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hey what's going on guys slow zip here here's a list of 50 updates that Mojang creators of Minecraft have confirmed won't ever be added in game whether it be vertical slabs potion mixing sharks or other mobs for that matter Pizza mushroom villages or even evil golems linked in the description is the official minecraft feedback website and after combing that and the official wiki for hours on end we can confirm these updates are not happening so we made them instead check them out and check out an awesome minecraft animation courtesy of our friends at MC pro hosting at the end of todays video number one natural disasters we're only ever gonna really get thunderstorms in Minecraft but imagine if they were meteors earthquakes tsunamis typhoons oh it would be amazing and dangerous number two a way of breaking bedrock already confirmed is not happening you could imagine though just how awesome it would be to be able to get your hands on some real bedrock in games honestly it's kind of a good thing you can't or you very easily fall through the world number three elegy golems look at this guy perhaps they could look like totems of undying you know the ones that the of ogres keep on them well it's already been confirmed that there will not be golems that are evil added item to the game but here's what one might huh this guy's mean anyways number four placeable food similar to cake for example pizza the most interesting looking pizza I've ever seen but look at that I like the way that it gets sliced down baby unfortunately cake is unique so something like this is not going to happen again it currently serves its own special purpose number five a use for poisonous potatoes right now poisonous potatoes they don't really do anything special other than exist when you occasionally harvest potatoes and are sometimes drops from zombies well I'm still hungry but imagine posting potato up on one of you are nearby fences shooting an arrow ad to lodge the arrow inside to turn your arrow into an arrow of poison that's right use the potato to your specific needs oh I love it exhibits not gonna happen number six real anvils in blacksmith shops or nearby them now mojo has already said this is going to be way too expensive to be given away for free as one amble costs about thirty three iron so speaking of too expensive we have number seven right here involving experience at nine hundred levels oops which I lost you still can't chant certain objects that have too many enchantments on them for example look at this sword there's a whole mess of things going on with nine hundred levels though it is still too expensive to be able to add this sharpness five to this sword over here if we try to do it in creative mode it would work it would still cost sixty eight levels but you can make it happen however for balancing purposes it won't be coming to survival for now we get to number eight what huh yeah what's down here hold on weird strangest spot for a cave huh whoa hey where's my stuff Oh strange anyways number eight mobs from minecon 2017 they lost the vote and so now the following mobs are gone forever mob see the great hunger which used to have the potential ability to unenchanted UM's by eating them apparently take it easy big guy we have mob a right here aka the monster of the ocean depths which was capable of dragging down players with its tentacle and swimming using its mouth interesting and of course mob D the hovering inferno a nether exclusive creature which was going to have a shockwave attack that could also use its wings as shields well none of them gonna be added sorry speaking of mobs won't be added number 9 sharks Mojang has confirmed that they will not add sharks in game whether that's because they're too violent or because they're worried that people might abuse the pool ever heads has yet to be seen but hey we don't need sharks we got dolphins and number 10 is all about them taming and riding dolphins not gonna happen riding dolphins or even just taming them will not be a thing Mojang has already confirmed that they do not want to have this perceived as some kind of animal abuse however with the power of commands were you're gonna ride on these dolphins and if you're wondering we also just recently made a video where we ride on Fox's when we updated all sorts of things in Minecraft 1.14 using our latest comets the crafting video and click the I in the corner to check that out but more on dolphins number 11 baby dolphins right here's a regular dolphin here's what a baby dolphin might like they actually don't have baby dolphins in game I didn't even notice I thought there might be some especially because you can't aim and greet dolphins I believe but there are no baby dolphins in Minecraft currently and apparently there's no plans for them either and number 12 some of the players drowns will not be able to spawn on top of dolphins is however you can use commands to oh well that was awkward you can use commands to get a similar a stop no one gets the right dolphins drown mobs always ruin the fun but that's why they're number 13 drowns drowning you this was an awesome suggestion but a fortune won't be added they may give you an effect that will drown you namely if you get near by you can see drowning three right here it more quickly gets rid of all of your air bubbles underneath in fact I feel like I'm slowly getting sucked down this way whoa hey the heck was all that about where am I woah that's weird Swamp huh whatever anyway he's number 14 ducks Lou these look cutie pies they're not being added I wouldn't be mad if they were added but it just seems unlikely we already have chickens and what would they drop be kind of a pointless mod yo check out this behemoth do you know what I'm saying what is this about well it's all about number 15 chests slash features in which Hut's quote they're fine the way they are Mojang has no intention of updating any of the witch's huts or anything about them now now the warp blocks number 16 here are another feature that will not be changed currently you can craft nether warts into nether wart blocks but you cannot normally craft them back into nether wards we've done that for sake of today's video but if you were to try and do this in normal minecraft it would not work so sad but another thing that won't work involves potions namely number 17 here mixed potions imagine if you could take a strength potion and a swiftness potion throw them into a witch's cauldron and get yourself a brand new potion in this case the potion of power which upon drinking gives you speed and strength or how about a potion mixed with jump boost as well as slow falling to get yourself a lovely potion of hover heck through a night vision and a water breathing potion in there and grab yourself the ultimate potion of diving they'd all be great but unfortunately they're not happening neither's number 18 levitation potions even though there is a levitation ability and gain courtesy of our friends in the end cities you will not be able to turn them into potions of levitation at any time man there's a lot to see in this swamp oh geez oh whoa hey what are these these look like portals to a mushroom island or something Oh what was that about oh whoa hey hey mushroom island biome home to some of the rarest mobs in Minecraft and if you wonder the 15 rarest mobs in Minecraft 1.14 then you clicked the I in the corner right now to check out another amazing video we made on that exact fact but for now number 19 mushroom villages these are confirmed will not be coming to Minecraft although I really wish they would these are really awesome looking imagine if you had a bunch of villager inhabitants hanging out on the rarest biome in Minecraft I think it'd be a good fit but not as good as number 20 here villagers following you around those are gonna follow you whenever you are holding emerald so check this out villager spawn Hank hi villager friends yeah hey you want some villager yeah I know you love these look at them yeah this isn't gonna happen they're greedy enough oh and apparently they're like stacking with one another it's calmed down number 21 villagers building and repairing things we're gonna break this villagers house a little bit and when they're nearby they'll actually end up trying to fix the house maybe we can attract some of the villagers okay come on over guys I got some emeralds for ya so bring them right by their broken house and look at what happens they instantly fix it yeah I'll tell you what you can you can have so you don't want any Oh none of you okay perfect all for me number 22 lapis staying inside the enchanting table as you can see we've got some lapis here and if we wanted to try and chant the sword well first of all we need levels but more importantly you can see right here that even though the lapis is in the enchanting table currently we leave the menu it instantly goes back to our hot bar mode eating is confirmed they won't change this number 23 Auto crafting not gonna happen is usually suggested by attaching a hopper to a crafting table but automation like this is not currently planned imagine if you could take nine diamonds quickly drop them inside your hopper and the moment they all got sucked and they would spit out a diamond block when attached to a crafting table heck you could do this in a lot of different ways want to make some bread let's get this bread baby bread loaf right there chew iron in a stick you got it give me that sword we might need it for later anyways number 24 vertical slabs we've actually done videos on this before as well but this is unfortunately something that has been confirmed to not be happening we got nice lovely vertical slabs here I mean they're made of acacia wood so I wouldn't necessarily call them lovely but hey you can see them in action biggest labs number 25 combined slabs check it out we got a die right here and a granite slab here combining them though it's not a real thing imagine if this was a full block you won't be able to do it I mean you can currently do it with slabs but you won't ever have it in full block form same with the perper same with the prismarine it's not gonna work and just like that we're halfway done my friends have you smacked that like button yet thanks number 26 mirrors this is an awesome effect here as you can see we've replicated some kind of mirror right here and not only that even though you won't show up in the mirror it's cuz your vampire in our example here we will be able to see those blocks being placed immediately look at this imagine if the mirrors actually worked this way I I'd be thrilled it's actually really cool even if we were to close this door and look back at the mirror that's been closed as well this would be such an awesome feature number 27 paintable wood it's not coming in gained throwed eyes on wood to paint them we've got all different dyes here and one way you might be able to dye them is by simply throwing dye on top well I mean you definitely will be able to because they're not coming a game all right you guys pay attention well if you have been then you've probably noticed a very weird sounding grunt we could call it coming from this building right here it's number 28 our friend the illusion er well we don't know if the illusion is eventually gonna be added in game or not it's been confirmed that there will not be a specific structure for the illusion er now you don't know who the illusion er is the illusion er is actually a mob that was implemented into java minecraft a while ago but never officially it's like a hidden mob and so while today's video is all about updates Mojang won't add we've got an awesome video on the channel right now that shows off 25 updates that were to be added then still haven't been so you can click the I in the corner to watch that video too for now number 29 villagers that fight wouldn't this be nice so what happened because that's what iron golems are for yes they are meant to be the defense mechanism of villages however man could dream and so check this out look at you I mean villagers that are fighting look they're all going for the HUS it will in an interesting way we'll call it can y'all just attack the gust please yeah look they went to town on them beautiful we're using a little command magic to make it happen but look it all pretty much works in the same way yeah a little creepy though anyways moving on don't go to the desert huh what does it mean by that so weird oh whoa look down my hotbar you see those waters whoa well where are we it's weird huh oh well never 30 Sun blindness don't look up because if you do look directly the Sun well you'll be blinded just like in real life it's a cool effect nonetheless however that lack she looks really sweet but we should probably go over to number 31 here thirst which is actually what you're seeing slowly dropped by my hunger bar down there thirst is a game mechanic that was never added that was originally meant to help you keep track of your thirst so that you don't start getting sick nauseous etc in this case you can see our thirst bar slowly rising by our hunger bar whenever we drink water and if we were to stand on hot blocks such as though you know magma or we get in on a lava game you can slowly see that the thirst meter will begin to shrink down alternatively you can slowly heal it by just standing in water as well now some interesting things start to happen when you lose all of your thirst which is what we're about to do namely we now have nausea as well as poison on us constantly so you'll need to drink some water ASAP to bring everything back to normal so that you can actually look around and not hate life number 32 pyramids and mummies yes we've got our desert temples but we don't really have any like actual pyramids and so this would be awesome to have we got a diamond sword here what's it for well it's for our boys sitting on in now open tomb fresh from the grave time to show this guy who's boss it'd be a great addition to deserts but it doesn't sound like it's gonna be coming anytime soon so I would not hold your breath you know the but you know it looks like there's something down here hello nurse I love me some ancient tombs oh gosh normally I do number 33 lying skeletons in caves these guys are known to never tell the truth huh Oh wrong kind of right okay yeah well it's just scary skeleton bodies corpses you could say in caves it'd be a nice feature to find just bones of past adventures but it's also kind of creepy Angola number 34 though is sleeping bags a nice small compact version of being able to sleep even they could still only do it at night during thunderstorms lame number 35 gaseous miners in caves you would not believe the amount of burritos these guys ate before they bit the dust got a spawn egg for them right here now you can't see them but they can see you and sometimes they'll spawn with a mining helmet if you happen to get one that does spawn with the mining helmet well I recommend you kill him because you've got a chance at getting that mining helmet as a drop so why don't we go ahead and let these gassy miners I know you see the invisible ones are a little harder to see because they don't have a mining helmet on them oh boy I'm being overwhelmed and you better get that mining helmet because it's number 36 here and it lets you see in the dark not only will it give you some minor protective bonuses but now look this cave is fully illuminated fantastic take it off really quick completely dark once again now we're nice and bright kind of a weird cave system though in a pyramid oh hello what are you doing here I guess we'll jump in it took us to the end for some reason sure or why not number 37 eyes offender attacking the Enderdragon I know I know vendor apparently this is suggestion that a lot of people want but they're not gonna add it and you could probably tell why look at this you throw one of the ender pearls or the eyes of ender at the dragon look how much damage is being done at this poor dragon look at the dragon's head at the top there it's kind of ridiculous we've designed it right now so it kind of looks like we're attacking the dragon so you know obviously we didn't do too much balancing otherwise these eyes of ender would be the most strong and powerful item to kill this dragon with proudly in the world don't know what the heck that dragons doing all the way up there but doesn't matter he's dead now so sad guys give you five likes thanks now number 38 here is an I've n dirt locating a gateway after killing the dragon eyes Evander will fly towards an end gateway to help you find it and we can't really show this because we're just playing vanilla minecraft we've coded this in ourselves however with the dragon dead look what happens when we use an eye of ender you already boom we instantly get teleported to an N city really convenient also quite Oh P just like this guy the double ender chest number 39 here you know have doubled infinite storage space wherever you place one of these down if it were to ever exist with your own man today's video is so heartbreaking number forty combining an Ellie trout with a chest plate this would be a dream we're gonna combine an iron chest plate with an light right here and check it out what happens here oh by the way I ignore this I'm just thirsty yeah and I ain't just play down the truck so with this on we have resistance three which is fantastic chest plate protection and not only that but we can use this baby to fly around as well never mind the fact that my cape is covering the chest plate you know whatever that'll last 10 my friends number 41 guns or anything resembling one is not going to happen this is extremely highly requested and it just doesn't really make sense in the Minecraft world truly I mean as much fun as they can be to use in video games specifically might I add its it's just not gonna happen sorry guys number 42 a timer block or timer command for this we're looking for a block that will actually activate roughly 10 seconds after the signal has gone in so you'll see in a second here that this light is gonna light up much later than when we press this button there's already ways to accomplish most of this with comparators and the like so I confirming with you that it's not coming similarly number 43 another command the undo command break a block press the command undo it place a block press the command to undo it we got some goodies right here maybe didn't mean to place these cobblestone well I use the slash undo and away they go maybe trying to mind some of these guys also sad well press undo and they're back you see it's really useful but it probably takes up a whole massive resources to try and implement so it wouldn't make much sense to add this in game or it would and they just won't but hey about time we got out of here there we go into another swamp gross anyways we got some more here number 44 torches lose brightness in the rain let's go ahead and turn the weather back to normal it's a beautiful day all the rain starting to clear all our torches have no fear but if the rain would have come back look what the water does to these poor guys it douses them they're all gone no more light just burnt out torches hate when that happens but it doesn't happen now number 45 here says herobrine and apparently Mojang saying they won't adhere O'Brien to Minecraft but I don't think they have a say in the matter necessarily you know I've heard myths and rumors but oh oh gosh look there is the one and only I thought they removed you last update dude take it easy oh well hey where am I there's some kind of asylum or something my seeing things was here a bratty been there I don't know but number 46 is spheres well huh see they're not in game all right we gotta press this button now Louise it's not gonna happen it's straight-up illegal and and this kind of hurts my brain to look at man look at that rotation I feel like I should start like getting on my knees and like offering this myself up to it I'm not but number 47 might be obsidian armor rock-hard abs can't be mad now not said diamond is the strongest resource so this or even a merle is not likely to come in game however knotch isn't in charge of minecraft anymore so hey maybe things will change say what though i'm not gonna change his armor look sweet stars number 48 blood yeah that's right scary boy alert check it out this room won't be white for long ooh spooky I love Betsy's if blood was added in game what would it look like well maybe something like this with blood particles all over the place and every single time you attack one of these poor and it's cows now rest assured little ones watching it's not real blood it's just redstone I'm down use this for wiring use this for fun and technology and sometimes for killing cows with you know it's nothing personal I know y'all a hamburger recently if you did whatever Wow literally start staining too kind of yes you'll leave this room number 49 saddles made of things other than leather you know like an iron saddle a gold saddle the diamond saddle huh yeah that's it for 49 and hey that's it for all 50 because number 50 is minecraft - oops much better minecraft - is not gonna happen on the bright side though 1.20 update is only 5 updates away there it's not gonna be a sequel there's gonna keep updating this version of the game but hey my friends that's all 50 which one of the 50 which you wish that Mojang would ask let us know in the comments below we'll see you later hey guys thanks for making to the end of today's video and a special thank you to our friends over at MC pro hosting for sponsoring today's video you didn't know MC pro hosting is the largest minecraft server host and not only do they have amazing configurations for iOS Android bedrock and the Java versions of the game but they offer extensive modded support as well so grab your very own minecraft server check out the description to today's video for an awesome discount code it's locked hot zip for 25% off of your first month's hosting and with that my friends check out this amazing minecraft animation introducing the new Enderman and wither plans from MC pro hosting the Enderman plan has 6 gigabytes of RAM which allows you to play with up to 100 players it also includes the premium server management pack and the wither plan has 8 gigabytes of RAM which allows you to play with an unlimited amount of players it also includes the ultimate server management pack what but what about the villager player I thought we were the only one I mean welcome to the club the Enderman and wither plans from MC pro hosting get them now and the villager plan which plan to [Music]
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