25 Awesome Body Hacks Life Is Trying To Hide From You

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25 if you have a toothache rub some ice on the web area between your thumb and index finger by numbing your hand the intensity of your pain will be reduced 24 if you're stressing too much over an important test or exam take out a pen and paper and write down your feelings a scientific study suggests those who jot down their emotions before an exam get higher scores 23 if you have a broken blister and you don't have any antiseptic around you can use a few drops of Listerine this mouthwash also has strong antiseptic effects 22 when trying to listen to someone in a noisy situation give them your right ear apparently your right ear picks up words better while your left ear is better at picking up sounds and music remember this the next time you go to a noisy club and that hot individual stomps by to give you his or her number 21 speaking of clubs if you get drunk and start to feel dizzy just put your hands on something hard and stable putting your hand on a stable object will help you feel more balanced 20 if that gut-wrenching dizziness persists even after you throw yourself on to your bed put one of your legs on the ground this will make your body feel more stable and reduce that unpleasant dizzy feeling 19 if you're nervous before an important interview take a high-power position for a few minutes this will boost your testosterone level and improve your self-confidence 18 as bizarre as this may sound it's been proven that those who cannot handle being vaccinated should cough during the act studies have shown that a sudden cough or doose's the pain a person feels during the shot 17 have you ever tripped over a doorstop or banged your pinky toe on a coffee table if so don't be afraid to swear like a sailor research shows that cursing helps to reduce pain 16 if you go to sleep after a big hearty meal be sure to lie on your left side sleeping on your right side places your stomach in a higher position than your esophagus enabling food and stomach acid to go to your throat fifteen don't underestimate the importance of drinking water glass of water after waking up humps activate your internal organs drinking before meal improves your digestion and drinking before bed reduces the danger of a heart attack 14 if you're in a bad mood put a pencil in your mouth this will activate the muscles you use when smiling which will trick your brain into boosting your mood 13 everyone's familiar with the desperation of urgently needing to pee when there's no bathroom in sight to suppress this urge simply think about sex 12 if you suffer from a nosebleed put cotton on your upper gums right behind the small dent blow your nose and press against it hard most of the blood comes from the cartilage wall that divides the nose so pressing it helps to stop the bleeding 11 if you want to hold your breath underwater for a longer period of time take a series of short breaths instead of one huge inhalation this tricks your brain into thinking it as more oxygen and buys you some extra seconds 10 there are dozens of guaranteed remedies for hiccups nevertheless studies suggest increasing levels of carbon dioxide in your bloodstream is the key therefore breathing into a plastic bag for about 30 seconds is an almost sure way of annihilating those annoying hiccups hit dammit 9 if you suffer from motion sickness or nausea try pressing and holding the spot between the two tendons on the inside of your wrist 8 to get rid of a sore throat prepare a mixture of 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup honey and take 1 tablespoon a few times a day it might not be the most delicious remedy but it will kill the bacteria and help to heal your throat 7 to revive an arm that has fallen asleep try rocking your head from side to side this will reduce the tension in your neck and help to ease the pins and needles sensation in your arm for a leg that's fallen asleep walking around is the best cure six if you have an urgent need to gag grip your thumb as firmly as you can inside your fist this should help you suppress that gag reflex five next time someone tells you playing video games is a waste of time don't believe them research shows that video games improve reflexes memory reasoning problem-solving hand-eye coordination field of vision spatial resolution fine motor skills pain tolerance and so much more sorry anti video game groups it looks like your princess is in another castle for if you want to suppress crying in public which can be very embarrassing hold your eyes wide open without blinking this will prevent the tears from forming three uncontrollable laughter which is the opposite of the previous problem but can be just as embarrassing might be suppressed by thinking about something sad if this doesn't work try to cause a little physical pain to yourself such as pinching yourself or biting your tongue to for temporary vision improvement curl your hand into a fist and look through the tiny hole as you would a telescope this trick allows for a narrow beam of light to reach the retina and increases depth of field and focus one if you suffer from the feared side stitch when you run you probably tend to exhale when your right foot hits the ground which puts pressure on your liver to avoid that switch things up and exhale when your left foot hits the ground instead if you like what you just saw consider pressing that orange subscribe button on the upper right hand corner of your screen and if you want more awesome lists check out our 25 most dangerous hikes treks and climbs on earth and our 25 interesting beer facts that will leave you tipsy you
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