map of the world their map wasn't based on scientific studies geography cartography and certainly no measurements but wait it gets so much better notice how the southern hemisphere continents look a little squashed that's because the UN logo was depicting the globe as if you're looking at it from above at the North Pole of course the only way to accurately and completely show a spherical object in 2d is to show it like this and that would make a terrible logo according to flat our Theory gravity does not exist flat earthers believe that all imagery from the space program has been faked they call themselves the flat earthers and we're here to try to understand what's behind this unconventional view now National Geographic tries to prove with science why the flat earthers are wrong but scientific facts aren't gonna change the minds of people whose map of the world is based almost completely on a logo a recent survey of Americans that 2% believe the earth is flat mark sergeant who's one of the leaders of the Flat Earth community mark used to design video games and run software trainings now he devotes himself full-time to promoting the Flat Earth yes a former software guy is one of the founders of the modern Flat Earth movement when I first saw this guys speak his body language and verbal dynamics seemed off so we're gonna be analyzing him this guy could be just pretending to believe the earth is flat this movement is about changing the world literally you think for the longest time that you live here what if it wasn't this what if this was just the illusion mark agreed with her and something he should be very much against we have photos from space and his subconscious head nod was also congruent with what he just said which emphasizes that he believes it now what if he shook his head and said right yeah it would come across as him not actually believing she's right which is more in line with what we would expect of him and nobody here believes any of that anymore he looks over at everyone and makes a very impersonal response as in those people don't believe that anymore as opposed to saying we don't believe that anymore or I don't believe that anymore there's so much more 'mark when National Geographic does a flat or the test right in front of him but first let's look at a flat earther leader who based on his body language and verbal dynamics seems to truly believe the earth is flat that's all the hard dashes to everyone and they're gonna like this love the package open meet Robby Davidson he's the CEO of the Flat Earth International Conference when you're taught that you just came from nothing because the scientific narrative is nothing exploded and created everything and we're crazy they'd rather to believe that nothing created all this but all sudden you start looking into the fact that maybe everything in the sky was put in place for us there's a value maybe there's something out there that's actually watching over top of us there are many signals that Caty person is lying but remember we're looking for patterns and clusters of body language signals not just random one-off things I personally believe that yes the Creator is looking right down on us the Sun Moon and stars were placed in the firmament we believe the Sun and the moon are the same size just like we appear in the sky well they're further away millions a month they're the same man they're both lights they do different things but there's same size whoa I know it is scary if you think that everything you took you thought was true was a lie it is it is frightening it's frightening so I hear you man I hear you notice how Robbie doesn't do any self comforting touches and holds when he's talking about the key points he's showing congruent body language with what he says he's not showing coaxing eye contact or diverting his eyes and key moments he uses the word we to indicate he's personally included no out of place smiles and chuckles no partial mouth covering or eyes squinting and rubbing at key moments those are just a few of the signs that I'm looking for Robbie truly believes the earth is flat now back to NatGeo trying to prove that the earth is round to mark sergeant and his flat earther friends okay this is the boat based target it's horizontal stripes we're gonna launch a small boat out into the water here with a striped target and as it gets farther and farther out you'll start to lose the stripes and what's really interesting is that some of the flat earthers including mark sergeants are actually going to be here for this desk they want to see it for themselves don't laugh at mark sergeant's t-shirt I'm sure there's a logical non narcissist reason for him wearing that what do you think is gonna happen here today I appreciate a scientific group coming out and trying to do this test great appreciate the enthusiasm but cannot work well they get out of mark is a vague cannot work they should have asked him what he expects the outcome of the experiment to be so they can have him on record with something very specific for example I expect no color bars to disappear at all that's more specific but of course mark isn't gonna voluntarily corner himself like that okay so the task is starting the test it's starting right now at first all the stripes are clearly visible but sure enough as the boat reaches the horizon the stripes begin to disappear one by one so this can only happen why because of the curvature of the earth here's what we're hearing but Mark sergeant and the other flat-earthers have a very different interpretation of the results so you don't think that what we're seeing is actually real you think it's because of yeah mark looks away and up shaking his head no incongruent with his words this indicates that he likely doesn't truly believe what he just said typically the word absolutely is combined with a head nod not a head shake like he just did unless you're saying absolutely no which seems to be what he believes and is communicating absolutely is anyone here in flat earth believe it's a globe demonstration that doesn't change anyone Korea Lord no mark do you really believe this stuff tell me the truth I'm serious all right mark was coming across is so deceptive that even the interviewer picked up on it watch again see if you can pick it out for yourself and then I'll point it out for you that doesn't change anything Korean Lord no mark do you really believe this stuff tell me the truth I'm Seri when she asks mark that he bursts out in a duping smile and submissively looks down bashfully for feeling like she just caught him while he's also using that looking down to conceal his smile now in this next part see if he can pick out some of the deception indications for yourself I absolutely 100% believe we are not on a globe we are part of a giant studio sent all the world's a stage and you're on it first he starts out saying I absolutely 100% believe he seems to be trying to convince and not just convey then he seems to be indicating deceit when he starts shaking his head no as he's talking about something that should be very core to him I want you all to try this say something that you truly believe it could be something with your religion a loved one but say it with a head shake how did you feel when you did that for example I love my wife how sincere was that you're probably thinking I'm either being sarcastic or maybe there's something about her I don't really love so why is Mark seemingly pretending to be a flat earther probably fame fortune getting ignorant people to believe something for his own person gained by triggering their emotions so this is for me where I think it gets really dangerous because we're going back into the dark ages all right you're essentially perpetuating ignorance by denying science you know there's a real-life implication in all of this science has had its chance and they aren't putting up a defense she looks so confused Marx diverting by deflecting it back at her have you ever confronted someone who you knew was lying and they started to accuse you of what you just accused them of mark is doing that the scientific community just set up this whole scientific experiment invited mark and other flat-earthers to see it for themselves they prove the earth is round and yet mark is saying science isn't putting up a defense the flat earthers are the ones who completely lack evidence and any scientific studies well actually they have explanations and of course ran their own very sophisticated experiments watch Darrel marble packed a level on a flight to test if the plane was flying parallel to a flat earth laughing is allowed we can't cloud our judgment when we're evaluating this man scientific evidence that's a little basic I know it's so simple it'll go right over here circumnavigation is really just a flat circle path they argue that gravity as we know it simply doesn't exist the flat disk of Earth is merely accelerating up at 9.8 meters per second gravity's a deception the Sun the moon are these transcendental cymatic luminaries do you feel yourself spinning wobbling gyrating now I'm pretty rock solid they're lying I ain't buying who's they oh boy get ready for it well basically Satan Illuminati of the burbs trilateral commission Vatican Zionist massive Jesuits Freemasons the Antarctic surrounds the earth there's nothing that's creeps scientific proof like bolts I colored play-doh seeing it like this it's not so the seasons changing when the Sun is closer and further from the earth it didn't make sense how we didn't fly off or how the water stuck to the ball my friend actually conducted an experiment where he like we don't have toilet water flying out on people in Australia flat earthers actually believed astronauts are just actors I've watched over 50 hours of video every single person I thought to became a flat earther because of YouTube video they did not believe your flatness and then they watched a YouTube video after you know many nights of looking at YouTube videos of Flat Earth and trying to debunk Flat Earth just ultimately became a flat earther I went down to the seashore down New Jersey and I did my own testing Wow her own testing let's find out what scientific tests she performed to arrive at her flat earth conclusion can you take a straight edge and you go from one end and you follow the horizon of the ocean I think you go straight edge just to the other end and it's it's flat yes you heard that right she probably held up her Philadelphia Phillies beach towel it was like I don't see any curve that's enough evidence for me also the fact that she admitted there being a horizon is proof in itself that the earth is round as far as I know I'm the first guy in the whole world to make a working physical model of the Flat Earth I guess I was the chosen one or the calling name this one hidden lands beyond because some of us think that there's other lands that they're hiding from us I mean you know we might want to go there repopulate it he taps his belly with both ads indicating that he personally can help repopulate this was just a walk or walk now this guy when you're watching him just remember this one thing he's a limo driver which no man has ever attempted ever Space Agency sound getting to space sixty-two three miles up after watching some YouTube videos which proved to him the earth is flat what better way to prove the - video correct which some kid made in his mom's basement then to launch herself into space with a homemade rocket I expect to see flat disc I'm down to mean are the parts we are doing here this time the ability to garage this time he's hiring real engineers early didn't launch himself into the sky with a rocket he made in his garage its blast-off or a real-life Rocket Man holy it did it but boom it's a crash landing please you may be asking why do these flat earthers seem so stupid and why can't they just understand the scientific proof that the earth is round first many of them are conspiracy theorist and Flat Earth is the ultimate conspiracy theory second some seem to want to feel special as contrarians to everyone else third others seem to blindly believe that it's flat because it seems to support their greater spiritual beliefs I personally believe that yes the Creator is looking right down on us and for a lot of them the supernatural feeling of a flat earth is more comforting to them ladders shows you that you are not okay you're not just somebody floating on a ball through space you're important to somebody gives you more of a purpose if you ever have any doubt on whether or not the earth is round and honestly want to prove it for yourself just watch the ships leave port and see them slowly disappear from the bottom to the top give this video a thumbs up if you think the earth is round spherical shaped looks round give this video a thumbs down if you think the earth is flat the flat earth would be a circular flat area how in the comments why do you think the flat earthers can't see the obvious scientific evidence that the earth is round let everyone know in the comments below remember to subscribe so you don't miss out a new body language and investigative videos that always seem to shake up YouTube and I'll see you at the top [Music] [Music]
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