Jordan Peterson Calls Out The "Pseudo-moralistic Stances" Of Activists | Q&A

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Published: Tue Feb 26 2019
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This is such a stupid argument. Following the logic of this argument, someone who lived through segregation but had grandparents who were slaves couldn't complain because their lives were technically better than their grandparents'.

Dave Rubin: "I mean, sure there are places that will kill you if you look at a white woman or try to vote, but at least you aren't still a slave! Score one for the marketplace of ideas!".

👍︎︎ 13 👤︎︎ u/dannaaj 📅︎︎ Mar 04 2019 🗫︎ replies

Peterson gets offended so easily and then attacks the questioner without really answering the question. It’s so typical of him.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for personal responsibility within society and it’s structures. We definitely stand to gain from taking more responsibility for ourselves, and self critiquing etc. In fact that’s always been a core tenant of the left. Bizarrely enough.

But the grandparents thing is BS. Each generation has its own issues to deal with, which will always be, in some way, exacerbated or alleviated by the previous. Why even bring it up?

I’m yet to hear Peterson answer a question as it was asked. He’d make a great politician.

👍︎︎ 15 👤︎︎ u/[deleted] 📅︎︎ Mar 04 2019 🗫︎ replies

he really is a pompous bore.

there should be no collective responsibility in tackling the issue of climate change. yet, individually, make changes to yourself, become a good citizen, then an effective leader. that sounds like a path to collective responsibility to me.

but i'm no psychologist so wtf do i know?

👍︎︎ 7 👤︎︎ u/zeroreiten 📅︎︎ Mar 04 2019 🗫︎ replies

ultimately, all he had was the banal ‘clean your room’

👍︎︎ 6 👤︎︎ u/leavittobeaver 📅︎︎ Mar 04 2019 🗫︎ replies

The MR clip discussing Rubin's analogy (and other stupid stuff he said)

👍︎︎ 8 👤︎︎ u/surface_envy 📅︎︎ Mar 04 2019 🗫︎ replies

What a fucking crybaby.

👍︎︎ 6 👤︎︎ u/charlespdk 📅︎︎ Mar 04 2019 🗫︎ replies


👍︎︎ 6 👤︎︎ u/tokie_newport 📅︎︎ Mar 04 2019 🗫︎ replies

Her reaction is hilarious

👍︎︎ 2 👤︎︎ u/HJE1992 📅︎︎ Mar 04 2019 🗫︎ replies

The problem is that he's asking these questions of College students. Most of our childhoods were better than our Grandparents childhoods, but our adulthoods are worse. You're asking someone who hasn't experienced adulthood if their lives are better than their Grandparents lives, with them not having faced the more difficult half.

Our childhoods were better exactly because their adulthoods were better. Offer that question to 30 year olds and you'll get different answers.

👍︎︎ 2 👤︎︎ u/BootstrapsRiley 📅︎︎ Mar 04 2019 🗫︎ replies
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