25 Things That Are Probably A Trap

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i'm mike with liz 25 and here are 25 things that are probably a trap speaking of trap hey Tristan do you ever play a mousetrap this is one of my favorite games game one spectacular 25 free tickets to it's probably a timeshare pitch share time timeshare 24 you won't believe what happened next it's called click bait 23 clicking on anything that says you could work from home yes there are many ways to work from home clicking on that ad is not one of them 22 enhanced warranties paying 20% of the product price for something you probably won't use is a huge gamble 21 job offers with unlimited earning potential big number 20 watching one more YouTube video before bed 3 hours later but it's ok you can keep watching this 25 videos 19 your parents asking you if there's anything that you should tell them yeah um you guys are great 18 strangers on the street asking for a minute of your time let's just say they're probably not interested in your friendship even though we all know friendship is magic no no no no I'm putting it in there 17 anything free nothing is free except for maybe Gavin free that's just his last name though he's not free you're fun my puns are free you can have those 16 oh you have a truck what are you doing this weekend moving apparently 15th mackeeper don't install it 14 making eye contact with the guy standing behind the phone case stall at the mall dolt just don't 13 entry-level manager position Hey look Goebbels written on the ceiling 12 attacking the Death Star not always but often 11 you'll start with low pay but as soon as you prove yourself you'll be first in line for a raise get it in writing 10 do whatever you want translation I know what I want but I want you to want what I want without me telling you to want it do not do whatever you want don't do it nein it's not a pyramid scheme dude trust me I've looked into it it's multi-level marketing it's a pyramid scheme eight people connecting you with model agencies don't flatter yourself too much otherwise you'll pay for it seven dating someone who cheated just to be with you so that they can cheat on you just to be with someone else six all my exes are crazy really all 15 of them five betcha I can tell you where you got them shoes if you're downtown in a big city and somebody asks you this don't answer no matter what you say they will say on your feet and ask you for money because they won the bet for Nigerian Prince's he may be Nigerian but he's not a prince three overly specific domain names if you search for best sunglasses and see a website called best sunglasses reviews.com it's probably just a bunch of advertising or scams bonus points for dotnet or dot info to anything that doctors hate you really think that guy found the cure for baldness one can you hold this for a second it's a lie it's never a second and can you hold this for a second yeah sure okay thank you now that he's going back enjoying our lists be sure to click that subscribe button in the top right corner so you don't miss out on new ones every Monday through Friday share them with your friends and help us consistently conciliate curiosity and if you want even more lists check out these two videos here or just head to our website at lists twenty-five calm
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Published: Mon Aug 08 2016
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Heh, that was subtle enough for nobody to recognise it in the comments.

👍︎︎ 1 👤︎︎ u/MrCelroy 📅︎︎ Aug 08 2016 🗫︎ replies
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