Drink One Glass of Milk a Day. Better Bones or Brainwashing?

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milk is it really healthy for your bones why our researchers and scientists speaking against it is the food industry hiding something from us we're told that milk is good for us three glasses of milk each day gives you strong bones and even prevents osteoporosis it's also heavily advertised as the answer to beauty and happiness I felt like a little girl the guys ignored me but then for the next few years I was eating right and drinking milk the beautiful hair and a super smile and pretty soon milk and made a difference hey chip I'm you to use your mouth cuz you're drinking milk and working out well I'm not changing so far for that 14-4 muscle and calcium for bones but I'm still skinny benchwarmer hey the side of yourself at 18 doesn't convince the town listen to your senior year girlfriend hi palm I'm waiting milk it does a body good but is one glass of milk a day let alone three really good for you we're gonna be taking a look at a very controversial subject today this video isn't meant to tell you how to balance your diet honestly eat whatever you want the important thing here is to inform yourself before you let mainstream media make lifestyle decisions for you with that out of the way let's get into it before we buy into the idea let's find out how and why cow's milk came to be a question that comes to mind when we talk about milk is why did the first cow milk or decide to milk a cow there's no documented account of this momentous event but there are artifacts that provide very compelling theories archeologists in Europe analyzed Neolithic pottery remains and discovered milk fat residues Neolithic is a fancy word which here means something belonging to an era of time when humans transition from hunting and gathering to farming their own food this suggests that humans have been milking cattle sheep and goats for 8,000 to 10,000 years the fact that the earliest evidence of milking comes from the Neolithic era makes sense seeing as humans had just began farming at this time however that still doesn't explain why they drank the milk in the first place no one knows why for sure one theory could be that humans may have first tried drinking milk from cows out of desperation when food was scarce so only I had food you got try this stuff from the cows dairy no that's unnatural well would you rather starve alright fine past the cow juice yeah I don't think we're gonna called that also perhaps early farmers saw the similarities between human and calf nursing and tried giving babies cow's milk when the mother was unable to produce milk herself mama assessments now we've been through this Kyle I'm all tapped out look I'm gonna need you to be a team player here Kyle talk to Bernice no I hate cow mama maybe people try human milk as adults liked it and turned to the cows for more in summary with one cow we can produce more milk than 26 mothers I'll take 12 splendid make haste Percival things get weird when I think about this too much despite not knowing the origin story of milk it's been viewed in a positive light for thousands of years dating back to ancient mythologies Norse mythology says that in the black void at the beginning of times iron ice collided to create a powerful giant named emer and a cow the great gamer blessed the world with many children through his sweat perspiring out offspring is very hard work but luckily humor had an unlimited supply of nourishing milk thanks to his best friend the cow and he Marin the cow lived happily ever after until a God named Odin slew use his body to make the earth African mythology says that in the black void at the beginning of time there was a drop of milk and then God came and created all the things that's right rock beats scissors milk beats God Greek mythology says that our galaxy the Milky Way was in fact made from milk the story goes like this Greek god Zeus had a half God child named Hercules with a mortal human woman the breast milk azusa's wife Hera was believed to possess divine properties so to give Hercules the power of a real god Zeus snuffed the baby onto Hera to drink her milk while she was asleep Hera will come to an unfamiliar child and freaked out causing milk to spill into space and form the Milky Way as you can see milk plays a vital role in the creation of things and many ancient stories so why start putting down milk now researchers and scientists have found out that milk isn't as divine as we once thought cow's milk has been long associated with strong bones because of the high levels of calcium and vitamin D but over the years more and more people have been questioning the health benefits of milk well mr. Miller told me he never drinks milk look at him a two-year long study analyzing 167 men confirmed drinking milk fortified with vitamin D he stopped or slowed down bone loss however a 22 year long study found an increased risk in fractures and men who drank more milk during adolescence and another study analyzing 70,000 women for 18 years found neither positive or a negative relationship between drinking milk and bones out in fact there seems to be just as many studies finding positive relationships between milk and bone health as negative and even more studies finding no conclusive results whatsoever so what's the truth the thing with studies is that there are many variables to consider to better understand this concept let's familiarize ourselves with the terms correlation and causation correlation means that two variables increase or decrease in similar ways but there are variables that may influence the relationship causation means that one variable is the result of another creating a direct link between the two for example tiredest causes me to be grouchy and tiredness also causes me to drink coffee but coffee does not cause me to be grouchy unless of course it's decaf but you get the idea a more concrete example as the ideas that skim milk consumption is correlated to the low fracture risks someone who drinks skim milk is probably health-conscious and exercises and eats well these are all variables that may influence lower fracture risk meaning we can't say skim milk is the only variable and direct cause of lower fracture risk and this is the reason why there are so many studies with conflicting findings there could be any number of variables responsible for the observed results so why would the USDA recommend three servings of dairy a day for strong bones when there is no definitive evidence to support this money maybe the culprit in 2003 dr. John McDougall exposed the dairy industry's marketing plan the dairy industry is supporting a seven billion dollar milk business and a 16 billion dollar-a-year cheese business and they have dedicated a hundred and sixty five point seven million dollars this year 2003 to promoting dairy products he pointed to their statement which reads this ongoing program area aims to protect and enhance consumer confidence in dairy products and the dairy industry a major component involves conducting and communicating the results of dairy nutrition research showing the healthfulness of dairy products as well as issues in crisis management dr. mcdougal explained the meaning behind this statement they are going to pay with that 167 million dollars to get research to show benefits of their products that's what they're paying for that's what they'll get they'll do anything to get those results the other thing that they're going to spend this money on is issues and crisis management I am crisis management this can be described as the funding effect or the funding bias humanities and social science professor Sheldon krymsk II to find the funding effect as the close correlation between the results of a study desired by a study's funder and the reported results of that study in other words a company can pay for research that supports their product and leave out information that doesn't support it so even though there are plenty of studies finding positive and negative relationships between milk consumption and bone health you're only going to hear one side of the story from the milk industry in USDA actually in 1999 the Physicians Committee for Responsible medicine PCRM sued the USDA and HHS for having inappropriate special interests dr. Neal Barnard the president of PCRM explained we were looking at the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee which which makes the recommendations as to what every American city we found that there were 11 people on a committee of whom 6 where industry finds it especially the dairy industry but also eggs and meat so we filed a lawsuit against the USDA at that you cannot be letting industry dictate what people we won that lawsuit quite quickly also in the same 2003 Dairy Management incorporated marketing plan there is a statement about school marketing it reads as part of an effort to guide school-aged children to become lifelong consumers of dairy products 2003 activities will target students parents educators and school food service professionals that's why you see chocolate milk cheese sticks parfaits and more in school cafeterias and vending machines and in 2018 the USDA plan to purchase fifty million dollars worth of milk to distribute to national assistance programs such as food banks and schools hundreds of medical professionals protested against this decision in front of the White House there's definitely a conflict of interest when the USDA is a government organization that is meant to promote both agriculture and public health if there is evidence against the health benefits of dairy grains or meat the USDA will not be very willing to report it since it's bad for the products they're supposed to be promoting what about that crisis management that dr. mcdougal was talking about here's an interesting case I found doctors have questioned the link between asthma and dairy consumption as more and more people were able to get rid of their asthma by going dairy free there were even multiple studies that supported these concerns the National asthma Council Australia actually stands against these studies and says there is little scientific evidence to make the correlation instead they state the National asthma Council Australia also does not routinely recommend avoiding dairy foods as a way to manage asthma unfortunately most Australians are missing out on the health benefits that come from consuming milk cheese and yogurt as they don't include enough dairy foods in their diet why would a council that works to help asthma patients undermine these studies so I'm going to click on this website and see who sponsors them and dairy Australia is one of six sponsors and the other five are drug companies one makes money if you buy the cheese and the others make money if you stay sick the USDA and milk industry aren't the only ones spreading misinformation organizations on the other side of the milk debate are also misleading the public to fit an agenda PETA a well known animal rights activism organization claims animal proteins produce acid when they're broken down in order to neutralize and flush out the acids our bodies have to use the calcium that milk contains as well as some of our own stores so every glass of milk we drink leeches calcium from our bones however PETA does not source any scientific evidence to back this up this claim was based off of a rumor floating around mainstream media in fact the only scientific evidence on this matter states the opposite a 2011 study revealed that the modern diet and dairy product consumption does not make the body acidic of course PETA is a nonprofit organization so they aren't gaining money from this but they want people to stop consuming animal products and are spreading this information to fit this agenda there may be no concrete studies that show direct causation between milk consumption and good or bad bone health but there are some things about milk we know for sure [Music] we as human beings really aren't designed to use milk other than our mother's milk when we were young the purpose of cow's milk is to turn a 65 pound calf into a 400 pound cow and I tell they pay should go look for the nerve yeah I do have big ears you have a tail are you a baby calf if you're not they'll be eaten baby calf growth through it you don't need it and it's it's really absurd to argue that any mammal needs to drink the milk of another species that's that's just absurd on its face every mammal produces milk to nourish their babies but after the baby is grown and is weaned the mother stops producing milk humans are the only mammals who consume milk in adulthood let alone from another species some people are crazy enough to put it in coffee it's unnatural and our bodies tell us this milk has a naturally occurring sugar called lactose which is a disaccharide sugar meaning that it is made of two simple sugars humans can only absorb simple sugars so our body produces an enzyme called lactase which breaks lactose into its two simple sugars glucose and galactose however this enzyme is usually only present during infancy because we need to properly digest our mother's breast milk breast milk helps babies grow and strengthen their immune system once they've grown and developed a strong immune system the lactase enzyme disappears because it's job is done meaning no more breast milk to break down this explains why the majority of the population approximately 65% become lactose intolerant in their adulthood and even teenage years the other percentage developed a genetic mutation which allows lactase enzyme to stay active in adulthood helping the body digest dairy foods this condition is known as lactase persistence some studies suggests that lactase persistence is more common in countries that have a history of consuming dairy products such as northern European countries however it's a correlation not a direct causation so we can't say for sure still it raises the question of whether animal milk is essential for the human diet I don't have the answers but I'll raise another interesting point and it doesn't supply any nutrient that we can't get elsewhere in our diet if you're drinking milk for bone health you're looking for calcium and vitamin D calcium is a mineral that helps with bone health and vitamin D helps your body absorb the calcium some calcium rich foods are tofu broccoli and leafy green vegetables which are also great sources of vitamin K another great nutrient for bone health there are also milk alternatives that supply calcium such as almond soy hemp and rice milk just make sure you look for the ones that are fortified with vitamin D your body naturally makes its own vitamin D when exposed to sunlight doctors recommend you get thirty to sixty minutes of sunshine a day fun fact dr. Michael Holick advises to get sunshine during 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. because if your shadow is longer than your body height you can't make any vitamin D you can also find vitamin D and fatty fish like salmon tuna and cod liver oil you can also take calcium and vitamin D supplements if you require more nutrients than the average person of course you should consult your local physician to help determine what your daily needs are is milk bad for you well if our research has shown us anything today it's certainly not a necessary part of your diet because at the end of the day whether it's calcium rich or fortified with vitamin D milk is a food for babies that goes for all animals I'm not telling you to stop drinking milk you're not my dad but simply asking you to think about who is telling you what to eat and what their motives are for doing so I don't care about the children I just care about their parents money and for being safe don't believe something just because someone behind a screen says so all right now time to upload let's see here [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] whoo I just want to thank dashlane for sponsoring this video - Lane is a secure password manager that can store and autofill passwords on all of your devices for people just like me who have trouble remembering things you can easily generate unique and secure passwords through dashlane you can even share passwords with friends and family without actually revealing the password and has other neat features like sending a breach alert on a website that you have an account with is compromised and a VPN with country selection for safe and private browsing with dashlane you're getting a password manager VPN and dark web monitoring for less than what just one of those services usually cost more privacy online and more cash set aside for coffee that's a win-win right there try dashlane premium for free on www.hsn % off [Music] you
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