20 Moments That Prove Your Life Is a Lie

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hi everyone the 21st century is a really weird time when you can only trust people close to you and have to double-check even the information from reliable sources how did we come to this the thing is we live in an era of information today almost everyone has access to an unlimited amount of data we can use it and also created without bothering whether it's actually true or not it's simply impossible to assess the size of the information field so each of us must learn to distinguish lies from the truth and today we will help you in this difficult matter and tell you why your entire life has been a lie let's get it on [Music] there is hardly anyone on our planet who has never tried instant noodles this affordable and very popular product is sold literally everywhere and when there's no time to cook instant noodles can help fix up a quick dinner but unfortunately there's one upsetting thing about this that is the sellers have come up with a way to trick you do you think that the cup is always full to the very bottom think again there are fewer noodles inside than you want to believe baby carrots are delicious and most importantly a very healthy snack it has one drawback the price but there's a good reason for it right after all baby carrots are grown in a special way they taste better than the usual carrot or do they spoiler alert there's no such thing as a baby carrot in the 80s a farmer from California mike EurAsEC realized that the usual carrot looks too ugly to sell whoa and he came up with the idea to cut the ordinary carrot and turn it into a baby carrot people liked the improved carrot and now companies all over the world sell baby carrots at blown up prices the baby carrots are made with special equipment first carrots are cut into several small pieces and then peeled if you think that mike EurAsEC is the only marketing genius on the planet then you are wrong we have prepared an entire list of products that confuse and mislead the customers surely these gummy bears left more than one child disappointed to tell the truth even adults are not happy about this buy a package of sausages and get two extra for free sounds like a good deal right wrong turns out you have to be especially careful when dealing with such offers we do not know who came up with the idea to cover only a half of the pizza with the topping but we sure believe he isn't known for his powerful intellect and here's another one turns out this way of thinking is contagious how do you like these shrimps seeing this we realize it's not surprising that some people have trust issues in this case it's not clear what's worse that you were deceived or that you were still hungry after you ate this sandwich seems that someone will have to go to the store again indeed why not make the packaging twice as long as the product itself it seems that sandwich makers are not to be trusted at all no seriously do not trust them would you buy such candies again we definitely wouldn't well this is simply rude a bit more on the subject at least once in your life you certainly asked yourself why are the products and advertising so different from the actual products you buy in the store for this question we want you to look at a studio where McDonald's shoots its ads first the burgers shown in ads are special they are cooked by a person who works as a food stylist his direct responsibilities include the preparation of a great-looking meal the ingredients are the same but the burger looks completely different but of course that's not all the photos are then edited in Photoshop even the slightest defects are removed and the colors are enhanced and saturated McDonald's says the burgers featured in the ads look better because they put all the ingredients at the edges so that they can be clearly seen as for the ordinary burgers the entire filling is hidden in between the buns so the product does not look so delicious by the way some companies use questionable tricks for advertising their food for example ice cream is often replaced with mashed potatoes because it keeps it shaped better and pancakes are not covered with honey or syrup but with engine oil because it has more attractive color and texture well now that you are completely frustrated about the food industry let's move on to deceptions that have and nothing to do with food the Olympic gold medal is the most honorable award for an athlete many of whom dedicate their entire lives to earn it but the thing is like in most medals the gold medal is not entirely made of gold in fact gold accounts only for a few percent of the metal composition only covering it on the inside inside the so called gold medal is just 925 sterling silver for example the medals received by athletes at the Games in Rio de Janeiro contained 494 grams of silver and only 6 grams of gold they got us once again well actually the metal composition is defined in the rules of the Olympic Charter every modern Olympic gold medal shall contain no less than 6 grams of gold the only athletes who got lucky were the ones who won the Olympic gold in 1908 at that time the Olympic Games were held in London and the British decided to make their mark and break the rules of the Olympic Charter they cast medals for the first place in solid 15 karat gold fill the size of them was quite small 21 grams against the current 500 grams [Music] it's simply impossible not to say ah when you see tiny penguins just look at them waddling with their straight little feet what are their legs actually straight turns out that all this time the Penguins have been hiding something from us they do have a knees yes contrary to the general belief somewhere there under thick feathers there are legs that can bend they say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence you may have heard this expression from the parents when they tried to prove that humans tend to embellish things that do not belong to them but given the fact that we live in an age of technological advancement perhaps some grass is indeed greener in the literal sense turns out there really is a way to make the grass greener just take your quart of concentrate and add it to your pre fill two and a half gallon to do this you just need to buy a special paint mix it with water spray it on the grass and Congrats you have the greenest lawn in the area the paint is absolutely harmless for people animals and grass itself so this process is absolutely legal shooting an advertisement for hair shampoo is a very challenging process you have probably wondered why the hair and the TV ads look so perfect it is so perfect one can hardly believe it's real however such ads are very misleading first the hair is extended so it looks thicker if a model is lying on the floor during the photoshoot they put extra strands under her head second the head of the model is sprayed with a special agent to make the hair shine it takes a lot of time to set up the proper lighting so that the hair looks perfect and some of the marketing tricks are beyond comprehension pay attention to this member of the crew the man in a green suit the ad is shot against the green screen to add the background later so this person should merge with the background he tosses the hair to make its wish gracefully or he can use a stick or a hair loop to create beautiful motion so don't be jealous it's impossible to look this good in real life girls do not believe such ads you have all probably seen the neatly stacked towels at a store I bet some of you even wondered how to learn to fold the towels like this but it's actually a trick in fact there are often special foam rolls behind the towels which make the towels look so organized and now a question for people who have never seen ancient pyramids before if you wanted to see them which country would you visit something tells us that most of you will say Egypt [Music] but did you know that Egypt is not the country with the largest number of pyramids well now you do the world champion in the number of the pyramids is a neighboring state of Egypt Sudan scientists say there are between 200 and 255 pyramids in Sudan while there are only 138 pyramids in Egypt by the way the creators of the pyramids in Sudan are not Egyptians who wandered too far from their home but people from the ancient kingdom of cush as you might guess it was located in the territory of modern Sudan these people were inheritors of the state of kurma which has competed with Egypt since ancient times about 300 to 700 BC the kings of cush also known as the black pharaohs adopted the tradition of building pyramids from the Egyptians the shape and steep edges of the Sudanese pyramids resemble the Egyptian style but they are much smaller also there are no valuable artifacts inside it is a little set that few people know about pyramids in Sudan every year only about 20,000 tourists come here well it seems that after this video your worldview will never be the same again but this is no reason to be upset yes the world is full of deceit but now it won't be so easy to trick you see you soon [Music]
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