Jordan Peterson: "I'm Not Anti-Feminist" | Q&A

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first thing I would say is that I'm not anti feminist per se I mean I think the idea that the world would benefit from the movement of talent from both sexes into the workplace as rapidly as possible is something that anyone with any sense should share given the rather the rarity of talent and the necessity for for utilizing it I do stand by my original statement though that there's a brand of more radical feminism that that insists that our culture is best characterized as an oppressive patriarchy and I think that first of all that that's an appalling sociological doctrine and I think it has very negative psychological effects and they won't be limited to men because in if it's true that there's something toxic let's say about masculinity per se what that will inevitably mean is that as women adopt more masculine roles traditionally what is that toxicity somehow going to go away but that's so just man because no one says there's anything toxic about masculinity per se what do you mean no one says that that's used about forms of masculinity that are harmful to men and women it's not about masculinity per se you must know I read the American Psychological Association guidelines for the treatment of poison man and I know perfectly well that this is no strong straw man and it's not only devoted towards what you might describe as a more aggressive ends of masculine behavior it's aimed at at masculinity and a much broader in a much broader range of there's a much broader range of accusations that are underlying that are under the surface than that and so I don't see in what way at all it's a strong I'm just going to pull is that I can go to Katherine McGregor and Katherine I mean you've you've lived on both sides of this gender fence so what are your thoughts on on these issues and then just go back to the question that I don't know whether that qualifies me or disqualifies me frankly sorry guys i ratted on the team but not not 40 sociological reasons intensely personal I gather we might address that but look III I'm not entirely out of sympathy with Jordans critique I I I'm the oldest person on this panel by you Tony and in my lifetime I I've seen you know rolling institutional crises through the West you know the Great American settlement based on Bretton Woods and NATO and and the United Nations and so on is fraying globally in the area that I can talk about with some authority we're seeing a dissolving global order now with the rise of two autocratic totalitarian capitalist States which is replicating the conditions of the 19:30 and together we're not doing the geostrategic stuff but I think it's very alarming when Robert F Kennedy who was my political hero was running for the presidency of the United States in 1968 he addressed disenfranchised African Americans who were wearing the backlash from from many white men who were losing their jobs or perceiving that they were losing their jobs the deindustrialization of the West as jobs are exported to the developing world all of these factors are Bobby Kennedy said it it wasn't Germaine Greer that said it he said when you remove from a man the right to stand before his family as a breadwinner and people will say that's Patrick that's you a minute by the way so right well I'll shut up but the the removal of meaningful work amongst especially unskilled men has a political consequence and it's been washing through the American system since 1980 with the Reagan Democrats the fraying of the New Deal coalition I don't tightly agree with Jordans analysis but the problem can't be gained side and three million books later in 50 languages or whatever it is I walk by bought your book by the way and you're out selling Shane Warne now that's a culturally specific River that delights me in two ways of course in Australian cricket no one has more bleached blonde hair or has had more work done than I but Warren is a close second we should get that out on Twitter you
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