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[Music] it is true you never do know what will come through that door hey guys it's me be with WatchMojo today we're counting down our picks for the top ten shocking upon star discoveries you know what this is Houdini's jacket from January 1st 1915 others absolutely awesome we're taking a look at the most amazing things that have ever popped up on Pawn Stars let's get to it number 10 Jimi Hendrix guitar american-made Fender Stratocaster this guitar was actually played by Jim Andrews that's a big while back to write to her the Pawn Stars love them some guitars and in this episode they hit upon a big one a man came in claiming that he had Jimi Hendrix 1963 Fender Stratocaster a guitar that Hendrix played in the studio this was actually owned and played by the legend himself this will be the coolest guitar ever to walk into my shop they quickly discovered its legitimacy through the serial number and the appraiser valued the guitar at a whopping 1 million dollars now that's one expensive guitar Rick offered the owner four hundred and fifty thousand before working up to an offer of $600,000 six I can't do that man however the owner wasn't willing to part with anything less than a cool mil and Rick lost out on a piece of rock history you want to come to a fair point and selling something of great value don't be desperate about it and that I am NOT number nine 19-22 high relief piece dollar high relief matte finish coin where did you get this I won at a poker game you never know what you'll win in a poker game a man came into the shop asking 20,000 for a fancy coin he had won in a poker game a coin expert identified the coin as a legitimate 1922 high relief piece dollar which according to him is one of the rarest coins in American history the 1922 high relief peace dollar is one of the rarest coins in American history he then valued the coin between 50,000 and 100,000 dollars which if you're good at math you'll realize is a little more than twenty thousand dollars the men eventually sold the peace dollar to Rick for eighty thousand dollars which is a little on the low apparently but hey we wouldn't complain about earning $80,000 maybe in the middle at 80 and you got a deal deal okay number 8 the Book of Mormon here a fellow walks into the shop with a piece of American history The Book of Mormon this is a version that was printed actually in 1842 this one wasn't printed in many copies maybe 600 something copies so I was going to ask something on the order of like $25,000 for damn the book was first published by a Joseph Smith in 1830 and Adams fifth edition coffee was printed in 1842 according to the customer it was also the last edition published in Joseph Smith's lifetime as he died in June of 1844 the Book of Mormon is not just a book of theology it's really a book that talks about the American experience this is the fifth edition and this was the last one that was actually printed in Joseph Smith's lifetime as Rick said it's not just an important religious manuscript but one of the most valuable pieces of American literature the appraiser Rebecca Romney of Bowman rare books valued the book at 40,000 dollars making it the most valuable book that had ever been appraised by Rebecca I would appraise this book actually at about $40,000 Oh Adam walked away with 24,000 only one grand less than what he was originally asking you gave me an extra thousand last time this time I'll give it to you so we'll do it that way it's a deal when Rebecca said $40,000 I felt it was like maybe like Joseph Smith when he found the plates hallelujah number 7 1932 Lincoln convertible v12 I have a 1932 Lincoln convertible v12 yeah the cast of Pawn Stars also loves them some guitars but they really love them some cars a man known as Uncle Phil offered the men of the pawn shop a 1932 Lincoln convertible v12 a fancy car that included the Lincoln L head v12 engine it's crazy that Lincoln made this badass ride at the height of the Great Depression it could up to an impressive 150 horsepower which for the era was quite impressive and it competed with the Cadillac v12 in its day and to think this baby was manufactured during the Great Depression it's a luxury car which according to Rick can fetch up to one hundred and seventy thousand dollars provided it's in mint condition in perfect condition this could sell as high as 170 grand at auction however the car had a few minor imperfections so Rick managed to snag it for $95,000 we could do gold we take 95 okay all right okay number six 1961 Fender Stratocaster you may not know the name Vic flick but the man has been around flick was a studio musician from the late 50s to the early 80s who played with the likes of Nancy Sinatra and Tom Jones I've worked on records with Nancy Sinatra and Petula Clark Tom Jones it's not unusual alright so were you like a studio music I was I was from 1958 until about 1983 perhaps his main claim to fame is that he played the famous guitar riff on the original James Bond theme [Music] so yeah you know his work in this episode he was selling his 1961 Fender Stratocaster which was valued at $70,000 according to the appraiser that specific guitar can be heard on a lot of popular songs from the 60s and 70s perhaps more than we even think you've heard this guitar probably more times than you even realize you've heard this particular guitar probably true yeah yeah so what do you think it's worth easily sixty or seventy thousand dollars Vic was happy to walk away with fifty five thousand dollars saying he and his wife would pop out for a beer or two to celebrate I knew you probably go for fifty five and I'm happy now I've got the money in my back pocket I think the wife and I will just pop out for a beer or two and celebrate the occasion number five George Washington suit drumroll oh so is this George Washington's - it is season 15 saw one of the greatest items in Pawn Stars history a suit worn by none other than George Washington the silk suit is from the mid 18th century and was originally pink in color before time did its thing and washed out all the dye back then there was a pink and you can still see some of the pink in this area at the time pink was a fashionable color that signified success and luxury as you can imagine a suit worn by George Washington will fetch a bit of money and the seller was asking three million so how much I wouldn't sell for less than three million dollars that was however a little too much for Rick who offered two million before bowing out maybe now the seller can sell or donate the suit to a museum where it should have been all along since we're friends I would the best price absolute best price would be two and a half minute okay and your firm at that absolutely from of that I mean [Music] okay well I guess the suits out then number four the OJ Simpson Bronco it is oj Bronco are you kidding me I've never seen anything quite like this the image of a white Ford Bronco become a piece of American history on the afternoon of June 17th 1994 when Simpson and Al cowlings entered into a low-speed chase with the police after a warrant was issued for Simpson's arrest nearly 25 years later that very same Bronco wound up on Pawn Stars the seller who was OJ's agent at the time states that he had previously turned down an offer of $500,000 and asked Rick for 1.3 million dollars how much you want for this a million three think about it it's a one-of-a-kind however Rick stopped buying the Bronco was too much of a gamble and passed telling the seller that he should take the SUV to an auction okay with something like this is so much of a gamble because there's nothing to compare it to at the price right I'll never sell the Bronco for under a million dollars I know it's worth that and if it's not it will be number three JFK's humidor I have john f kennedy's cigar box he used in the White House JFK was a bit of a cigar aficionado among other things and Rick was lucky enough to come face-to-face with his personal cigar box included in the package was the humidor itself as well as eight individually wrapped cigars the box contains eleven hand-rolled cigars wrapped in clear plastic what do we got there eight there's a few missing so someone smoked through the cigars not me that's how I got it according to the official document written by JFK's secretary the humidor was given to the president as a birthday present on May 29th in 1962 just 18 months before he was assassinated this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime items if I let this thing walk out the door I'm never gonna see another one like it the seller was asking for a relatively meager ninety five thousand dollars but walked away with just 60,000 how much were you asking well as you know the other comparable one went for a million bucks or so I need some quick cash or else I would just put that in an auction and get 150 200 grand whatever it's gonna go for I'll give it to you for ninety five thousand we're not experts or anything but that seems like a really small amount for such a personal piece of history I took sixty it's fine because if I would have put it in an auction I would have had to wait about six months we need money now to get this new facility so I'm good number two the Beatles original contract I actually got one of the most important documents in rock and roll history the contract between Brian Epstein who is a manager and abidos creating the partnership between the two of them when it comes to the most important pieces of musical history The Beatles original contract is pretty freakin high on the list the seller put it nicely when he called it the holy grail of rock and roll the contract was between the Beatles and their manager Brian Epstein and it stated that Epstein would receive 25% of all Beatles royalties Brian Epstein was a genius he basically transformed the Beatles from an unknown band playing small clubs into the biggest rock band ever when he died he could be replaced and it played a large role in the Beatles bringing him Epstein served as a major influence on the Beatles image and popularity and was even referred to as the fifth Beatle before he died of an accidental sleeping pill overdose in 1967 despite the seller asking for 1 million dollars it was professionally valued at 500,000 there was no question that this is genuine I'd put the value of this piece right around $500,000 Rick pounced and offered just three hundred and fifty thousand and the seller was forced to walk away I would go 350 that's cash right now if you don't take that I would wait for another option I'm gonna have to decline in the 350 good luck with it I appreciate it thanks very much classic Rick always low-balling people like seriously three hundred and fifty thousand for the Beatles original contract come on Rick before we get to our topic here are some honorable mentions not any that I've sold on the free market it's cooler than the other ones but you know I don't know I all the things you said I appreciate and they're all valid points I still think that's a little low would you do 67 I go 60 grand 62 Rick I'll write you a check for 60 grand and it'll even be good I'll do it I got a gold bar I need to look at what do you think pops um it's gold I mean it looks like shipwreck stuff I buy gold from people every day but I never have gold bars from a shipwreck walk into my shop well what you have is definitely quarreling crustacean these particular stamps I recognize from the 1500s this is definitely shipwreck treasure I've had it in store for years because I really really don't want to sell it unless someone offers me just some stupid amount of money some neat facts about the ring it's got right around 2 carats and diamonds it's over two ounces of 14-karat gold and it's on sale at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop for only $100,000 you know this business I'm not making a lot of money on this and neither am I so out of courtesy I threw 60 75 [Music] you got a deal then thank you very much this order was founded in 1325 and the white eagle is basically the symbol of poet it's on their national emblem but they changed it they took the original style of the award they put it on top of the Russian Imperial Eagle which is the eagle with two heads okay okay so now it's a Russian order and that's what this is not quite at the end yet almost there though just be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos all right back to business number one 3,000 ounces of silver I got some 9% silver dimes over here some quarters you got these bars in this thing alone is almost 75 pounds it's not often that 3,000 ounces of silver comes through your door but make hay while the Sun shines right Jeff the owner of the silver wheeled 3372 ounces of silver into the shop causing the old man to practically leap from his desk so he could inspect the glorious find I've never seen you get up from your desk that quick I always get up son doctor generally there's my hand included in the collection where bags of dimes and quarters numerous silver bars and a 75 pound brick of pure silver after doing some headache-inducing math Rick discovers that the Powell was worth 110 thousand dollars which Jeff was happy to accept you got 46 thousand for the coins thirty three thousand three hundred ninety for these bars right here thirty two point three nine times nine forty two equals so we got a total of 110 thousand nine hundred one dollars turns out silver is a pretty good investment now if only we had three thousand ounces of silver laying around I'm really glad my dad taught me to invest because today I'm walking out with over $100,000 I'm gonna take one of these for no wait a second you guys don't have a big barrel of silver just like hanging around at your house yeah me neither what'd you guys think of our list let us know in the comments below and check out this video [Music]
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