25 COMMON MYTHS You Won’t Believe Are Actually True

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we all loved debunking myths in popular culture television shows podcasts and documentaries have been dedicated to doing so however we rarely think about the common myths that are true I'm Mike with lists 25 and here are 25 common myths you won't believe are actually true 25 a large percentage of US currency contains cocaine those scientists say there's not enough on money to cause health risks cocaine binds to the green dye on dollar bills once one contaminated bill is put into a bank money machine it contaminates all the other bills and that's how 90% of US currency contains cocaine 24 water heated in a microwave can explode while the chances are low it's still possible to superheat your water in the microwave since you can't control the temperature in the microwave you're better off just using a kettle 23 a student mistakenly solved an impossible math problem in 1939 George Bernard dancing arrived late to a statistics class at the University of California and found two math problems on the board mistakenly thinking they were his homework he wrote them down of course he didn't know at the time that the problems were statistical theorems that hadn't been proven yet he took his homework home and worked out the proofs for the theorems 22 celery is a negative calorie food placing a man in a metabolic calorie chamber researchers tested whether or not celery is indeed a negative calorie food he was fed 326 grams of raw celery worth 53 calories during that time he burned 72 calories you burn more calories than you consume with celery making it a negative calorie food I still don't like it it's gross peanut butter about and so is fine celery ruins it celery's gross I'm sorry you're wrong with salaries gross yeah and yours is wrong 21 someone safely landed a plane in the middle of Manhattan twice before captain Sullenberger landed on the Hudson River a man named Thomas Fitzpatrick landed in Manhattan twice after making a bet he stole a plane and landed it on st. Nicholas Avenue right in front of the bar where he made the bet then two years later he did it again both in narrow areas in the dark 20 avoid teaching hospitals in July while sometimes you have no choice but to go to the hospital for one ailment or the other if you can avoid teaching hospitals in July you might be better off July is one of medical students become interns interns become residents residents become fellows or practicing doctors these changes and the inexperience surrounding them has led to many unfortunate patient errors in the past and they're usually not as funny as like when they happen on Scrubs that's Hollywood for you 19 crickets can tell you the temperature while this might sound like some kind of old wives tale it's actually scientifically sound crickets are cold-blooded and take on the temperature of their surroundings when the temperature rises the chemical reactions that allow them to chirp come on more rapidly by using a formula you can count the chirping and determine what the temperature is outside 18 pablo picasso's full name has 23 words though it seems silly to think that someone could have such a long name and discounted immediately Pablo Picasso was indeed named Pablo Diego Jose Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de Los Remedios Cipriano de la Santissima Trinidad Marty R Petruchio clitoris a Picasso Wow Wow 17 a physician way the human soul using a scale a 20th century physician named dr. Duncan MacDougall attempted to measure the mass lost after human died believing the soul leaving the body had mass he measured six patients at the moment of death with varying results though he believes his first was the most accurate of course his Rhys Church has been heavily discounted 16 dogs are raised for food in China while most of the Western world raises chicken cows and sheep for food China and some other eastern countries do something totally different they raise dogs for food and at the Yulin Dog festival approximately 10,000 dogs and cats are killed and eaten at the feast 15 coca-cola used to contain cocaine while it's hard to determine exactly how much cocaine was in early forms of the popular fizzy drink coca-cola it did in fact have cocaine in it however it's doubtful it had enough in it to make someone an addict 14 your phone is disgustingly dirty Abel quick how often do you give your phone a good scrub down I'm going to guess the answer was seldom - never the chances are good everyone's phone is a germ-infested piece of plastic and metal in fact just to compare researchers did a study and swab bathroom door handles in comparison to cell phones and found the door handles significantly less dirty 13 there's a secret Club inside Disneyland there's a popular myth going around that Disney has a secret Club it turns out that it's not a myth at all opened in 1963 club 33 was intended as a super secret part of Disneyland to entertain celebrities politicians and pork investors however most part guests wouldn't notice it as there are no visible signs or doors and it blends into the park naturally to get inside someone would need to show you the entrance and press the secret buzzer to open the door 12 the 8th president was the first American while George Washington was the first president of the United States he was also a former subject of the British crown Martin Van Buren was born in the United States becoming the first president to be a citizen under the Constitution 11 Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones were roommates it might seem unlikely that a politician and an actor could be roommates but it's true Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones roomed together at Harvard Jones even gave the nominating speech to Gore at the 2000 Democratic presidential convention 10 earth is the only planet in our solar system not after a God some of the planets in our solar system were given names long ago based on Roman and Greek mythology naming them after gods however earth was the only planet not named after a God in modern times the tradition of naming planets after mythological gods continued with Neptune Uranus and Pluto nine one twin can be born two months older than the other here's a common scientific myth that isn't actually a myth a Romanian woman gave birth to a set of twins seven weeks apart after her first child was born she immediately stopped having contractions the doctors advised that she keep the other baby inside to develop a little longer she carried her second child for seven more weeks before delivering by c-section eight snakes can swim up your toilet well it may sound like something your older brother would tell you to freak you out it's actually true that snakes have been found in toilets snakes are good swimmers and can hold their breath for a long time many stories have circulated over the decades about people finding snakes in their toilet however it's extremely rare seven people illegally harvest human organs rich people with failing organs will pay a high price to get a replacement and that's exactly where black-market human organ traffickers come in preying on third world countries most impoverished people they essentially steal people's organs and sell them to the highest bidder those organs end up in the US where surgeons probably not knowing their origin have been transplanting them six the Pentagon is prepared for zombies always be prepared in the unlikely case that the undead roam the earth the Pentagon has a plan to defend and combat against it so does the University of Florida yeah we have a zombie plan look it up five raid the water heater for clean water whether you're in a hurricane or it's the end of the world if you desperately need water then the best place to look might be your water heater if the gas and electric is turned off the water heater has water that is still drinkable and can easily be drained at the tap for the state of Michigan threatened beavers with a ten thousand dollar fine in 1997 Stephen too fed tens neighbors noticed flooding on his property traced it back to Tibetan and complained to the state the state determined that the flooding was because of a couple of dams built by beavers and proceeded to find the Beavers $10,000 unless they take the dams down who could have thought a couple of beavers could cause so much trouble three otters sleep holding hands speaking of woodland creatures otters have been known to hold hands while they sleep in the water so they don't separate from each other that's adorable - a building in Canada is also in the United States the Haskell free library and Opera House sits right on the border between Derby Line Vermont and Stansted Quebec one Albert Einstein wanted to be a musician one of the most renowned physicists in history Albert Einstein once said if he were not a physicist he would have been a musician he played the violin enjoying our lists be sure to click that subscribe button in the top right corner so you don't miss out on new ones every Monday through Friday share them with your friends and help us consistently conciliate curiosity and if you want even more lists check out these two videos here or just head to our website at lists pond5.com [Music]
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