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even though we've been living on this planet for thousands of years we're still a long way from discovering everything about it sometimes we find something that's been hidden or buried for hundreds or even thousands of years and changes the way we think about our own history here are some truly incredible recent discoveries that have shed fresh light on the past those who go digging for buried treasure are used to finding most things in the ground but Swiss archaeologists were more than a little surprised when they discovered this bronze hand they asked other experts around the world what it might mean or represent but none of them knew either it's been carbon dated back to 2,000 BC but nothing like it from that time period has ever been found it's too delicately constructed to have been a prosthetic and nothing about the skeleton or the gold pieces and jewelry found buried with it offer any further clue at all the best guess of archaeologists is that it's a symbolic replacement for a hand the buried man may have lost during life in the summer of 2017 archaeologists working in a cave in Barrow Island Australia made a discovery that changes everything we know about human habitation in the country initially it was believed that Australia's indigenous population the Aborigines settled on the land some 47,000 years ago however remnants of charcoal primitive hunting equipment and animal remains within the cave pushes that finding back by at least 18,000 years it was long believed that the arrival of humans on Australia's land was responsible for driving off much of the natural fauna that called it home now there's evidence that animal and man lived side by side for thousands of years it's not always scientists who make incredible discoveries though anybody who spends their time digging in the ground has a chance that's what happened to miner Sean funk in Alabama in March 2011 funk was a veteran miner and it seemed plenty of fossils and curiosities in his time but nothing quite like what made shut his machinery down that day feeling his bucket hit something harder than the surrounding rock funk took a closer look and saw what he thought were brown rocks with a pattern of what felt like stone disks on the back of each one these weren't rocks they were dinosaur bones and funk had discovered a new kind of dinosaur the newly christened dinosaur was a huge armored plant eating reptile which had likely been laying in the earth for 110 million years waiting to be discovered usually when fossils are found like this they've been flattened but the conditions within the mine kept this notice or in almost pristine condition when we think of stone circles we usually think of the ancient site of Stonehenge in England the giant rocks there have laid in formation for thousands of years and nobody knows how or why they were first put there were they a calendar a temple a clock people enjoy speculating about it as much now as they did hundreds of years ago and we still don't know the answer now Kazakhstan are facing the same questions as they've discovered an ancient stone circle of their very own near the town of octo an amateur archaeologist with a metal detector found a silver saddle in 2010 he alerted the professionals and a full dig was ordered revealing ancient stone carved with mysterious symbols and pictures nobody can be sure of the purpose of the site but it's believed it was built by the Huns fleeing the collapse of the Roman Empire some 1500 years ago [Music] the see usually gives up in secrets eventually it just takes a while in the case of this old Greek merchant ship it's been waiting around 2400 years this shipwreck recently uncovered over a mile below the Black Sea surface is officially the oldest intact shipwrecks ever discovered it was found by the Black Sea maritime archaeology project who have been surveying the land below the water with specialist equipment for some time the wreck is so well preserved that it's taught experts plenty about how ancient ships were constructed revealing twin rudders rowing benches and a more sophisticated mass design than they were expecting our ancestors may have been more advanced than we thought forget everything you think you know about Brett it's generally thought that humans invented both bread and beer at around the dawn of the agricultural age 10,000 years ago we now know it's been going on much longer two stone fireplaces were recently discovered at a site within the black desert of Jordan believed to have been a campsite for hunter-gatherers researchers study the contents of the fireplace and found traces of a rudimentary unleavened bread based on wild cereal and tubers the site dates back at least 14,000 years on top of that research on some stone monuments belonging to another Natufian tribe and found 150 miles west of the original site indicated traces of wheat and barley the Natufian were eating bread and drinking beer thousands of years before anybody else the first rule of ninja Club is that you don't talk about ninja Club that's the basic message of a 300 year old oath that was recently uncovered among a stash of documents given to a Japanese University in the late 16th century the documents had been stored but never cataloged or studied before the oath is signed by a ninja named in Asuka kazoo thanking his ninjutsu master for his training and promising never to divulge the secrets of the martial art fear of retribution by sixty gods for generations given that we've only found the document now he kept his promise the rest of the documents constitute what amounts to a guide on how to become a ninja at the ancient way they are all now available online if you want to try training yourself you never really know what you might find with a metal detector on a lucky day you might change history completely detectorists Mike Smith was out in Wales one day in 2018 when he came across a Celtic burial chariot hidden within the earth the excited amateur informed experts about what he'd found immediately but was told that he must be wrong because Celtic burials had never taken place in that area nevertheless the professionals came to take a look and were astonished when they uncovered a full sized Iron Age settlements buried underground full of Celtic artifacts previously it was believed that the Celts occupied Ireland Scotland and some of northern England but never came as far south as Wales we can now say for sure that they spread farther than we thought 2018 was a great year for discoveries we also found the ancient lost Trojan city of tinea which was built from the ground up by prisoners it's a relic of the enormous historical Trojan conflict which started when Helen wife of the king of Sparta got into a disagreement with Paris of Troy the site is located within what is now Turkey tanea was built by those who became prisoners of the conflict but looks to have become an affluent trading town over time that's based on the significant amount of Roman coins that have been found there as well as fine pottery and gaming dyes which are indicators of a lively market town the city is believed to have been active from the fourth century BC until towards the end of the Roman Empire but was slowly abandoned as the Romans moved on to Greece after Troy fell Stonehenge now has competition as the most mysterious ancient monument in Britain 20 miles away from the famous site is another larger circle it was first noticed around 30 years ago and was thought to date back to the same era as Stonehenge but recent improvements to carbon dating processes have been able to prove that it's actually 800 years older dating back to around 3300 BC the remains of the circles are still visible along with much of the thick wood which would be set on fire to create a vast burning circle experts believe it may have had a ritual use although nobody can say for sure the jakku archeological site in China has already provided us with a lot of evidence about early human civilization but in 2017 it excelled itself the Neolithic site gave up weaving tools bone needles and silk proteins in short it provided evidence that silk weaving took place at the site some eight thousand five hundred years ago a time when it was thought humans still largely wore clothes made from flax fibers silk weaving was thought to have begun 5,000 years ago at most but that was clearly wrong legend has always said that silk trading began at Jehu the site is on the legendary Silk Road trading route that defined the world's commerce thousands of years ago Jehu is also where the world's oldest playable musical instrument was discovered it's a window into a time long since gone the Inuit have been hunting bears since the dawn of civilization they passed the traditions and stories of bear hunting down to each other in the form of story and legend from one generation to the next one of those stories concerned the king bear a gigantic beast comparable to Bigfoot in western legends it was thought to be a charming tale but nothing more until now a one thousand three hundred year old bear skull has emerged from the ice of Alaska and it's larger than any bear skull ever found before it's also bigger than any species of living bear this might be consistent with the Inuit King bear said to be twelve feet long narrow bodied moving with great pace and speed vast parts of the Arctic have never been explored could they still be out there sometimes you spend year searching for a lost Roman city and then find it by accident we knew that Ossetia existed because it's referred to by name in many ancient Roman texts but nobody could find any physical evidence of where it once stood then an archaeological survey needed to be carried out in southern France before a school could be built on a proposed site and the lost city was found by chance researchers descended on the site and mass and found that you Setia was occupied from 100 BC to around 700 AD although it seems to have stood empty from the Year 200 to the Year 300 with no obvious reason why a series of astonishing mosaics depicting animals are the highlight of the discovery so far these were common Roman decorations but didn't become common until around 200 years after the time of Ossetia it would seem that it was a city ahead of its time zero is a number we take for granted nowadays it just means the absence of something but the discovery of the concept zero is one of the greatest mathematical breakthroughs in human history it created a symbol for nothing and changed the way we calculate as it turns out that happened earlier than we thought it did fresh radiocarbon dating of the Indian Bosch Kali manuscript which has been in the UK since 1902 and is full of zeros has dated to around the Year 300 about 500 years earlier than previously believed although other cultures have their own symbols to indicate nothingness the appearance of zero as a dot on the manuscript is the beginning of the zero symbol we all recognized today subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications and you will be the first to know when a new video comes out thank you for watching and see you soon [Music]
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