The Strangest Disappearances In The Bermuda Triangle

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[Music] this week on BuzzFeed assault we discussed the enduring mystery of the Bermuda Triangle what is it is it real only one way to find out any any thoughts going in before I make I love airplanes this but there's a lot of airplanes in this one oh there's a whole lot of airplane oh you're a fan of airplanes I Got News for you this is gonna be a great day sign me up the Bermuda Triangle is an area of the Atlantic Ocean roughly bounded by Miami Puerto Rico and Bermuda those actual range is debated some estimated coverage between 500,000 to a million square miles I guess I thought it was further north are you about to beautiful mind this er dude some graphic silver but there's a glaze that's come over your eyes the term Bermuda Triangle actually didn't come into use until 1964 when it was coined by Vincent Gatos for a cover story for our GoSee magazine it was used to describe an area where there seemed to be an uncommon amount of disappearances of ships and planes according to Time magazine between 1946 and 1991 alone there were over 100 disappearances of ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle quick thought because it is it annoying that I hold this pen oh yeah it's really I know it's here now forever you're always you got your paper I'm sitting over here just twiddling my thumbs it's nice to have a little I think your dish meters usually a half mass right now it's only recourse for shame deuce roof Maday that being said let's discuss some of the more mysterious incidents in the Bermuda Triangle allegedly the first recorded account was made by none other than Christopher Columbus during his famous journey to discover America oh he discovered it all right just to be fair Christopher Columbus yeah while in the Bermuda Triangle Columbus along with crew noted a variety of odd occurrences the ship's compass began malfunctioning they were mysterious lights over the water the sea was rougher than it had been the entire voyage Oh seas choppy here must be haunted the solutions full ago there was no I did not say that I just said that when you taking notes over there this isn't a debate or it kind of is Odie Ryan is an idiot that bad you're prepping yourself and at one point he may have even seen a fireball fly through the sky and crash into the scene let's jump board closer to modern times keep in mind all the events we will discuss were followed by failed rescue attempts on March 4th 1918 the USS Cyclops one of the Navy's largest fuel ships at the time disappeared somewhere north of Barbados one of the more chilling details is the fact that the captain never sent out a distress signal and nobody aboard answered any of the calls from the hundreds of ships that were reportedly in the vicinity as the USS Cyclops seemingly drifted out of existence hmm hmm you know that's strange it was in one of the Navy's largest fuel ships that doesn't just disappear doesn't sink I mean it may be the Titanic she was a mighty one I suppose but she was lying at the bottom but there was also a lot of like oh we're drowning help us kind of thing I don't know ships sink you know on December 28th 1948 a douglas dakota dc-3 airplane carrying 26 people disappeared 50 miles from its destination in florida after the flight sent out its final radio call to indicate its nearby position it was never heard from again honestly this one you know these don't do much for me because new planes crash boats they literally radioed in like I read it was 20 minutes away from the airport then a goose flew into the propeller and they just nose dived into where the ocean in October 1951 a ship called the southern districts disappeared after being seen near the Bermuda Triangle four years later in 1955 the only piece of evidence in regards to the ship's whereabouts was discovered on the Florida coast a life preserver eerily bearing the missing ships name on December 22nd 1967 a 23 foot cabin cruiser called the witchcraft which was built to be virtually unsinkable disappeared along with its two passengers one of whom was an experienced sailor named dan Barack the boat sported a flotation device in the hole that should have allowed part of the witchcraft to remain afloat even if the boat was filled with water about a mile lab for Miami Beach Buraq called the Coast Guard after hitting something in the water and requested a tow back to shore Barak was reportedly calm in the call nor did he say his boat was sinking however when the Coast Guard arrived Barak his passenger and the witchcraft were nowhere to be found and never seen again many wonder how two men aboard an unsinkable ship equipped with lifejackets floatable seat cushions and flares could go missing let alone the ship itself so what are you positing here that it's in an alternate dimension some of these they actually sent out parts of the Navy the whole of nine yards they sent everyone out nothing is found I'm gonna need some documentation on this documentation look up the stories I just didn't go look them up what else disappeared I can't believe you think this is not weird I can't believe you don't think that both sing the last and arguably most famous encounter will discuss is the story of flight 19 on December 5th 1945 five military TBM Avenger torpedo bombers departed Fort Lauderdale Florida at roughly 2:10 p.m. on a routine training mission supports say that the planes had been checked before the mission and the weather was supposed to be favorable also significant is the durability of the TBM Avengers they were piloting which were nicknamed iron Birds on account of their rugged design and the propensity for holding up in battle known as flight 19 the five TBM Avenger airplanes carried 14 men led by instructor lieutenant Charles Taylor shortly after completing their training mission lieutenant Taylor became lost in the area now known as the Bermuda Triangle since this was an era before GPS Taylor and his pilot's relied heavily on compasses both of which were malfunctioning an emergency transmission sent by one of the pilots was picked up by a control tower we can't be sure direction let's stretch the caption everything strange okay wait a second year hold the hold the hold the phone before you said there wasn't the only thing was missing here was the actual transmission I just gave you the transmission you don't think that's strange now certainly it's a strange case about 20 minutes later the pilot sent white nineteen's last transmission his boys allegedly distressed several minutes after the last transmission a PBM Mariner flying boat took off on a rescue mission that boat would radio the control tower once before also vanishing in tropic choppy out there after a widespread search attempt failed the Navy's final report of the incident allegedly concludes quote we are not even able to make a good guess as to what happened in quote that's the Navy saying that not me that's the Navy saying that got you so the Navy it's inconclusive yeah now that we've discussed some of the incidents let's go over some of the theories as to what the Bermuda Triangle actually is the first theory is that the Bermuda Triangle is not an area of the supernatural but rather a naturally dangerous place for sailing most hurricanes and other tropical storms in the Atlantic passed through the Bermuda Triangle storms and unpredictable atmospheric conditions can cause phenomenon such as water spots which look like water tornadoes the Bermuda Triangle also has some of the deepest underwater trenches within it so wreckage could have potentially fallen far beneath the ocean surface finally scientific research shows that there is no evidence that disappear happen more frequently in the Bermuda Triangle than any other part of the ocean Oh oh no that doesn't explain how it's happening in high concentration the once more my concentration it's a million square miles in comparison to the ocean that's a small area all right yeah million square miles tiny the second theory is that the Bermuda Triangle is home to a magnetic phenomenon it's been proven to be a place where true north and magnetic north line up some research indicates that this may affect compass readings some science also indicates that the Lightning during storms may further effect or intensify the magnetic fields which could account for compass and electrical machinery failures and radio interference in fact the rare phenomenon of ball lightning may also form such electrical storms accounting for the strange lights seen by Columbus and an other Bermuda Triangle accounts so is this is another one of those cases where is this all one theory or two these are two theories now first one seems pretty reasonable yep second one seems even more reasonable so judging by my patterns of how I present theories we're about to enter some choppy territory it's gonna happen next the third theory is that those lost in the Bermuda Triangle or actually now residents of the legendary lost civilization of Atlantis know that no no they're not nope now all the frustration I had in the first half of this is now equally composited on top of you are they breathing underwater atlantis was written about by Plato it was supposedly an ancient naval power but according to legend the entire kingdom disappeared into the sea in just one day in the 1970s a writer named Charles Berlitz hypothesized that the entire city of Atlantis was actually a victim of the Bermuda Triangle and now resides and thrives under the sea within the triangles bounds Berlitz theorized that the technology and weaponry of Atlantis was so advanced that it continues to contribute to the mysterious sinking of ships and planes some believe that which is lost in the Bermuda Triangle continues to exist in Atlantis beneath the sea just fuming again this is absurd the fourth theory is that the Bermuda Triangle is actually a gateway to another universe or in scientific terms a black hole of sorts I think if there were a black hole anywhere near our solar system everything would cease to exist well we don't know anything about black holes yes we know a fair amount about black I mean we haven't able be able to actually experiment on them or have any quantifiable data black holes aren't unicorns I mean it could be who knows I think there's a lot that you don't know some say this would account for the fact that travel times through the region are unpredictable with some flights getting to their destination faster than usual in the 1970s pilot Bruce Gernon testified that he had escaped an incident in the Bermuda Triangle which he described as an electronic fog his plane was submerged in a grey haze and his compasses fail he flew blindly for three minutes before his radio informed him he was flying over Miami when he looked down at his watch 40 minutes had passed but he had traveled a distance comparable to ninety minutes of flight have you thought about a black hole that could possibly only be opened up when it's when someone wants it to like a cosmic trickster yeah cosmic trickster a cosmic Chester a cat yeah okay I buy that more than I buy Atlantis cosmic Cheshire cat also in the 1970s an unconventional Canadian scientist John Hutchison found in his work that electromagnetic fields can interfere with each other and was such a phenomenon occurred astonishing things could happen including making metals glow change form or become disfigured some theorized that this effect appropriately named the Hutchison effect could conceivably create a wormhole the fifth and final theory is a classic the disappearances within the Bermuda Triangle are the result of extraterrestrials abduction by aliens would certainly explain sudden and absolute disappearances some claim there is a secret US Navy base in the Bahamas linked an aquatic alien activity referred to as underwater area 51 oh Jesus Christ okay tell me about underwater area 51 oh that's it that's it that's it there's nothing else man how what you why in 2014 at least two passengers on a Carnival cruise within the Bermuda Triangle said they saw a UFO fly over them in the middle of the day to be fair not trusting anybody on a Carnival Cruise what happened you in a Carnival cruise I've never been on one and I will never go on one I assumed they were drunk or high probably just out of their minds I was gonna say there's even reported footage but unfortunately because of Rights we can't look at the footage you know what I could show it to you right now and I'd love this how about that I'll show it to you right now this is shopped to high heaven that what makes you say that just look I mean look at it okay that is the shittiest footage I've ever that is so fake that opacity down as it gets into the cloud somebody somebody really busted out windows movie maker cut out regardless whatever may be causing these mysterious events the Bermuda Triangle is actually a highly traveled region mostly without incident but for the curious the numerous and bizarre disappearances continued to vex them what could be causing these incidents is the Bermuda Triangle a thing of the supernatural or is it simply an area with a high concentration of unnerving coincidences the answer will remain unsolved I'm saying you don't know how black holes work I I think you think I got a better understanding than you do I actually do I don't understand how they work how we perceive them in our scientists perceive them I'm saying there's other science that we don't know about there's other science that we don't know about yes that's aliens a perfect example of that 2017 Ryan Bergara there's other science that we don't know about that makes me sound like Donald Trump no you're presenting alternative facts the Moulton alternative reality doesn't get political that's to say let's just talk about a ghost [Music]
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