25 FORBIDDEN Places You're Not Allowed To Visit

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with all the modern technology improvements in transportation affordable air tickets and a number of travel websites exploring the world has never been easier yet there are still places that cannot be legally visited as they are banned from entering for various reasons I'm Mike with lose 25 and from secret military bases and forbidden islands to fragile natural landmarks and sites closed due to paranormal activities let us take you on a virtual tour of these 25 forbidden places you're not allowed to visit 25 Vatican secret archives vatican containing important state papers correspondence PayPal account books and many other significant documents which the church is accumulated over the centuries the Vatican secret archives are among the most forbidden places in the world in fact it wasn't until 1881 when pope leo xiii finally allowed at least some researchers to view some of the contents these days only highly qualified scholars may apply for entry even then there are very strict limitations to what accepted scholars can actually view 24 North Sentinel island India the North Sentinel island is one of the Andaman Islands that politically belonged to India the island is known for picturesque pristine beaches and stunning nature however the native tribes are extremely hostile and violent toward any Outsiders they reject any contact with other people and have even been known to kill several intruders no wonder access to the island is strictly forbidden 23 Lascaux caves france located in southwestern france the Lascaux caves contain 900 of the best preserved examples of prehistoric art the caves have been banned to the public since 1953 as they've been menís lay a series of unexplained fungal invasions any human presence in the caves is regarded as potentially destructive normally the caves are entered only once a week by a security guard for a few minutes at a time 22 area 51 Nevada us hidden in the middle of the barren Nevada desert area 51 is a secret American military base whose purpose has always been unknown to the public what goes on inside the base has led to decades of wild speculation including the famous alien conspiracies however it likely serves as a site for development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons one thing's for sure though whatever happens in area 51 is not meant to be seen by the public as access is strictly forbidden 21 Surtsey Iceland a small volcanic island located in the vest minitor archipelago off the southern coast of Iceland Circe is one of the youngest islands in the world it was formed in a volcanic eruption that lasted from 1963 to 1967 the island cannot be accessed by anyone except for a small group of scientists this serves to allow for natural ecological succession to take place without outside interference 20-room 39 North Korea room 39 is a secret organization associated with the dynasty of the North Korean dictator's the Kim family the department is believed to finance the family and top party officials with business ventures some legitimate and some not that include counterfeiting and drug smuggling the actual room 39 is thought to be located inside a ruling Workers Party building in the capital city of Pyongyang 19 small bar global Seed Vault Norway hidden deep inside a mountain on a remote island in the small barred archipelago halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole the global Seed Vault is a secure seed bank whose purpose is to preserve a variety of plant seeds in case of a regional or global crisis the facility has a capacity to store about four and a half million samples of seeds it currently contains about 1 million of them 18 Walmer a test range Australia also known as the warmer up area the Walmart sstrange is the largest land testing range in the world covering over a hundred and twenty-two thousand square kilometers it's located in South Australia about 450 kilometers northwest of Adelaide declared a prohibited area in 1947 the test range is closed to the public however the site also features a museum and several other attractions that can be visited by tourists 17 Metro - Russia also known by the codename d6 metro - is a secret underground system that was built parallel to the official underground system in Moscow Russia built during the reign of Stalin Metro - allegedly connects several important governmental and administrative institutions including the Kremlin the General Staff Academy shell talks keys house and the new covo - airport 16 coca-cola vault Georgia us the legendary secret formula for coca-cola one of the world's most highly regarded trade secrets is kept in the coca-cola vault in the world of coca-cola Museum in Atlanta Georgia a very closely guarded and best-kept secret the formula for coca-cola represents over a hundred and 25 years of history special moments memories and the timeless appeal associated with the iconic beverage 15 officially known as yo Hideki Kamiya grande the island of snakes is located off the coast of South Paulo Brazil notorious for an extremely high occurrence of snakes the island is the only place on earth where the feared golden lancehead Viper lives the snake's venom is so powerful that it actually melts human flesh it comes as no surprise that the Brazilian government decided to ban visitors from here 14 White's gentlemen Club England UK located on st. James Street in central London White's gentlemen Club is the most traditional and exclusive gentlemen's club in London and possibly also in the world the club was established in 1693 and has been maintaining its male-only policy up to these days some of the current members of this highly prestigious club are Prince Charles Prince William and Tom Stacey 13 North Brother Island New York us situated in New York City's East River the North Brother Island is one of the most famous forbidden abandoned places in New York the island has a gloomy history originally established as a quarantine hospital it was home to the infamous typhoid mary the first American identified as a carrier of typhoid fever before it became a rehab center for teenage drug addicts now the abandoned island serves as a bird sanctuary and people are not allowed to visit it twelve Spy Museum China the jang-soo national security education Museum in Nanjing eastern China is a spy museum known for being officially closed to foreign visitors according to the director of the museum the exhibited items such as collections of tiny pistols miniature cameras and concealed wiretaps may be quote too sensitive for foreign eyes Chinese visitors are allowed into the museum but they can't take any photos 11 Bank of England vaults England UK located on the Threadneedle Street in the city of London the Bank of England's vaults contains one-fifth of the world's gold the vaults hold an incredible five thousand one hundred and thirty-four tons of gold worth an estimated a hundred and seventy two billion pounds the vaults are accessed using traditional metal keys but there are electronic safeguards - to make sure that only authorized people get inside 10 Dulce base New Mexico us found in northern New Mexico close to the Colorado border Dulce is a small town with just about 2600 mostly Native American inhabitants however the town is believed to be home to a giant underground facility where unimaginable experiments and technologies are developed the Dulce base is alleged to be a huge subterranean compound that houses human-animal hybrids human-alien hybrids and extremely advanced technologies 9 mesh korea-russia hidden in the southern Ural Mountains in Russia miss Gloria is a closed town that is reportedly home to a nuclear missile site the town is surrounded by two battalions to ward off anyone who tries to enter the vicinity while it hasn't been officially talked about by officials the base is believed to contain automatic missiles which can activate remotely eight chichén itzá pyramid mexico one of the best-preserved and most famous Mayan ruins in Mexico Chichen Itza is an archaeological site and very popular tourist attraction located in Yucatan the site attracts about one and a half million visitors every year however the most iconic feature of the site the el castillo pyramid is no longer open to the public it was closed in 2006 when a woman died after tumbling down on her descent 7 Mount weather Virginia US located deep inside a mountain just 74 kilometers from Washington DC mount weather is a secret underground military base that serves as a major relocation site for the highest level of civilian and military officials in case of a natural disaster equipped with everything from cafeterias and hospitals to power plants and a mass transit system the base is protected by warning signs high chain-link fences razor wire and armed guards six heard island Australia one of the most remote places in the world heard island lies between Madagascar and Antarctica but politically it belongs to Australia home to two active volcanoes the island is composed of limestone and debris from volcanic eruptions in 1996 the Australian Government made a management plan forbidding any entry without permission to preserve the fragile natural environment of the island five pravakara Czech Republic one of the most famous natural landmarks of the czech republic prof kike brahma is the largest natural sandstone arch in europe and a popular tourist spot since 1982 visitors haven't been allowed on the arch to reduce erosion but the process of disintegration continues and gel just suggests the arch might soon collapse just like the azure window the former iconic landmark of Malta did earlier this year for Poveglia island Italy a small island located between Venice and Lido and northern Italy Poveglia is a forbidden place with a dark and twisted past once used as a plague quarantine station the tiny island is said to have hosted over a hundred and sixty thousand infected people living out their final days and hours there it's actually believed that about 50% of the soil consists of human remains later on a mental hospital was opened on the island where many patients were allegedly tortured and killed no wonder the island is now strictly off-limits to visitors 3 the tomb of Qin sure Hong China the tomb of China's first emperor and the founder of the Qin Dynasty Qin Shi Huang is very deep beneath a hill in central China the burial complex consists of a complicated network of underground caverns filled with all the things the Emperor would need in the afterlife including clay reproductions of his army known as the Terracotta Army the tomb itself however is yet to be uncovered it's possible that the Chinese government might never allow the excavation of the tomb choosing to respect the ancient burial rites to Diego Garcia British overseas territory UK located just south of the equator in the central Indian Ocean Diego Garcia is an atoll that looks like the perfect tropical retreat with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters however after forcibly evicting residents from the atoll in 1973 the British government built a large military base on Diego Garcia and declared it off-limits to all but official personnel one Bhangarh fort India situated in the Indian state of Rajasthan the Bhangarh fort is a 17 and report that's considered one of the most haunted places in India the Indian government officially declared the fort as a haunted place and imposed strict rules and regulation for entry tourists are not allowed to visit the fort from sunset to sunrise and locals say whoever's tried to break the rule was never found afterwards enjoying our lists be sure to click that subscribe button in the bottom right we don't miss our new ones every Monday to Friday share them with your friends and help us consistently conciliate curiosity and if you want even more lift check out these three videos here or just head to our website at least 25 calm [Music]
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