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hobbits good welcome welcome welcome welcome I've been hearing a lot about this British citizenship test you might have heard about this on the news so it got me kind of thinking the other government needs to ask people to quantify themselves to be British citizens they ask you questions like what happened in 1066 Chile's you're correct okay that's the type of questions that ask you and just on your the answer to that doesn't mean that you're quintessentially part of the cultural fabric in this country just means that you know something about history so I got me thinking and you know what I thought that maybe I should come up with my own British citizenship test yeah you best be afraid so you got it right so I'm not going to pick with you you are further what's your name Oscar nice to meet you Oscar you are you're British citizen yeah you proud to be a British citizen that would you be so kind to take part in my British citizenship test yet ran applause Air Force news and tech test this cost 20 quid to laminate you bet laughs now young Oscar I'm gonna show you some words right don't worry the Old English and all you I do Oscar say them in the correct British way right have you say them correctly everyone's gonna give you a cheer if you say them incorrectly and one's going to boo you is that fair make sure you boo I see this break people it's hilarious okay remember Oscar it's all down to the pronunciation in not the pronunciation year the pronunciation can't nobody help them with this so first one he's got to get right it's the first word Oscar say in the correct British way it's all down to the pronunciation on the pronunciation of the pronunciation that is the word Oscar say it advertisement advertisement its advertisement a lot of people made that mistake we see this word we think it's pronounced advertisement that's incorrect the correct rich ways in fact advertisement so you got one wrong you'll get the rest right if you want to stay in the country now what the irony some people not laughing I know right here's the next one you got one roars two more to go okay this is friends looking real serious now so I hope you may help you do get my smartphone his next word Oscar saying the correct British way mama it's all down to the pronunciation not the pronunciation you had the pronunciation that is the word Oscar say it said to shed you're correct you see on the list he said it we must a lot of American TV and we often hear this word pronounced as scheduled that's incorrect the correct rich way is in fact scheduled so he's got one wrong is the one right he's doing well so far now appreciate there's some people at the back here who might not be able to see this correctly so you just have to buy my DVD businesses businessman here's a final line that Auster's say correct in the correct British way okay now I'll be helping with this so we're down to the pronunciation not the pronunciation you have the pronunciation this is the word Oscar say yet soccer soccer now we call it football get out grab a ball game Oscar great part of British citizenship test when a fella well done well done brother you know I grew up in Hackney Downs East London if you've ever been to Hackney downs before don't it's proper dangerous now right Hackney downs wasn't it still is a multi cultural melting pot a fantastic place with someone like myself to have grown up because I grew up amongst lots of different kids from totally different backgrounds of them my own different colors different cultures religions ways of life and you know what we all got along because we were just kids and we were having fun and one of the reasons I feel so well integrate into British society is that I got to do what other kids did I learn about their backgrounds and their ways of life when I was a kid at school I used to seeing Christian and Jewish hymns in assembly and I did so with pride we'll go I have to change the lyrics just a little bit to appease my Islamic inclinations so I'll be there in the school assembly all my school chums were hymn books opening All Things Bright and Beautiful Lord Allah made but my personal favorite was this one sha long my friend Alicia or Palestinian Shan my favorite one
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